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Images and a Talk!!

American Press Travel News–June 24, 2020–So since February, my site; has had 1.4 million viewers. As you all know by now, I do not do anything political on my site. Too messy!! Anything true becomes false from the weirdo’s, and anything fiction becomes true and you get all kinds of harassments’!! Its too time consuming, to deal with fools!! So for 9-years now, we are a full-time travel site, with 25-seperate

Curt Gowdy and President Bush out fishing with Bob Epstein (Credit Bob T. Epstein for image)

Best Best Western we ever stayed at. Fly fishing out the back door, hot breakfasts, very friendly and helpful staff, and comfortable beds!

Caught in the act of walking on water! Dogs, wonderful dogs!

categories. We enjoy owning Florida Outdoors on-line magazine, and working on reviews, of all manner of outdoor gear. Please take a moment and look at the site: Check out the categories, images and ideas: WWW.AMERICANPRESSTRAVELNEWS.COM GIVE ME ANY REAL FEEDBACK, THANKS!!

Traveling from East Africa to the Congo!!

Happy Fathers Day

American Press Travel News-June 22,– Fathers Day, if only more fathers stayed with their spouses after the children are born, what a better world it would be. But, today we honor all fathers living and dead. They are the half that give all life, they are the shoulders that America and the family rests on. We had Mothers Day recently and I said the same about mom’s day too!

Bob and the real Ted Williams!!!

G-d bless all dads, G-d bless all moms. Please stay together for the stability of the world!!!

Beautiful Woman Scuba Diving

Think Greek Not just for the Great Greek, But Also for Kings Isle

AMERICAN PRESS TRAVEL NEWS-Feb. 11th, Port St Lucie, FL–Kings Isle residents have an incredible great restaurant over Tradition way. Called the Great Greek. Just as the Think Greek is excellent, the Great Greek on the lake at Tradition Square is a fine Mediterranean spot to enjoy true Greek dishes. Located on 10513 SW Meeting St. Port St Lucie 772-303-2104, allows you to dine overlooking the gorgeous Tradition Lake, Al Fresco or indoors. We chose to sit by the lake. We dined on Greek Salads, Four Dip Combo of Tzatiki, Hummus, Tirokafteri,  Melitzanosalata,  (egg plant) and hot Pita Bread. We tried Garlic Shrimp Souvlaki ,and Grilled Steak Souvlaki too! We had Falafel and some lamb as well. The restaurant also offers catering and all manner of party event dishes.

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