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Visit to Morristown, Tennessee

American Press travel News–July 9th, Bob & Barb “On The Road Again”-Once in the city of Morristown, we had visited with Anne G. Ross, Director of Tourism at the Area Chamber of Commerce Office. Anne sent us on a very informative itinerary that covered just a bit of the great things Morristown is all about.

We checked out part of the Lake way Area that included a visit to Cherokee Lake. The fishy lake has over 700-miles of shoreline. The ubiquitous largemouth and smallmouth bass are king here. We visited with shoreline angler’s cat fishing, and looking for brim and crappie. Everyone was having a great time, as the water was clean and clear and the temperatures were warm, but mitigated by a nice shore side breeze. We visited with Sam & Delores Phillips owners of Morristown Marine. Sam discussed the seven bass tournaments he runs each year on Lake Norris, Cherokee, South Holston, Watts Bar and Douglas Lake. He has 910 members of his invitational only events. They draw 220-230 boats for each event. Winners take home big bucks per event, ongoing for over 11-years.

Always interested in history, we headed over to the General Longstreet Museum. The historic home was used by General James Longstreet as his Civil War Confederate headquarters in the winter of 1863-64. The site includes a replica of an 1860’s tailor shop where Director Kelly Ford makes period military uniforms. We met up with “Dewey” a very serious Civil War buff, and he regaled us with a blow-by-blow of various Civil War skirmishes, dressed in a Confederate military outfit, he laid out everything he knew about General Longstreet’s life and times. Dewey is a very serious historian and really knows the full history of “everything” Civil war

We spent some time at the Rose Center of the Arts with Executive Director Beccy Hamm. The arts center is housed in an 1890’s Victorian school house. The center is the cultural arts hub of the Lake way Area. Gallery exhibits, performance spaces, meeting places and a sales gallery. We also met up with representatives from the Morristown Theatre Guild and Theatrical Company where we learned of the many shows slated for the coming months. Go:  https//

Panther Creek State Park was quite spectacular, Jason Chadwell, Park Manager showed us the incredible sites including an overlook of Lake Cherokee. We also met Craig Price who discussed the newest and most challenging 18-hole Disc golf course. No clubs, just special Frisbee discs thrown into basket-catch hoops.

Hillbilly’s Cabin Restaurant was a fine breakfast spot. We enjoyed Spanish Omelets’ and real coffee! Then we were off to the Meeting Place Country Store & Antiques, and did some shopping for fun oldies but goodies!

Yes, Davey Crockett grew up here and since that time so long ago, so did generations of other families and pioneers in business, industry, medicine, the arts and sports!  For more info go: facebook:Visit Morristown or facebook: retire Hamblen County, TN.

Next week take a peek at The Whitestone Inn on Watts Bar Lake!



Pictures of the Week! On The Road Again in KY.

Boone Tavern is a great hotel and restaurant in the theme of Daniel Boone’s time.
The herb lady on campus!

American Press Travel News–March 15th, Bob and Barb “On The Road Again” and Stopping to Smell the Daffodils and roses (when they come up) as we visited Berea College in Kentucky!! My favorite college to visit. Students at Berea are motivated and delightful young men and women to talk to. Their commitment to excellence is absolutely felt and visible in all the many things they do and learn about!

On The Road Again! Just in case we run into some great roadkill-or whatever looks good enough to eat!
The muffin, nothing but the muffin!!!
A clean sweep! Broom making on campus at crafts shop.
At Berea College!

David With the Nuns-Walls of His Hotel and Room Are Covered with Pretty Nun Images

Dave taking selfies in Holland!

American Press Travel News-March 9th, Breda, Holland-Correspondent- David Epstein–The next stop on my business trip was Breda, about an hour half toward the west in the Netherlands.  I’m staying at the Hotel Nassua Breda on Niewustratt Street. This street is one of the oldest streets in Breda dating back to 1350. The hotel sits at 21 Niewstratt, which was first owned by Bruheze family and sold to Lambrecht, lord of Waelwijc in 1539, which is how it got its original name, Huis Waelwijk. 

Through the years the house was owned by private owners until 1805, it was then purchased by the Parrish of Holy Anthony and converted to an orphanage.  In 1849 the Order of Franciscan Sisters settled in, and renamed the house Het Liefdegesticht “Asylum of love”.  In 1903 they bought the next door soap factory, and created a neo-Gothic chapel. They further kept expanding through 1950, which gave the huge complex the final shape.  This created a huge Labyrinth behind several combined homes that is now Hotel Nassua Breda, opened in 2016. 

Taking a stroll in the farmlands!

 The Hotel is ultra-modern like any high-end hotel, however it fields tons of old character, every corner is a new experience, There are Nun pictures on every wall. They also offered a great breakfast, overlooking one of the old chapels that is now a delightful meeting space for the Hotel.  I checked in without a working TV, which turned out perfect, as it forced me to get out and visit this old historic town at night. Different from the big city of Amsterdam, it is quiet and by 6 PM  everything is closed with the exception of some Restaurants, so families can be together. 

Roll up the streets by 6 pm. Dutch spend maximum time at home with family!

 I was able to take a day, and a few free nights to tour the area which has 60 plus restaurants within a 5 minute walk in this city center. Driving around the local towns, all take you back when life was a little simpler. Some of the farms which lack fences mostly as the homes and land are divided by canals still have useable windmills.  Locals take great pride in 100’s of years of family owned property that is passed down through generations. You won’t see school buses, but paths and shared roads for school aged, and adults to ride bikes miles to get to work or school. Parents used push bikes were everywhere taking young children along for the ride.  

So many interesting views in Holland. Dave and one of his selfies!

 Walking around the city, history is everywhere, cathedrals, old forts, homes with great architecture and all were close walks from my hotel.  The city, as in most in Europe are all full of walking paths, and all thought out, to bring local towns people together.  

Businesses advertise in a big way in Holland!