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Florida Keys Matecumbe Historical Trust Event Coming Up

APtravelnews–August 19th, the Florida Keys–Barb and I lived in the Keys for 3-decades and every summer we stressed a bit wondering if we would have to worry about the Hurricane Season! Some years were quiet, some we had to evacuate. Then for us the big cane; Andrew more than made up for all the quieter years during Hurricane Season. Thats when I became Official Photographer for FEMA, after the big cane in the early 90’s. Well, the Keys was mostly spared, but south Miami and communities south did not! It was a major calamity in the scope of Hurricane Katrina, that slammed New Orleans and surroundings!

Well, there is an old saying that goes like this: If you forget the past, don’t be surprised when you are once again presented with it in the present (or something like that). The Matecumbe Historical Trust wants to make sure that history helps remind us all that we should never take any natural disaster for granted and that it is just a matter of time before the past is repeated!