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Moving to the Florida Keys? Why Not?

Reef and offshore fish that roam and live just offshore of the Atlantic and Gulf of Mexico Shore, in Florida Keys.

American Press Travel News-July 13th,–Bob and Barb “On The Road Again” in the Keys–Our sons were brought up swimming, diving and fishing in the Keys. To our boys, paradise that even after they grew up, attended universities and college, the Air Force, was not forgotten. Often, the friends, acquaintances you make during your formative years, are lost as you set out into the world, making your own way in life. But, the Keys is a magnet for those children that grew up in paradise. The comradery has been so wonderful to see as parents. Good clean fun was always around the bend of Tavernier Creek, or Snake Creek or the myriad of coves and cuts through the mangroves of life.

Because we have gotten to know how excellent these people are in caring about the Keys, sellers, Keys visitors, and potential buyers, we have given them a place on our AmericanPressTravelNews.com. There brand is rooted in the communities in which their clients live, and they possess deep local knowledge that will help you make smarter, better informed real estate decisions.

Meet your team

David Epstein

Morgan Fox

Morgan Fox

Derek Rodberg

Derek Rodberg


David, Morgan and Derek helped me realize my dream of owning a gem property in Islamorada that houses my Boat Dealership and rental income.

T3 had our house under contract for 50K over asking in 24 hours, which we were amazed at. We were called to Military PCS from Homestead to California, and they sold our house, and had us at our new location in 30 days. Since one of them is retired military, they really understand the needs of transitioning, military families needs.

We called the team on a Friday morning while visiting from NJ and they showed us 3 homes and saved the best for last, which we now live and love our little piece of the Keys.

Distinctively Local Real Estate Services with Unmatched Global Reach


Our promise is that we make it happen, whether selling or buying. The teaming we provide offers a unique skill-set. It allows sellers to get the most from their investment, and buyers to achieve a full, and valued purchase experience.


As a team of long-term locals, highly familiar with the listing clients, we make sure that our listings fit our clientele, and that our clients are properly qualified.

Servicing the Florida Keys, and South Florida, along with our many long-term contacts, we will facilitate the selling experience as great one. We are hands-on with all our clients and assure that they have “real” buyers.


We handle all photography, and imaging effects, in-house, that maximize a property for virtual and in home showings.  We also show many homes by boat, and go the extra mile by land, sea and air, making sure your home is represented from all possible angles, to get maximum profit, as well as getting it done in a timely and professionally, efficient manner.  

We’re Local. We’re Global.

We both are integrated into all possible aspects of the community and take great pride in understanding every subdivision/street in the Upper and Middle Keys. If you want to see any home from waterside, as mentioned, we are happy and excited to get you out in the boat, to help you see your dream property from every perspective.

Coastal Realty of the Florida Keys

Our independent ownership and distinctive local culture are well-aligned with market-specific needs and services. We bring an authentic “Main Street” perspective to real estate that many of the “Big Box” franchised brands traded on Wall Street cannot claim.


Interested in buying or selling? Have questions about the Florida Keys’ Real Estate market? Contact us, we’re here to help!

Coastal Realty, Home to Partner Agents, David and Morgan Have Your keys To Your Keys!!

American  Press Travel News-March  27th,  Islamorada, Florida Keys–David Epstein and Morgan Fox, real estate  partners  for Coastal Realty  of The Florida Keys,  probably has your dream home or business opportunity ready and waiting for you right now.  From vacation rentals, to all manner of Keys businesses, calling Dave and Morgan, can put you in touch with delightful couple of people, that are as easy and low pressure as the Keys in a breeze can be. Some  of  the  best  restaurants,  fishing,  diving,  boating  awaits  visitors, and home, and  rental visitors,  throughout  the island  chain.  Give  a  call  to  Dave  or  Morgan.  You  will  love  dealing  with  them  over  a shrimp  cocktail  and  some  conch  chowder  and  fritters.  305-800-KEYS (5397)  Call  and  ask  for  Dave  and Morgan. CHECK OUT THE IMAGES YOU CAN EXPERIENCE IN THE FABULOUS FLORIDA KEYS~

Beautiful Woman Scuba Diving

Jose Wejebe was a wonderful guy and angler. He is gone now in a plane crash and the young man in his teens is also gone now. He succumbed to CF.

Gorgeous wall decor at the Fishery Restaurant!
Son Brian became a pal of big Bertha in our Keys backyard. Always made sure she had a good drink during her winter-over behind our home in deep warmer waters of winter!

Another Excerpt from my Book: “Africa On A Pin & A Prayer.”

Africa On a Pin & a Prayer
signed copies available
now! Go bobepstein@aol.com

Excerpt from my book: “Africa on a Pin & a Prayer.”

My god, it’s the middle of the night we are deep in the hinterlands of the Congo suddenly after a plunge off of a log bridge, dark swirling muddy water quickly rose around my neck than over my head. A moment before my mouth was covered I yelled screamed to Gene my traveling companion we’re, dead we’re dead.” In complete darkness, I kicked my way through the water out the open window on the drivers right side of our British Land rover Gene did the same. We made our way to a muddy bank and crawled out and up through slippery vegetation up the embankment that led to the dirt road we had just propelled ourselves off, into one of the most serious predicaments of our travels through Africa. Wet, scared and bedeviled immediately by the cacophony of frog peepers and coughs of jungle cats, we made our way back towards a village that we had passed a few miles back. Racing through my mind was “would we get out of this one”, would I ever see my mother and family again, can we salvage the vehicle which was literally our lifeboat in a sea of seething uncertainty, in a country who was in chaos and basically swimming in state of anarchy.

Cataloochee Guest Ranch, Maggie Valley- A Mountain Afar, But Close To So Many Hearts


American Press Travel News- June 27th,-Maggie Valley, Haywood County, North CarolinaCataloochee Guest Ranch was opened in 1934 by Mr. Tom and Miss Judy Alexander. It was  moved to its present location in 1938. The Ranch is still run by the third generation descendants of Mr. Tom and Miss Judy. As their brochure rightly proclaims “The Ranch is “where the march of time slows down to a walk.”  the high mountains here really do have deep roots! Barb and I relaxed, enjoyed country buffet cookouts for dinner of steaks and taters along with all the country fixin’s you’d also love. We also sampled their country breakfast which included their wonderful homemade syrups, jams and biscuits. that you will savor in your mouth and on your mind for a very long time.

This is a wonderful place for your whole family. We watched a small boy catch his first fish in their stocked pond, which the ranch then cooked for his dinner. They have all sorts of planned activities for children as well for adults.  There are so many outdoor recreational opportunities in and around this 5000 foot elevation, cool, over 1000 acre ranch. We hiked, found and identified numerous edible mushrooms, plants and trees with a professional field guide. Their garden, becomes your garden each and every meal! Every day you can take take trail rides. When you arrive you feel like you are a member of their family with their rich local heritage. Every night their local admiring neighbors, were scheduled to come and meet the guests. We listened to local musicians and were even able to pet a real friendly wolf.

Perhaps due to the history of several generations of the Tom and Judy Alexander family, there was a feeling here that we were home, really at home again! It’s really hard to say just how comfortable we were at this ranch. It was very hard to leave and we actually stayed a bit longer than usual before we left the cool mountain air, the friendliness of our hosts and the truly serene nature of this fine resort. So, I guess one way to say it was, we had a very hard time saying goodbye!

Call 1 (800) 868-1401 119 or local 828-926-1401 cataloocheeranch.com located on  Ranch Road., Maggie Valley, NC 28751 Cataloochee Ranch.com

Also, we will review so many fine restaurants in the coming days on aptravelnews.com.  We will be posting these and many more opportunities for visitors in the next day or so.   We took part in visiting the Cataloochee Valley area full of transplanted elk. The bulls were bugling their dominancy over their herd of cows-quite a display! The people we met, the dinner with the Mayor of Waynesville and his wife, the fine other folks we learned so much about them and from them, their Agri-tourism lifestyle and businesses offerings, and their goals, as well as their already fruitful successes will be portrayed as well. 

Boys first fish at Cataloochee Lodge trout pond This ranch is always making "keeper memories."
Boys first fish at Cataloochee Lodge trout pond This ranch is always making “keeper memories.”


Special event: Wolf Man who owns 4 wolves introduces this highly tame wolf to guests at the Ranch. A big hit with everyone!
Special event: Wolf Man who owns 4 wolves introduces this highly tame wolf to guests at the Ranch. A big hit with everyone!
A side trip on the Blue Ridge Parkway for never ending views!
A side trip on the Blue Ridge Parkway for never ending views!

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