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Luxury Carts of Islamorada Opens on The Treasure Coast of Florida




Banner street legal golf carts on the displayAmerican Press Travel News–January 1st, 2024–Bob and Barb – “” Always on The Road Again”–Electric carts that do not make noise, leave exhaust, drip oil and potentially gas, are a proven means to enjoy every day, and, during vacation mode, as well.

The very successful introduction of highest quality of street-legal electric carts in the Upper Florida, and middle Florida Keys, as well, has spawned huge interest in their introduction, state-wide in Florida.

As a result of the strong interest in the use of quality carts for wedding, special events and even food tours to name a few of the venues these carts help enhance, Islamorada Custom Carts has expanded to the Treasure Coast.

COMING SOON, upcoming information over the next two weeks!

For direct more information now contact Bob and Barb at 772-812-0933 or email

Couple sitting inside a luxury cart on dipslayIslamorada luxury carts on the display

DeLand Florida, A Step Back and a Step Forward In Time, Part 1 of Two Chapters

Stepping out Friday nights at the Artisan Alley Farmers Market with Georgia, Barb and Teddy Roosevelt.
Pat & Toni’s Sweet Things! Talk about a treat to the eyes and tongue. Best candies we remember tasting, ever!!
Taste test offered-hard to ever forget!
Pat & Toni’s offeres everyone some of the sweetest tastes, anywhere!!
Breakfast at DeLeon Springs State Park at the Old Sugar Mill Pancake House and Fountain of Youth Boat Rides. Here, you cook your own pancakes, eggs and all the meat fixin’s you can want. This couple drove hours to enjoy the park and have breakfast there too! Sparkle Rex was our contact. She was terrific!! Go to see all this park has to offer

American Press Travel News-Bob and Barb “On the Road Again.” June 14th-June 17th–We contacted our very favorite tourism specialist; Georgia Carter Turner to develope a visit itinerary to DeLand Florida, located in Volusia County. We rolled in to town on June 14th, and moved into a very comfortable apartment at True Trail Farms – Mike and Kathy Densmore, the owners were very welcoming and we found they loved farm animals and they had a bunch of them. We were also greeted by the goats, turkeys and more chickens than Kentucky Fried could have handled. DeLand is a bit like old time Florida meeting up with the modernity of today! After settling in at True Tails Farms, we headed into town to the Half Wall (half the wall was covered by beer taps) for a delightful dinner. For dessert, we went next door to Davids Sweet Things. David was the most  affable and interesting man we encountered during our adventure to DeLand.

GO: and see all the greatness that this area has to offer. (end of part 1 of our DeLand Adventure, see part two shortly)

Found my Dog, Adopt A Rescue Dog, God Says So!

American Press Travel News-June 7th-TN–Well, Barb and I said that since Terry passed five years ago: “If a dog finds us, thats when we would have found our dog.” So, Teddy found us. He is our new son now! What is his breed: He is a Maltese, Bolognese Bichon mix. But, whatever he is called, he is a fabulous 7-pounds of personality, love and action.  Teddy (after Teddy Roosevelt) really is a hunter at heart. No squirrel goes untreed, no deer not jumping the fence to get away from little/big Teddy, a terror to Chipmunks and our raider crows cleaning out the seeds at the songbird feeders are immune from the speedy dash of a dog who really doesnt know his true size {7-pounds acting liker 150-Mountain Bernese) as his pell mell dash and raucous bark scares all in his path. Today, a few million Americans buy or rent RV’s so they can take their pets with them on vacations. Although, several national motels and hotels recognize the value of allowing travelers to bring their pets, when checking in to their rooms. Its just good business! A pet owner is usually a much happier, even healthier than a non pet owner. Lots of smiles, extra exercise and general joy de vivre can add extra life to pet owners. Also, a dog has senses that are far and away more powerful and sensitive to danger, than a human. A barking dog helps deter ner-do-well’s from your property and your door. My previous dog, Terry saved my life when sensing a giant tree was about to fall and literally pulled me away from where the huge tree crashed to earth. Terry was a litter-runt, throw-away. We got him at a shelter that would have done him in. Instead we had a loving, wonderful companion. We had 14 great years, before his kidneys gave out. Terry was buried with a hand-carved, stone marker on our ranch. Teddy can never take his place. So we have started a new chapter with this little dog. I’ve been smiling alot, again! Adopt go: FOCCAS— Focus On Cumberland County Animal Safety. Great dedicated people who truly love and want to assist all pets who need another home with love!!!

Homemade Guitar Maker, Dale Arthur Transforms Cigar Boxes To a New life Making Music

Dave loves making guitars out of boxes. especially cigar boxes. He explained that these boxes have the right wood for a good sound off the strings. Also they are often relegated to the junk pile. He saves them and the early graphics they are embossed with for posterity, and as repurposed for music.
Some of the many guitars made of various boxes saved by Dale for repurposing to usable, fun music makers.

American Press Travel News-April 3rd, Bob and Barb On The Road Again-this time in FT. Pierce, FL.- putting a spotlight on a craftsman, and his Company: D-Art Homemade Guitar Co.

We love homegrown, creative craftsmen, especially when they are committed and excited about their craft and the vibes are catching. Dale Arthur is one of these craftsmen, and he exudes what American Craftsmen all have in common; strong enthusiasm! Dale welcomes custom orders and will make a guitar from any box you’d like. He lives in Sebastion, FL. and can be called at 772-205-9290 or email: