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Moving to the Florida Keys? Why Not?

Reef and offshore fish that roam and live just offshore of the Atlantic and Gulf of Mexico Shore, in Florida Keys.

American Press Travel News-July 13th,–Bob and Barb “On The Road Again” in the Keys–Our sons were brought up swimming, diving and fishing in the Keys. To our boys, paradise that even after they grew up, attended universities and college, the Air Force, was not forgotten. Often, the friends, acquaintances you make during your formative years, are lost as you set out into the world, making your own way in life. But, the Keys is a magnet for those children that grew up in paradise. The comradery has been so wonderful to see as parents. Good clean fun was always around the bend of Tavernier Creek, or Snake Creek or the myriad of coves and cuts through the mangroves of life.

Because we have gotten to know how excellent these people are in caring about the Keys, sellers, Keys visitors, and potential buyers, we have given them a place on our There brand is rooted in the communities in which their clients live, and they possess deep local knowledge that will help you make smarter, better informed real estate decisions.

Meet your team

David Epstein

Morgan Fox

Morgan Fox

Derek Rodberg

Derek Rodberg


David, Morgan and Derek helped me realize my dream of owning a gem property in Islamorada that houses my Boat Dealership and rental income.

T3 had our house under contract for 50K over asking in 24 hours, which we were amazed at. We were called to Military PCS from Homestead to California, and they sold our house, and had us at our new location in 30 days. Since one of them is retired military, they really understand the needs of transitioning, military families needs.

We called the team on a Friday morning while visiting from NJ and they showed us 3 homes and saved the best for last, which we now live and love our little piece of the Keys.

Distinctively Local Real Estate Services with Unmatched Global Reach


Our promise is that we make it happen, whether selling or buying. The teaming we provide offers a unique skill-set. It allows sellers to get the most from their investment, and buyers to achieve a full, and valued purchase experience.


As a team of long-term locals, highly familiar with the listing clients, we make sure that our listings fit our clientele, and that our clients are properly qualified.

Servicing the Florida Keys, and South Florida, along with our many long-term contacts, we will facilitate the selling experience as great one. We are hands-on with all our clients and assure that they have “real” buyers.


We handle all photography, and imaging effects, in-house, that maximize a property for virtual and in home showings.  We also show many homes by boat, and go the extra mile by land, sea and air, making sure your home is represented from all possible angles, to get maximum profit, as well as getting it done in a timely and professionally, efficient manner.  

We’re Local. We’re Global.

We both are integrated into all possible aspects of the community and take great pride in understanding every subdivision/street in the Upper and Middle Keys. If you want to see any home from waterside, as mentioned, we are happy and excited to get you out in the boat, to help you see your dream property from every perspective.

Coastal Realty of the Florida Keys

Our independent ownership and distinctive local culture are well-aligned with market-specific needs and services. We bring an authentic “Main Street” perspective to real estate that many of the “Big Box” franchised brands traded on Wall Street cannot claim.


Interested in buying or selling? Have questions about the Florida Keys’ Real Estate market? Contact us, we’re here to help!

4 Florida counties open April 1 to gag grouper recreational harvest

Forwarded on by AmericanPressTravelNews-March 27th, On April 1st Gag Grouper can be caught in 4-Florida Counties waters!
News Release:

State waters off the coast of Franklin, Wakulla, Jefferson and Taylor counties will open to recreational harvest of gag grouper starting April 1. This regional season will remain open through June 30. The season also includes all waters of Apalachicola Bay and Indian Pass, including those in Gulf County, and all waters of the Steinhatchee River, including those in Dixie County.

Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) staff have received stakeholder requests for a longer season in this area, and are gathering public input on potential changes. At the April 19-20 Commission meeting in Tallahassee, staff plan to present a draft proposal keeping the April through June season in this area, and adding a September through December season. If this proposal is approved, it will need to come back before the Commission in June for final approval, but could be in place in time for anglers to participate in a fall season later this year. Visit to learn more or to submit written input. For your comments to be considered at the April meeting, submit input no later than April 12.

The gag grouper season in the remainder of Gulf of Mexico state waters is open June 1 through Dec. 31. State waters off Franklin, Wakulla, Jefferson and Taylor counties are not currently scheduled to open for gag fishing July through December. Monroe County state waters follow Atlantic grouper rules.

Gag grouper caught in state Gulf waters (from shore to 9 nautical miles out) April 1 to June 30 off the four-county open region can be landed on the Gulf County side of Indian Pass and the Dixie County side of the Steinhatchee River, but may not be taken ashore in other areas if those areas are closed to harvest. For example, a gag grouper caught April 1 in state waters off Jefferson County cannot be taken ashore in Levy County or parts of Dixie County outside of the Steinhatchee River. To see maps of these areas, go to and select “Saltwater Fishing,” “Recreational Regulations” and “Groupers.”

The minimum size limit is 24 inches total length. The bag limit is two gag grouper per person. Recreational anglers targeting groupers in the Gulf may harvest no more than four grouper per person per day (within this four-fish limit, anglers may keep only two gag grouper).

If you plan to fish for gag grouper in Gulf state or federal waters from a private recreational vessel, make sure you are currently signed up as a Gulf Reef Fish Angler (annual renewal is required). To learn more, visit and click on “Saltwater Fishing,” “Recreational Regulations” and “Gulf Reef Fish Survey” under “Reef Fish.” Sign up today at

To learn more, visit and click on “Saltwater Fishing,” “Recreational Regulations” and “Groupers.”

The Fish House Restaurant & Seafood Market; Fresh, Fresh & Tasty

Barb meets Captain Hook! The restaurants greeter-few words, mighty message!

AmericanPressTravelNews-December 17th, Key Largo, FL.-Bob and Barb, “On The Road Again.” In our very difficult work of dining our way down the Keys for our updated book: “Best Restaurants in the Florida Keys” we would have been quite remiss in not including The Fish House Restaurant & Seafood Market. After meeting our hosts, owner C.J. Berwick and Manager Michelle Kosiek we settled in to share and taste their excellent cuisine. We began with one of their house specialties; Matecumbe Yellowtail Snapper in a terrific sauce of capers and herbed rice. Absolutely superb fish dish! We then dove into a Shrimp & Scallops Key Lime with rice. Problem we had was not over-eating, so some of it came home for next days luncheon-great the first day, superb even the second as juices marinated in. Samuel Ornelas, their chef for the past 27-years flashed a couple of fillets at us to remind us how fresh and firm all the fish, just out of the ocean looked after filleting. We had a Pina Colada and a Margarita, with our meals and then finished everything off with homemade coconut ice cream served in what else, but a coconut half.  This is a place in time and space in the Keys you just have to try yourself. So many dishes, so little time. It would take a year of eating every day to exhaust the menu and possible specials they will offer you. Check them out at MM102.4 Oceanside 102401 Overseas Highway, Key Largo, FL— they are open 7-days per week from 11:30 am for lunch and and at 4:00 pm on for dinner. Give a call too if you like at 305-451-HOOK (4665) You can also email them at the 

Sammie and filets of snapper and grouper. Everything was spotless here!
Fresh and fresher snapper, stone crabs, lobster, grouper and hog snapper too!
Left to Rt.: Michelle, owner, CJ and Barb getting ready to dig in!
Luscious seafood Key Lime Shrimp & Scallops–WOW!
Yellowtail Matecumbe was best fish dish ever!!Everything balanced to a supreme flavor experience.
Coconut ice cream in a coconut half. Super ending to a superb meal!
We really put on the feed bag at the Fish House.

Captain Key Largo, Brian Epstein Takes You Deep or Shallow!

Brian Epstein holds his friends sailfish. Brian (related to long gone Beatles Manager) is as effective in finding fish as his namesake was in finding great Worldwide Talent!!
Brian Epstein holds his friends sailfish. Brian (related to long gone Beatles Manager) is as effective in finding fish as his namesake was in finding great Worldwide Talent!!

AmericanPressTravelNews-Feb 20th, Key Largo, Florida–Captain Key Largo, Brian Epstein grew up in the Florida Keys, more on a boat than in our waterfront home in Tavernier, FL. From a very early age, he had already caught nearly all gamefish you can name that swim the shallows, the reefs, and the very pelagic Gulf Stream. Brian, now married to his wonderful Diane, a Pediatric Emergency Room Nurse, now also teacher, loves the Keys and all wild waters of the world. After many years of Brian working in the steel business, Brian’s passion for fishing could not be cooled in any way. So, his dad (yours truly) and brother have encouraged him to do what he likes best, and has driven so many friends, relatives and business associates to wanting Brian to take them fishing. No kidding, Brian has had virtually no skunked days taking anyone looking for. and fighting the “fins.”

Brian is a genius at figuring out where the lum-lunkers lurk, day or night! Brian is a real “fish-whisperer.” I know you may say, that as I am his dad, I am over-blowing his expertise in finding and putting anyone in his boat on fish? No! He learned from many of the best anglers in the world, and I will not brag on him, and name names because you may think I’m positively prejudiced in his favor, you’d be wrong, I just know the facts, and tell you if you want to catch and keep a few for dinner or release, use a fly rod or any rod-even a handline, Brian is absolute expert. He learned to talk and tell the tides and moon cycles, he finds snook, tarpon and reds, trout, bones and permit, sharks and wahoo, sails and white & blue marlin, dolphin and tuna and many believe he can out-fish anyone in the Keys (how about giant grouper and snapper too).  Brian caught his first big blue marlin on no kidding, 20-pound test on an older model Shakespeare, spinning rod outfit with lots of Lithium reel grease. We chased the fish and finally released a 250-plus pounder, after running my Mako for two hours. Captain Skip Bradeen out of Chesapeake Marina, witnessed the fight (he offered to get us a Captains Mount, which Brian refused) Brian was 9-years old and wouldn’t let me touch that rod. Probably would have been a record for a 9-year old on twenty pound test. When I asked Brian what he wanted to do, should I gaff or break the fish off. Brian said: “Pop, I would never kill that fish, it was a great fight, I’ll always remember today.” He has, and now he will be introducing anglers from around the world to the “world class fishing” that the Keys and South Florida is so well known for!!Call him anytime: 954-326-7360  Promise; outdoor adventures with Brian at the helm,  offers lifetime memories!!!


Son Brian knows where they live! That’s a mutton snapper and baked up for 20-people!

Jose Wejebe was a wonderful guy and angler. He is gone now in a plane crash and the young man in his teens is also gone now. He succumbed to CF.

Seafood soup a gourmet meal in a bowl! Shrimp, squid, fish, mussels, simply great!
A model Florida Crawfish aka, lobster.
Son Brian became a pal of big Bertha in our Keys backyard. Always made sure she had a good drink during her winter-over behind our home in deep warmer waters of winter!
Missed gaff op. in Costa Rica. Fish was 68-pounds!
My beautiful picture
This salad was a meal in itself. It had everything a gourmet would love!
Fishing Tarpon and snook in the shadow of the airport in San Juan Puerto Rico!
Islamorada Coast Guard Chief on a bonefish holiday!

John Kuliski in Islamorada! This picture appeared in magazines and on commercially made fish shirts as well! A favorite shot of mine!
Florida Keys and shrimp go hand and hand! And hand and mouth!
Love this new angler!
The real little rascals know how to take apart a boat. Otters all!!

Port of the Islands redfish!
Yes, I always release red drum (Red Fish) they taste terrible compared to snook or snapper!

Bob and Barb “On The Road Again” One of our very favorite places: The Orchard Inn. From great meals, best breakfasts ever and friendly, family caring and oriented owners; The Orchard Inn would be hard to surpass!