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Bob Epstein has been a writer/photographer and Public Relations Specialist for more than 45-years.

Barbara, his wife has joined Bob as Executive Editors of American Press Travel News.com with her photography expertise in 2008.

The History Press in N.C. has published Bob’s “The History of Fishing In The Florida Keys” in June 2013. His 9th published book, quickly followed by “Africa On a Pin & a Prayer”,  and “his 11th book; “43-Bridges to The Florida Keys all three published in 2013. New Book just out 2020 Best Restaurants Updated in the Florida Keys.

Over 3800-articles, several thousand photo’s and digital images have been sold to a few hundred magazines and newspapers. Several radio shows, appearances on cable and network television shows, as he discussed his 11-published books are also part of his resume’. Bob was Fishing Editor for the Florida Keys at the Miami Herald and also a columnist for 25-years for Outdoor Florida Magazine, along with weekly fishing articles for international markets in Italy, France and England. Scripts Stuart Newspaper published dozens of articles they assigned to Bob.

For 21-years Bob was Special Projects Liaison for Olympus Camera and Digital Products, where he and his wife and business writing partner, created, managed and saw to fruition, over 150-special projects ,including several for children’s genetic diseases such as MS and Children’s Brain Damaged Children Fund, and he created the “take a photo, release the fish, the memory is bigger, camera loaner” program for Cystic Fibrosis fund raiser tournaments: The Celebrity Red-bone Series of fishing tournaments, that has raised millions for research into this child debilitating disease.

Bob also worked for a short period at a field hospital in Rwanda assisting a doctor in emergency and operational theater medicine, when he was 18-years old. He traveled extensively through Africa and especially the Congo.

Bob and Barbara developed, managed and ran a Tennessee KOA where in just its second year, the KOA Campground received the President’s Award.

Barbara Epstein managed and manned the Florida Keys Building Department for 14-years, with numerous employees reporting to Barbara in all aspects of the Building Department business.

The Epstein’s have been married for 47-years and have two wonderful sons and a Professor of Nursing, Daughter-in-Law.


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