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Moving to the Florida Keys? Why Not?

Reef and offshore fish that roam and live just offshore of the Atlantic and Gulf of Mexico Shore, in Florida Keys.

American Press Travel News-July 13th,–Bob and Barb “On The Road Again” in the Keys–Our sons were brought up swimming, diving and fishing in the Keys. To our boys, paradise that even after they grew up, attended universities and college, the Air Force, was not forgotten. Often, the friends, acquaintances you make during your formative years, are lost as you set out into the world, making your own way in life. But, the Keys is a magnet for those children that grew up in paradise. The comradery has been so wonderful to see as parents. Good clean fun was always around the bend of Tavernier Creek, or Snake Creek or the myriad of coves and cuts through the mangroves of life.

Because we have gotten to know how excellent these people are in caring about the Keys, sellers, Keys visitors, and potential buyers, we have given them a place on our AmericanPressTravelNews.com. There brand is rooted in the communities in which their clients live, and they possess deep local knowledge that will help you make smarter, better informed real estate decisions.

Meet your team

David Epstein

Morgan Fox

Morgan Fox

Derek Rodberg

Derek Rodberg


David, Morgan and Derek helped me realize my dream of owning a gem property in Islamorada that houses my Boat Dealership and rental income.

T3 had our house under contract for 50K over asking in 24 hours, which we were amazed at. We were called to Military PCS from Homestead to California, and they sold our house, and had us at our new location in 30 days. Since one of them is retired military, they really understand the needs of transitioning, military families needs.

We called the team on a Friday morning while visiting from NJ and they showed us 3 homes and saved the best for last, which we now live and love our little piece of the Keys.

Distinctively Local Real Estate Services with Unmatched Global Reach


Our promise is that we make it happen, whether selling or buying. The teaming we provide offers a unique skill-set. It allows sellers to get the most from their investment, and buyers to achieve a full, and valued purchase experience.


As a team of long-term locals, highly familiar with the listing clients, we make sure that our listings fit our clientele, and that our clients are properly qualified.

Servicing the Florida Keys, and South Florida, along with our many long-term contacts, we will facilitate the selling experience as great one. We are hands-on with all our clients and assure that they have “real” buyers.


We handle all photography, and imaging effects, in-house, that maximize a property for virtual and in home showings.  We also show many homes by boat, and go the extra mile by land, sea and air, making sure your home is represented from all possible angles, to get maximum profit, as well as getting it done in a timely and professionally, efficient manner.  

We’re Local. We’re Global.

We both are integrated into all possible aspects of the community and take great pride in understanding every subdivision/street in the Upper and Middle Keys. If you want to see any home from waterside, as mentioned, we are happy and excited to get you out in the boat, to help you see your dream property from every perspective.

Coastal Realty of the Florida Keys

Our independent ownership and distinctive local culture are well-aligned with market-specific needs and services. We bring an authentic “Main Street” perspective to real estate that many of the “Big Box” franchised brands traded on Wall Street cannot claim.


Interested in buying or selling? Have questions about the Florida Keys’ Real Estate market? Contact us, we’re here to help!

Mutton Snapper, Great Fighter, Great Tablefare!

Son Brian knows where they live! That’s a mutton snapper and baked up for 20-people!
Brian and Diane in the Keys. A fine bottom fishing excursion..

American Press Travel News–Update: 3/5/19–Bob and Barb “On the Road Again.”–My son Brian and wife Diane sent me these images of a very large mutton snapper they caught for dinner-actually it was enough for a party of people to enjoy for a sit-down meal. The mutton snapper is so called as it is shaped somewhat like a leg of mutton. One thing for sure, it doesn’t taste like sheep. It is a very tasty reef and bottom fish. Always remember; fish taste like what they feed on. Snappers feed on shrimp, crab and on other fresh fish.
Fishing in the Keys can offer a wide variety of excellent fish and seafood to chow down on. Besides fish there are stone crabs, Florida lobster, and incredible shrimp to put on the “Barbie.”
The Keys has more than 200 restaurants that offer these delectibles! These large members of the snapper family hang around rocks and reefs. They are ambush predators. Brian is now known as “Captain Key Largo” he is a licensed Captain and guide to the Upper Keys and surrounding Islands. Takes people fishing, viewing birds and wildlife and visits interesting places, beside doing waterway and front bar crawls.  go: Brian Epstein on Facebook, or give him a call at:   (954)-326-7360 

Kaiyogrill & Sushi in Islamorada-A Step Up & Outta Sight for Japanese Cold and Hot Grill Specialties

Avacado stuffed with tuna tartar, and cream cheese, Executive Sous Chef Adrian Quesada, topped this with spicy mayo and tobiko then lightly torched this melange and served it with wonton chips. We were hooked!
Executive Sous Chef Adrian Quesada for the past 4-years, putting the finishing touches on our Avocado Suchi dish-some fire to meld it all together.

AmericanPressTravelNews-January 1st, Bob & Barb “On the Road Again” stopping at the Kaiyogrill & Sushi Dining Establishment-Islamorada, FL Keys. When we visited this upscale, yet laid- back restaurant decorated in a distinctly Asian motif, totally reminiscent of some of the fanciest sushi bars and restaurants found in larger cities such as Miami, Orlando, New York,  we felt right at home. But here it is, gourmet sushi and delightful grill right in the middle of Islamorada, between the Atlantic and a thousand feet to the Gulf of Mexico too! Just about any type of sushi, sashimi, rolls, and a wide variety of hot dishes such as steaks, scallops, stuffed shrimps and lobster tails can be had here, grilled and sumptuous. Executive Sous Chef Adrian Quesada introduced us to their Asian Fusion themed food emporium and we were very impressed. There is a hot and cold kitchen, open six days per week. He described their Udon Noodles (we’re going back to slither some down the pipeline, their “Drunken Scallops” in a beer sauce, and a variety of offerings (see their online menu) that had the juices steadily flowing. Kaiyogrill & Sushi will have their own page in our “Florida Keys Best Restaurants” book coming out in late February. go: www.kaiyoGrill.com (305)-664-5556

Barb getting ready to put on her gourmet face at Kaiyogrill!
How about bread pudding stuffed with banana? We left no one standing for this dessert! Fresh made is how we roll!