Little Italy Restaurant and Pizza

American Press Travel News–February 11th–Bob and Barb “On The Road Again” and dining our way along the Treasure Coast of Florida. Under new management, several changes were made including brightening up a formerly dark place. Today, home made, traditional Italian desserts and specialty offerings are part of a 200-hundred item menu. Home made soups, large portions of accompanying pastas, and a wide variety of salads, and specialty items grace the multi-page menus. We jumped into stuffed pepper soups, and a Fagioli accompanied by great garlic knots (rolls). Then out came a delicious cheese pizza, followed by a terrific eggplant and a chicken Parmigiana. We loved the sauces that were less acidic then what we remembered having at more than one or another Italian restaurant. We like that acoustically, the restaurant was not noisy despite the fact that there were many patrons dining there. We did really finish off our meals with two spectacular made in house desserts: Tiramasu beyond belief in taste and Tur Tofo, an Italian ball of ice creams covered in dark chocolate. Frankly, two of the best desserts I’ve had in a long time. Located off of NW St.Lucie  Blvd. Opening soon is their new deli, too!

Phone 772-878-4040 

Tail Gators Brews & Grill

American Press Travel News–Tail Gators Brews & Grill—January 22, Bob and Barb “On The Road Again”–Since their establishment in 2014, Tail Gators food and cocktail emporium (now two locations in Port St Lucie) is delivering a great lunch and dinner experience to the Treasure Coast community.

Barb and I decided to dine there for lunch, and we were not disappointed. From the Mahi (dolphin fish) plate, to a rack of ribs and an appetizer of hot wings, we totally enjoyed every bite of Tail Gators offerings (yes, we took home those leftovers).

We were 1st  introduced to Gators by the Port St Lucie Fishing Club, many of their members attend a Wednesday, music bingo dinner event. We were invited by Frank, the Membership director, and have since attended this fun event when we are in town. Gators runs different fun specialty events each night, one night Poker and Tacos, another, Karaoke Trivia, and kids under 12-eat free, and the aforementioned Musical Bingo, a regular Bingo and dollar wing night too! The restaurant can seat a large clientele, so no one is too close and space is quite open.  Ashley, the G.M. at Gators is very proud of position at Gators and said just a year before, she was a waitress and worked up to management. She was very accommodating!

The ribs: Well, they were terrific, properly sauced, not drowned and the Cole slaw dish was emptied, that’s how good and tasty. The Mahi and fries were a meal big enough for two. No fishy smell or taste, taters were fried just right, and yes, the same coleslaw. Wings and drums, celery and blue cheese-a fine appetizer, that could have been a lunch on their own. The prices are quite moderate for the amount of food and its tasty quality. They do catering, and provide daily delivery. From Kings Isle you can be at a Gators in 10-minutes, one is on Peacock and the other is on Port St Lucie, Blvd. Give a call at: 772-879-2700 and over at Court Yard Circle at Peacock:772-446-9333.


“Risky Seas” Captain Brian’s FT Lauderdale Dream Boat

Captain Brian of the Risky Seas, his mom Barbara, rt. and his life-long friend and dock owner, Darra.
Various sight-seeing boats ply the Nu River.
The Risky Seas docked at Bokampers Restaurant!!

American Press Travel News’s–December 20th-Bob and Barbara Epstein checked out the “good life” in Ft Lauderdale’s River system.

Actor Ron Howard’s yacht!
Gangster, Al Capones, home!  Privately owned, occupied!! Owners frown on people taking pictures!!!!
Twist Bridge Captain Brian must pass through on his daily offered sight-seeing and water sports cruises.
Captain Key Largo, Brian ordering lunch for us at Bokampers Restaurant, as the Risky Seas, sits docked near the windows.

We traveled down the Nu River, and viewed a huge boating community of docked, sailing and powered boats in the low thousands, to the high millions of dollars.

Check out the Risky Seas tours by viewing Captain Key Largo, Brian Epstein.

@riskyseas_yacht • Instagram photos and videos › riskyseasyacht
Risky Sea Yacht Rental 4 to 10 hour charters available Birthdays, Anniversaries, Bachelor/Bachelorette, Weddings , and any Special occasion.
Check out this video link:

FITEYEZ Eye Fitness Gummies 11Essential Ocular Nutrient Must Have’s

November 4th, 2021, Crossville, TN.—During an interview with Dr. Adam Cherry, a certified Optometrist, we discussed a new product, that was recently launched called “FITEYEZ.” After doing some research about these eye fitness gummies which incorporates the major vitamins and elements necessary for feeding the eyes for maximum health and fitness. The claim by the FITEYEZ group of professional optometrists and opthamologists, that have more than 200-years of eye care experience, is that this is the one, and only gummy on the market, that delivers the 11 essential nutrients designed to improve the health of your eyes. This easy to take, tasty, chewy gummy, already is appealing to all ages.  

As outdoor communicators, we should realize that having gone from the radio to TV to video, and then the home and laptop computer, and all our electronic gear, we are straining on our eyes, as never before in history. health now needs solidly researched supplements to keep the body as healthy as possible. These gummy vitamins carried in a tasty, delicious, free of artificial bonding agents, addresses the eyes and a whole lot more for every person that will take them. Afterall, feeding the eyes will acrue to huge health benefits.  

Here, is an innovative supplement that addresses for everyone the prevention and risk management solution.  It should be a  “given”; fit and at optimum levels of strength and health is what we all aspire to.  But, given that all that was, isn’t anymore, diets have turned to foods, mostly bereft of many of the healthy vitamins and minerals, so necessary to all of us, and then adding in the computer generation, where eyes today have never been strained to exhaustion, and even damaging pain from radiation and light abuse.  


Delicious, chewable gummies loaded with 11 essential nutrients, designed to improve the health of your eyes. Fit Eyez™ are made of a proprietary blend of ingredients, formulated by a team of board-certified optometrists and ophthalmologists dedicated to keeping America’s and worlds eyes fit!   It cannot be emphasized more, that due to the fast pace of today’s society, many of us are lacking many of the essential nutrients that our bodies need to stay healthy. The Fit Eyez™ gummies fill the gap between what your eyes need and what is lacking in your diet.

 ABOUT FIT EYEZ™WHO IS FIT EYEZ™ FOR, and what are the benefits?

FITEYEZ Gummies helps in the following areas:  Blue Light Protection, Reduces the Risk of Glaucoma, Delays Cataracts, Reduces Eye Strain, Reduces the risk of Macular Degeneration, reduces dry eye, Increases blood flow, Improves cognitive function, for children, adolescents, and adults and seniors.

Up from just 32-million in 2018, today there are 43-million people with blindness, globally, according to The Internalional Agency for the Prevention of Blindness, and, 295- million people living with

 moderate-to-severe visual impairment. In the USA, 12-million people 40 years and over have vision impairment, including 1-million who are blind, 3-million who have vision impairment after correction, and 88-million who have vision impairment due to uncorrected, refractive error. The numbers are predicted to more than double by 2050, due to increasing epidemics of diabetes and other unchecked chronic diseases, eye stresses due to technological visual breakthroughs, and rapidly aging U.S population.

Today, children under 18 have diagnosed eye and vision conditions, including blindness, and major and minor visual impairments, defined as having trouble seeing even when wearing glasses, or contact lenses. An estimated 93 million adults in the USA are now at high risk for serious vision loss, but only half that many have visited an eye doctor in the past year. So, summing up: Vision disability is one of the top 10 disabilities among adults, 18-years and older one of the most prevalent, disabling conditions among children. So do we need FITEYEZ, you bet we do!

Check out have a look-see yourself, why there is much excitement in the professional optometrical circles.

 Please address code Terry123 when ordering FITEYEZ, for free shipping A single pack is $29.99 and a double pack is $54.98