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Holidays Are Here Again!

American Press Travel News-November 28th, Bob and Barb are “On the Road Again”–this time near our home-base, Florida’s East Coast. Some thoughts about the holiday season: Those with families that they were able to spend with families and friends during T.G. holiday, were fortunate and quite sure were happy. Remember, being alone during holidays is very painful. So here comes Chanukah Christmas and New Year’s. If you can invite someone to join in during the Feast of Lights, Christmas or N.Y., do so.

Never eat as you are in a marathon. Seems according to American Medical Health Association; there are more heart attacks after meals at these holidays than at any other time of year. Eat, es, mangia, but do it on a budget, never until you feel stuffed!!

No politics! Everybody at the party has their own idea of what’s right politically. So step back from the feeling you must join in. Nobody cares what you think at family gatherings.

Don’t park where you are blocked in. When you want to go, you go!

And as far as liquor a shot or two. Don’t imbibe where everyone knows you did by your slurred words and now worries your going to be driving soon.

But whatever you do, enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!

Moving to the Florida Keys? Why Not?

Reef and offshore fish that roam and live just offshore of the Atlantic and Gulf of Mexico Shore, in Florida Keys.

American Press Travel News-July 13th,–Bob and Barb “On The Road Again” in the Keys–Our sons were brought up swimming, diving and fishing in the Keys. To our boys, paradise that even after they grew up, attended universities and college, the Air Force, was not forgotten. Often, the friends, acquaintances you make during your formative years, are lost as you set out into the world, making your own way in life. But, the Keys is a magnet for those children that grew up in paradise. The comradery has been so wonderful to see as parents. Good clean fun was always around the bend of Tavernier Creek, or Snake Creek or the myriad of coves and cuts through the mangroves of life.

Because we have gotten to know how excellent these people are in caring about the Keys, sellers, Keys visitors, and potential buyers, we have given them a place on our There brand is rooted in the communities in which their clients live, and they possess deep local knowledge that will help you make smarter, better informed real estate decisions.

Meet your team

David Epstein

Morgan Fox

Morgan Fox

Derek Rodberg

Derek Rodberg


David, Morgan and Derek helped me realize my dream of owning a gem property in Islamorada that houses my Boat Dealership and rental income.

T3 had our house under contract for 50K over asking in 24 hours, which we were amazed at. We were called to Military PCS from Homestead to California, and they sold our house, and had us at our new location in 30 days. Since one of them is retired military, they really understand the needs of transitioning, military families needs.

We called the team on a Friday morning while visiting from NJ and they showed us 3 homes and saved the best for last, which we now live and love our little piece of the Keys.

Distinctively Local Real Estate Services with Unmatched Global Reach


Our promise is that we make it happen, whether selling or buying. The teaming we provide offers a unique skill-set. It allows sellers to get the most from their investment, and buyers to achieve a full, and valued purchase experience.


As a team of long-term locals, highly familiar with the listing clients, we make sure that our listings fit our clientele, and that our clients are properly qualified.

Servicing the Florida Keys, and South Florida, along with our many long-term contacts, we will facilitate the selling experience as great one. We are hands-on with all our clients and assure that they have “real” buyers.


We handle all photography, and imaging effects, in-house, that maximize a property for virtual and in home showings.  We also show many homes by boat, and go the extra mile by land, sea and air, making sure your home is represented from all possible angles, to get maximum profit, as well as getting it done in a timely and professionally, efficient manner.  

We’re Local. We’re Global.

We both are integrated into all possible aspects of the community and take great pride in understanding every subdivision/street in the Upper and Middle Keys. If you want to see any home from waterside, as mentioned, we are happy and excited to get you out in the boat, to help you see your dream property from every perspective.

Coastal Realty of the Florida Keys

Our independent ownership and distinctive local culture are well-aligned with market-specific needs and services. We bring an authentic “Main Street” perspective to real estate that many of the “Big Box” franchised brands traded on Wall Street cannot claim.


Interested in buying or selling? Have questions about the Florida Keys’ Real Estate market? Contact us, we’re here to help!

FITEYEZ Eye Fitness Gummies 11Essential Ocular Nutrient Must Have’s

November 4th, 2021, Crossville, TN.—During an interview with Dr. Adam Cherry, a certified Optometrist, we discussed a new product, that was recently launched called “FITEYEZ.” After doing some research about these eye fitness gummies which incorporates the major vitamins and elements necessary for feeding the eyes for maximum health and fitness. The claim by the FITEYEZ group of professional optometrists and opthamologists, that have more than 200-years of eye care experience, is that this is the one, and only gummy on the market, that delivers the 11 essential nutrients designed to improve the health of your eyes. This easy to take, tasty, chewy gummy, already is appealing to all ages.  

As outdoor communicators, we should realize that having gone from the radio to TV to video, and then the home and laptop computer, and all our electronic gear, we are straining on our eyes, as never before in history. health now needs solidly researched supplements to keep the body as healthy as possible. These gummy vitamins carried in a tasty, delicious, free of artificial bonding agents, addresses the eyes and a whole lot more for every person that will take them. Afterall, feeding the eyes will acrue to huge health benefits.  

Here, is an innovative supplement that addresses for everyone the prevention and risk management solution.  It should be a  “given”; fit and at optimum levels of strength and health is what we all aspire to.  But, given that all that was, isn’t anymore, diets have turned to foods, mostly bereft of many of the healthy vitamins and minerals, so necessary to all of us, and then adding in the computer generation, where eyes today have never been strained to exhaustion, and even damaging pain from radiation and light abuse.  


Delicious, chewable gummies loaded with 11 essential nutrients, designed to improve the health of your eyes. Fit Eyez™ are made of a proprietary blend of ingredients, formulated by a team of board-certified optometrists and ophthalmologists dedicated to keeping America’s and worlds eyes fit!   It cannot be emphasized more, that due to the fast pace of today’s society, many of us are lacking many of the essential nutrients that our bodies need to stay healthy. The Fit Eyez™ gummies fill the gap between what your eyes need and what is lacking in your diet.

 ABOUT FIT EYEZ™WHO IS FIT EYEZ™ FOR, and what are the benefits?

FITEYEZ Gummies helps in the following areas:  Blue Light Protection, Reduces the Risk of Glaucoma, Delays Cataracts, Reduces Eye Strain, Reduces the risk of Macular Degeneration, reduces dry eye, Increases blood flow, Improves cognitive function, for children, adolescents, and adults and seniors.

Up from just 32-million in 2018, today there are 43-million people with blindness, globally, according to The Internalional Agency for the Prevention of Blindness, and, 295- million people living with

 moderate-to-severe visual impairment. In the USA, 12-million people 40 years and over have vision impairment, including 1-million who are blind, 3-million who have vision impairment after correction, and 88-million who have vision impairment due to uncorrected, refractive error. The numbers are predicted to more than double by 2050, due to increasing epidemics of diabetes and other unchecked chronic diseases, eye stresses due to technological visual breakthroughs, and rapidly aging U.S population.

Today, children under 18 have diagnosed eye and vision conditions, including blindness, and major and minor visual impairments, defined as having trouble seeing even when wearing glasses, or contact lenses. An estimated 93 million adults in the USA are now at high risk for serious vision loss, but only half that many have visited an eye doctor in the past year. So, summing up: Vision disability is one of the top 10 disabilities among adults, 18-years and older one of the most prevalent, disabling conditions among children. So do we need FITEYEZ, you bet we do!

Check out have a look-see yourself, why there is much excitement in the professional optometrical circles.

 Please address code Terry123 when ordering FITEYEZ, for free shipping A single pack is $29.99 and a double pack is $54.98


Images of The Week!

American Press Travel News–3/29/2021—-Images of the week!!

Traveling from East Africa to the Congo!!


Left to right Birthday Boy Dave, Captain Skip Bradeen, Captain Key Largo, BrianEpstein and David the Blue Chip 2 Mate.
Curt Gowdy and President Bush out fishing with Bob Epstein (Credit Bob T. Epstein for image)