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Cuba Si, Yankee Si The Beginning of a Detente Between The U.S.A. & Cuba

Cuba just 90-miles from Key West!
Cuba just 90-miles from Key West!

APtravelnews-March 21st,-Havana, Cuba-“Bob & Barb On the Road Again.” Yes, as pundits claim; “this is an extraordinary day.” Indeed it is! Well, in the throes of a President getting ready to leave office, and him seeking to make a farewell statement by doing all he can to open up Cuba and American relations for his legacy, he took everyone he could including his mother-in-law, wife and daughters, 40-Congressional and Senate leaders and many others to the largest Caribbean Island with him, at a cost of 40-million bucks or so! I was invited by the Commodore of the sport fishing fleet in Havana Harbor, a long time friend.

Look, the Cuban people are great just as our people in the USA are great! This post is not going to be too controversial, as history will view the true events and out coming’s of this historic visit, that took 90-years for an American President to visit this (make no mistake) a full communist nation.  What I do know is that the average American tourist still cannot fly over there on vacation, and doing business with a country that has stolen 6-billion dollars of American lucre in real estate and businesses, home and properties, killed and jailed uncountable people, will be fraught with land-mines at least for the foreseeable future.

I do know there already is a strong jockeying going on for U.S. interests trying to get in and get first dibs on the possibly most lucrative invasion of Gold and silver diggers ever! The Keys business and real estate community is abuzz with anticipation of property values soaring, and the potential for cheap labor as well, always a big problem for tourism businesses in the Keys! I can see the ferries, ferrying and the sky’s a-buzz with jets, auto traffic in the Keys is going to become impossible as it already is on any holiday or weekend with PR types hyping and squeezing the last bit of visitors they can on to a mostly, single lane road. My prediction is lots of money to be made, but for every ying there is a yang! What goes up or out, much like a fly fishing line, must come back and it might not always come back with roses, but with thorns too! Stay tuned! This is big, at least I can’t wait for my real Media Noche sandwich!!!

Snow! So? Today, There is So Much Hype Due to the Need by Main Stream Media for Content!

Chicken Kabobs, roasted my way, Hummus and Pita Bread!  WOW!!!
Snowing out? kick on the little gas grill cube up some Chicken Kabobs, roast!  Add some Hummus and Pita Bread! Simple and all the family would love this on a cold, snowy day!

APtravelnews-January 23rd-PSL FL.-“Bob and Barb Not On the Road Again.” Today, if we were up north of FL.what and how would we handle the weather? Barb and I lived in NY and Vermont for many years and we saw lots of snow including some heavy blizzards. What did we do? We hunkered down with our kids, went sleigh riding,

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Spirit Airlines, No Heart, No Care, No Value To Us!

When we can drive, we drive. But Vegas is just too far, so air was a choice!
When we can drive, we drive. But Vegas is just too far, so air was a choice!

APtravelnews-Jan. 12th, Bob and Barb “On The Road, Not the Air Again-Today I had a flight bought and paid for to attend the SHOT Show in Las Vegas. A couple of days ago, I picked up what turned out to be a flu-like virus. So I decided not to expose anyone else to this on an airplane or at the conference. I called Spirit Airlines and asked if I could change my flight to another time and date because of illness, I was routed over to India to work on this. I had a terrible time understanding “pigeon English” but in the end with supervisor in tow by this person (of many others) in charge of Spirits booking interests, was told I had NO options-period except to pay for a new flight, or take the flight no matter I’m sick, and no credit allowed to me. As I felt this is quite unfair, I just wanted my millions of lookers and readers to know about this. In other words; don’t expect anyone to assist you on an emergency basis at Spirit Airlines. They (at least the people detached from the American reality, except for the processing money they get) just could care less if you come aboard sick, blind, dumb or dead! I will never fly Spirit Airlines until they become human and not robotically on cruise-control with passengers reasonable requests!

Happy New Year & Thoughts On New Years Resolutions

Commentary on the Eve of a New YearImage result for new years eve

APtravelnews- 12/31-Bob and Barb “Stopping to Smell the Roses”–Thoughts on making Resolutions for the New Year. Well, forget it! I remember that day in 2015, the first day turned out to be a glorious beginning to the New Year in Florida. The day and week before New Years, we heard about the various resolutions on the talking-head stations on TV. We made our own too, most far too grandiose to be able to follow through with! How many of us actually followed through, and if we did, how long did our resolve last? So for one, I am breaking it all down to that simple, foolish comment of “keep it simple, stupid” for 2016, yet, in its simplicity, it’s just that; without complications and trying to do too much that doesn’t already fit into a simplistic, easy habit and matching your life-style, the resolution will fade just like an overnight moonscape that starts out strong, then gets less and less attention by the sun as the world turns! I’ve wondered why fireworks heralds in the New Year, lately Christmas Eve too, as well as the primary explosive displays of the 4th of July and recently Labor Day as well! I’ve winnowed down my resolutions to the following: fish more, that’s easy if number two is taking an extra day or two away from the computer, any work related items that I don’t have to physically be attending to personally, and three, write paper letters and cards to my children, friends and associates, pausing between each sentence and paragraph while weighing the import and the real meaning that will be seen and perceived by whoever your writing to. So off to a party and wishing all the world and especially my readers and website followers the best, healthiest and happiest of New Years, ever!!