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Happy New Year & Thoughts On New Years Resolutions

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APtravelnews- 12/31-Bob and Barb “Stopping to Smell the Roses”–Thoughts on making Resolutions for the New Year. Well, forget it! I remember that day in 2015, the first day turned out to be a glorious beginning to the New Year in Florida. The day and week before New Years, we heard about the various resolutions on the talking-head stations on TV. We made our own too, most far too grandiose to be able to follow through with! How many of us actually followed through, and if we did, how long did our resolve last? So for one, I am breaking it all down to that simple, foolish comment of “keep it simple, stupid” for 2016, yet, in its simplicity, it’s just that; without complications and trying to do too much that doesn’t already fit into a simplistic, easy habit and matching your life-style, the resolution will fade just like an overnight moonscape that starts out strong, then gets less and less attention by the sun as the world turns! I’ve wondered why fireworks heralds in the New Year, lately Christmas Eve too, as well as the primary explosive displays of the 4th of July and recently Labor Day as well! I’ve winnowed down my resolutions to the following: fish more, that’s easy if number two is taking an extra day or two away from the computer, any work related items that I don’t have to physically be attending to personally, and three, write paper letters and cards to my children, friends and associates, pausing between each sentence and paragraph while weighing the import and the real meaning that will be seen and perceived by whoever your writing to. So off to a party and wishing all the world and especially my readers and website followers the best, healthiest and happiest of New Years, ever!!

The Call: “Next Year in Jerusalem” Uttered in Prayer and Reality for Thousand of Years!

Yes, muslims built on top of Israels Wall, but Jerusalem is the Capital of Israel. The Israeli Gov't unlike what a Muslim country would and have done (destroy all vestiges of Jewish History) tolerates to the extreme the Muslim presence at their wall.
Yes, Muslims built on top of Israels Wall, but Jerusalem is the Capital of Israel. The Israeli Gov’t, unlike what a Muslim country would and have done (destroy all vestiges of Jewish History) tolerates to the extreme the Muslim presence at their wall.

APtravelnews-January15th, FL.- Bob taking time to be off the road for a change with some comments and pictures of the week. It has become clear that the whole world somehow has forgotten that Jerusalem is the actual and true capital of Israel. Thousands of years, it has been, even through the Diaspora. For 67-years Israel (as predicted in the Old Testament Bible) has been a true country, doing incredible things for all aspects of life for its people; Jews, and everyone else that’s a part of this incredible and great nation-state, as well as in the medical, tech and agricultural innovations for the whole world.

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