Fathers Day, Every Day Should Be Fathers Day

Son David and his daughter Elliana. Always and still a terrific father. 

American Press Travel News-Bob and Barb, On The Road Again, but remembering our dads. June 19th, 2022–What does it mean to have a dad, a true dad who gives of his time, not just his money, as a child is raised? Everything!!! A dad, and as an extension his parents, your grandparents mean a lot in the forming of a child to an adult in all stages of those formative years. The word “formative” is the operative word!

A child can grow up bereft of a true dad, but is definitely missing key elements in a healthy, mind forming benefit. We can go to the bible to see how important family is in molding a healthy individual, or not. Speaking directly, I, and research, and real world tells and shows us how damaging it is for individuals and society to have a person missing such an important component, as missing a huge portion of what family values incorporates into a persons makeup. This America has a huge amound of dead-beat dads. Family values are the only things that can turn America around. Only politicos that are real fathers and mothers, not grifters of the world should be duly elected by intelligent people!!

BurgerFI For Fast Delicious in Port St Lucie, on the Treasure Coast








Back on the Road Again, Barb and I felt like we were back in the good old days at our L.I. corner at BurgerFI. We lunched on beef Wagyu dogs with chili, great and tasty hand cut fries, 100-percent American Angus Beef burgers, with some of their 15 sauce fixins’ we love (mostly garlic based).

BurgerFI also offers craft beers, really tasty fresh cooked bacon, on super chicken filets, and specialty burgers. They also offer Vegefi burgers, too!  In easy walking distance from K.I., this place is now run and operated by a true food and beverage professional, who has just taken it over, and has years of Greek restaurant experiences. We ordered their super tasty, hand-spun frozen custard shakes. My shake was with bananas, and Barb had the chocolate crumble.  We learned, and were particularly happy with their products that have all ingredients, totally free of hormones, and zero antibiotics, ever.

We love Greek food, and the owner, who owns several other food emporiums, is Dimitrios Diamantopoulus.  Dimitrios knows and practices the secret of success for a great food spot: great consistency, cleanliness, and best management practices.  With 10-dfferent burger combo’s, several chicken and potato fry options, and great drinks, in both beers, custard shakes and soft drinks, this is a nice casual fast-food restaurant. You can order on-line too at burgerfi.com. Located just off St Lucie, West, Blvd. in front of the new Publics location. Picked this spot as its easy walking distance to K.I.


Miraglias Italian Restaurant & Pizza

American Press Travel News–March 28th–Bob and Barb On the Road Again dining out, this time at Miraglias Italian Restaurant & Pizza. About every town and city have multiple Italian restaurants. This food spot in Port St Lucie, FL has a secret weapon. Owner Joe knows how to created amazing entree’s, terrific pizzas, garlic rolls to dream about. Joe has more than three decades of experience, that translates to just the right recipes for all the ingredients that make up his tasty offerings. We enjoyed a delicious Antipasto, a Zuppa Di Pesce with firm, fresh shrimp, mussels, clams & Calamari. We also tasted, and took home a special Veal Francese with Linguine. The sauce makes almost all Italian dishes, Joe has the sauce down perfect for anyone’s taste buds. Oh, and those aforementioned rolls or garlic knots. They were a problem; we couldn’t stop eating them.  Being a professional restaurant and food writer, with 5-books on all manner of continental and tropical Islands cuisine, and a writer who has penned, and photographed and “manged” much of the worlds specialty dishes’, over 55-years, I know what I’m talking about. Miraglias is special! Located over at 5489 St. James Blvd near the Publics food store, you can call them to dine in or take out 772-244-2292.

The Howling Rooster Pub & Grub

American Press Travel News-March 1st–Bob and Barb eating out ‘On the Road Again”–Lunching at the Howling Rooster Pub & Grub was a true treat! Besides the amazing home made Pot Stickers, the 15-bean soup, a passel of garlic parmesan wings, all crispy on the skin and tasty on the wing-bones, we dove into a garlicy pasta with grilled and nicely brown-tanned jumbo shrimp, that had a crispy edge and a tasty meaty, non slimy midriff. The noodles were al dente, and the sauce was a call out to Mama “Mangia”, in my old Brooklyn tenement days, where great food was always an Italian pal away. Boot Mama’s always invited me to eat with the family in those days, guess unlike my pal Jimmy, I always looked skinny to them. When my ribs came out of the kitchen I learned that they has a Pilsner, Jalapeno dry lime rub, yep, they did more than fall off the bones, they caused me to salivate profusely. Yes, my wet collar was worth it!! Oh, the great manager said that we make the best burger anywhere. So Barb and I took her up on one of these too! Yes, she was right!! Then came a foot-long hotdog for us to experience. It was covered nicely in home made chili. We tasted it and asked for a take-home box. Our job is to eat, but gluttony is not where we are after the age of 40.

Jun 09, 2021 · The Howling Rooster Pub & Grub is a business providing services in the field of Restaurant, . The business is located in 1319 St Lucie W Blvd, Port St. Lucie, FL 34986, USA. Their telephone number is +1 772-873-4234.

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