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The Great Greek Mediterranean Grill Authentic All the Way!!!

American Press Travel News–January 9th, Port St Lucie, FL-Barb and Bob “On the Road Again”- This time at The Great Greek Mediterranean Grill. For decades, Barb and I have dined at Greek Restaurants all over the USA and the world, particularly in the Mediterranean side of the world. What we found in our own backyard in St Lucie, County now obviates the need to dine on Greek food anywhere else. The foods and feeling of being at home were a huge joy! Lets face it; we all eat, and need to eat, but really enjoying what we sup on also has another huge component. Get into your Greek, The Great Greek Mediterranean Grill is located at 10513 SW Meeting St. shop 101 Port St Lucie, /fl.  They offer authentic recipes and Legendary ancient recipes, too!

Friendly, gorgeous wait staff, food that truly is incomparable. Ask Barb!!
Lamb Souvlaki, Tzatziki sauce, Pita Bread right out of the oven, salads and real Greek Olives, Feta Goats Cheese and best Spanakopita {spinach pie wrapped in puff pastry.
Spanakopita is an authentic Greek spinach wrap with Feta Cheese in a puff pastry. This one was best we ever tasted. Popeye would have rolled his eyes as his muscles popped.
Desserts of Baklava- a filo dough wrapped around crushed walnuts in a honey sauce.
Its all family and love at the Great Greek!

Little Italy Restaurant & Pizzeria Really Shines

This is close to our home and we have never been disappointed here.
A large mushroom, garlic and roasted sweet peppers. Crust and base are just right as always.

American Press Travel News–January 1st, Bob and Barb “On the Road Again” this time dining at Little Italy Restaurant. we love pizza, who doesn’t? Well, beside pizza, we enjoy about everything covered in melted mozzarella. Little Italy in Port St Lucie does this well. Anything, chicken, veal, eggplant covered with melted mozzarella with added garlic knots and spaghetti and the right tomato sauce, rules with us. The best garlic knots have great flavor even without garlic, but when drenched a bit in butter/garlic sauce, the knots are even more spectacular. Why do I recommend this Italian Restaurant? Its consistently good!! Located next to a Publics in Port St Lucie, West.

Barb in her best position. Sitting above melted mozzarella.
A luncheon portion of eggplant parm. Everything is excellent!
Garlic Knots are the best at Little Italy Restaurant and Pizzeria.



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Grandpa’s Diner & Flavor Restaurant and Seafood

Reindeer Lady brought us our Antipasto salad at Grandpa’s Restaurant.
Chicken Stew at the Caribbean Restaurant. Great rice and plantanos. This was a Haitian dish.
Antipasto salad for two at Grandpa’s.
A Caribbean meal at PSL’s best Caribbean restaurant.
Grandpa’s offers up many Italian dishes. We did like the Antipasto salad.
Pork chunks at our new Caribbean restaurant with black rice and beans.












American Press Travel News December 5th,Port St Lucie, FL–Bob and Barb “On The Road Again”–Grandpa Bert Veluca, a New York original has had 35-restaurants serving Italian specialties. He retired, but wanted to be socially active and not bored. So, Bert affectionately known as “grandpa”, opened Grandpa’s between Ace hardware and Publics, just off US 1, South Federal Highway. Serving daily breakfast, lunch and dinner. We stopped for lunch and enjoyed shrimp and grits, a broiled cod meal. We tried a short order of chicken wings and drums in garlic and parm sauce, too. Grandpa Bert told us that beef liver and onions, fish and chips, and meatloaf are entrée’s most often ordered at Grandpa’s. Grandpa’s has the breakfast, lunch and dinners anytime you want to visit a real local, non-commercial food spot.
On another day we lunched at Flavor Restaurant and Seafood off of S.W. Bayshore Blvd. They call it “best Caribbean food in town.” We had Stew Chicken with black rice and fried pork dish with mushroomed rice. Flavor Restaurant is located on Bayshore Blvd. in Port St Lucie, FL