Cabin Creek Trip to Sulpher Well, KY.


Fine meeting place for outdoor cooking events. Very family oriented and fun for all. The old cook shed is festooned with old tools of the past.

American Press Travel News–December 17th,-Richard Hines, guest correspondent–

From 1902 until 1969, Sulphur Well, Kentucky was a famous destination for people wanting to visit the Beula Villa Hotel. The resort was well known for its food and other local amenities including an Artesian well the town was named for. Drilled in 1848, the well has flowed continuously and is still visited by tourists traveling along Kentucky 70. 

Outdoor over wood cooking is what’s it all about!!!

When the hotel closed, the small town of Sulphur Well almost faded away but the community was far from giving up. The South Fork of the Little Barren River runs through the town. A park was established on the bank of the river accenting the old well. The towns old general store is still in operation. Some years back, the Lighthouse Restaurant was opened and has become a destination for many travelers who enjoy the large servings of catfish, chicken and other dishes served country style. It was recently voted the second best non-franchised restaurant in Kentucky.

Our main reason for our overnight trip to this small Kentucky community was the lodging at Cabin Creek. Although we live only a few miles from Cabin Creek, we decided to spend the night and get a feel for the place. Many times, our house is full during family gatherings and other events, so I wanted to be able to recommend other lodging options for our friends. We were very pleased.

Cabin Creek is the perfect setting in this historical town. Long-time resident Dean Rowe started the project 15 years ago when he moved an original 1820s log cabin to the 11.5-acre site next to the River. Rowe said, “we have period correct furnishings, but you will find modern conveniences with electric and running water”.  Everything is hidden away unless you open one of the kitchen cabinets where you will find a coffee maker, microwave, and toaster oven. The old claw foot tub in the bathroom is a nice touch but antique or not I still prefer a hot shower adding to essential items I rank as necessary.

Even with these modern but hidden amenities, you get the feel of living in the early 1800’s with the fireplace or waking up to water flowing through the riffles of the adjacent river.

Smallmouth bass and rock bass or as they are called around this area, “redeyes” are abundant in the river. In addition to the South Fork, there are at least six additional access points for kayaks or anglers who prefer wading for bass and redeyes.

With over 11-acres of land, birders will find a nice mix of birds throughout the spring and summer months with numerous neotropical migrant songbirds. Watch for the orchard oriole, summer tanager, eastern phoebe, or listen to the chattering of one of many resident belted kingfishers flying along the river. 

There is also an early blacksmith shop on the grounds, also constructed of half dovetailed logs and other buildings with antique farm equipment and many items to view and photograph.

Rates for Cabin Creek is $80 for two and $15 for each additional person. The cabin will sleep from five to seven.

For more information contact Dean Rowe at 270-670-8686 or check them out on Facebook at; c.n

Luso Portuguese Grille Authentic Style Barbeque Restaurant

www. American press travel news-December 20th, Bob and Barb “On the Road Again” this time to Luso Portuguese Grille—-This restaurant was a treat for us!

We sat down to a feast of steam sautéed mussels in abouillabaisse garlic, of bacon and tomato broth (so good to soak up with little fresh rolls) a salmon dish of memorable creation, topped with crab, and grilled shrimp, plated into a sauce that was frankly, unforgettable. The rice was special and spectacular too. We began our meal with Caldo Verde soup, and a freshly made chicken and rice soup-terrific, promise!

 A Half-grilled chicken was brought to the table with home-made,and very different French, or should I say Portuguese sliced potatoes, best taters ever! The sauces and marinades make their offerings uniquely Portuguese, exotic. From their Flambee European sausage grilled at the table, to the Pasteis De Tentugala- sort of Cannoli ala Portugal style, filled with an almond paste, this comfortable eat-in, or al fresco restaurant (also caters) located in the old Tin Fish Restaurant, across from Tradition- Publics, is a “10”, but this is not a pricey eatery!

Barb and I love to head out from our Tuscany home to visit true mom & pop restaurants, especially if there is an ethnic component aspart of that restaurants background. Portugal is a beautiful country, and as being a world travel writer, one of my favorite meals was on the Island of Madeira-the wine Island of Portugal. Well, as I want my fellow Kings Isle residents to also have a chance at the exotic, Barb and I went over to Tradition Center to meet Sandro Raizler, owner and restauranteur of his new Luso Portuguese Grille. We weren’t disappointed, you would have to go to Portugal to find the seafoods and other items prepared in the old-world style. Freshly sourced items, Europeans enjoy.


Whitestone Inn Above the Rest

News Release from Whitestone Inn

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 12 Days of Christmas and we are excited to announce our 12 Days of Christmas! Each special will run on the day listed from 9:00 am until midnight. You must call 865-376-0113 to take advantage of each special. If you would like to receive a reminder email each day for that special please click the link at the bottom. 

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Explore Our Rooms & SuitesGordon Mote in Concert 

Come enjoy an intimate evening with Gordon Mote. Gordon is an award winning southern gospel artist and pianist. Blind since birth, Mote’s faith provides the foundation for his life and constantly fuels his creative spirit.You can read more about Gordon
 here. Join us for a special performance in The Chapel of The Good Shepherd on Tuesday December 18th at 7:45 pm. Call 865-376-0113 to purchase your tickets. You may also make dinner reservations at 6:30 before the concert. Prices are as follows…. 

Dinner and Concert $55 per person plus tax and service fee.Concert only $20 plus tax
“What a wonderful place to relax and enjoy the beautiful works of God! The entire experience was great. The food was amazing and the staff very helpful and kind! Love this place! “


Treasure Coast of FL. Hokkaido Japanese Steak & Seafood House


November 15th– Port St Lucie, FL.-Bob and Barb at Hokkaido Japanese Steak & Seafood House-a favorite for their luncheon Bento Boxes filled with California Roll, sticky rice, tempura veggies, scallops, steak, shrimp or my personal favorite salmon prepared grilled and no fishy taste perfect!
We just had an Hibachi experience that was unprecedented! Terrific fun at the counter as Subi the grill Cook/Chef did his magic with lobster, shrimp, beef and scallops (Barb and I had lobster and tender steak) from the mixed fresh veggies to the squirted Saki into the mouth by Subi and he flipping little hunks of veggies at peoples mouths ala throwing a fish to a seal, slapping the grill and flipping his spatula and knife everyone sat and enjoyed a spectacle of dining circus land. The filet mignon chunks were done medium just as I like it and we smiled as much as we chewed leaving an excellent dining experience for a change of pace dinner.
You can have lunch or regular dinner too. Its not just a Hibachi restaurant and the bar is stocked with everything you’d expect from a first-rate restaurant bar. I enjoy hot Saki rice wine and Barb enjoys a Zinfandel at least twice a week. We get this and so much more at Hokkaido!
Located 1960 N.W. Courtyard Circle in Port St Lucie, FL
Call for reservations and opening times— 772- 878-4188 or 772-878-9268