Memorial Day 2021-No Good Excuse for “Happy.”

American Press Travel News–Bob and Barb “On The Road Again”-this time at our TN. Ranch. We made it through Atlanta from Florida, with just minor slow-ups on I-75, and got home to our “Goose Holler” Farm and Ranch last week. With virtually zero help, I (Bob) have to go it alone in late spring cleanup.  If I could get a Nickle-a-leaf, I would be a billionaire. So I rolled up my sleeves, grabbed the rake, the tarp and proceeded to slide mountains of leaves away from our buildings. I rake onto a ground-laid-out tarp, clip a little lock-jaw pliers onto the tarp and drive my golf cart to my designated leaf burial ground. I actually love the leaves as they force me to get a copious amount of exercise each spring, help me drop two notches on my belt and for ce me to eat a balanced, nourishing diet to assist in keeping up my strength and muscle tone. Our pond too, needs some TLC. Since the very unwise release of Otters in a wildlife area not far from our farm, these otters cleaned out the park ponds and streams and then headed south, passing through our pond areas, and I lost my koi, my giant catfish and big bass. Well, the koi kept the weeds down, so now the weeds are up, the bass kept the sunfish population regulated, so now we have a ton of sunnies, and the catfish ate everything along the bottom, keeping the pond clean of dead stuff and detritus. (More later)

One of my many dozens fly fishing classes. This one in Wyoming. My classes are for up to 25 at a time! NOW TAKING RESERVATIONS FOR CLASSES AT OUR POND SINGLE OR GROUPS—CALL 772-812-0933
Dinners at Newman’s will spoil you!

Tesla Really Hit It Out of the Box

American Press Travel News–May 11,—My neighbor took me for a ride in his new Tesla. Must say, I felt like I was in a spaceship of the future. I believe I actually was. There is no reason for gas anymore. Car did 60-mph in less than 4-seconds, it stopped itself at a stop sign, from a restaurant, if it was raining or any other reason you press a button, the car retrieves itself from its parking spot and come directly to the car owner. Sound system was amazing and it only needs to be charged (will change soon to 1000 miles before it needs to be fully recharged in 30-minutes, this car goes 350-miles between charges. Talk about smooth and quiet. Except for best sound system in any vehicle, the car is totally silent. NOTE: MORE TO COME!!!



Ristorante Corleone Italian Steakhouse and Seafood

Barb in waiting after ordering our meals at Ristorante Corleone.
Fresh made squid frito’s. Not frozen Cisco deliveries.

American Press Travel News-Bob and Barb-“On the Road Again”–May 5th, 2021—This time. stopping at Ristorante Corleone Italian Steakhouse and Seafood. We met Chef and Owner Luca Fontanarosa. He was born and raised in Catania, Sicily (Italy) We ate very well, on delicious fruits of the sea at this Island in PSL. 

We noticed the great large portioned dishes at the diners tables, as we entered. We whet our appetite with crab cakes (yes, just like in Italy, too) fried Calamari, with a dipping sauce extraordinary, and a bottle of Pellegrino, next to very tasty garlic breads. Next came our main dishes. Barb wanted salmon in butter and lemon sauce, it was such a big portion, that we ate it again for lunch, the next day. It came with a great al dente spaghetti side dish. I had a favorite, but done even better than I remembered “Zuppa Di Pesce”, a seafood stew for those that don’t know “Zuppe.” clams, shrimp, mussels, were simmered in a sauce that truly showed the chefs understanding of great flavors. We topped off this fine meal with Cappuccino coffee’s, Tiramisu Ceciliani, and Cannoli’s.  This meal was best ever for Italian cuisine on the Treasure Coast. The room is not gigantic, its nice, and almost intimate, so reservations would be smart.  Call (772)-323-0355. Don’t fret, there is plenty of free parking, and easy access to 8621 S. Federal Hwy. Port St Lucie. On a scale of 1-10, we offer an 11.

Tiramisu and cannoli’s. The best!!




Crab Cakes with real crab, not phony pressed red streaked, molded ground fish,





Salmon with lemon capers
Zuppe di Pesce, best I ever had!!!



Diary of a Half-Back Lifestyle

A model Florida Crawfish aka, lobster.

Miss Kitty, my favorite farm member. Now gone!!

American Press Travel News—3/29/2021—Bob and Barb “On the Road Again”—-Why do we travel half way back to our old home, VT, to TN., from Southern Florida? Summers in Florida are humid. With my deviated septum (partially blocked nostril) I have a hard time breathing in heavy humidity. So, when the cooler  winter and spring breezes, with their lesser humidity devolve into more summer-like conditions, even starting from the first day of spring, we head for the hills of TN.. In Florida we eat seafood, in TN. its beef, chicken and garden vegetables. Fishing in Florida its sea fishes, in TN. its crappie and trout, and our favorite walleye pike. I can breathe in TN., and love the cool breezes throughout spring, summer and fall.

We live on a small farm at about 2000-feet above sea level. When the summer heats up all around our plateau, we are 8-10 degrees cooler than all the other areas, cities and towns, and just about every night is a no-AC needed event.

As an author, I find it easier to work at our farm in TN. than in Florida. Florida has too many things going on, and this causes me to divert, and avert my time from putting finger tips to keys.  However, the Keys is truly a paradise for a fisherman, like me. With boating, searching for marlin and dolphin fish, the schools of tuna, the occasional wahoo, I get lost in the Gulf Stream of life. My preference these days is to sight fish for permit, bonefish, seatrout, snook, and redfish inshore, in quiet waters.

My sons David and Brian were brought up in the Keys, and were my nearly constant companion on my favorite boat “The Shalom.” That is until their fancy turned to girls and cars. We gathered our own shrimp and saltwater crawfish called Florida Lobster ( I still prefer the real northern- waters kind, with succulent claws and tail).   Today, my sons have a fine boat that they own and enjoy, I have my farm and when I can visit the Keys to be with my boys and their life’s experiences!  STAY TUNED FOR THE NEXT CHAPTER!!!!!!