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Fathers Day, Every Day Should Be Fathers Day

Son David and his daughter Elliana. Always and still a terrific father. 

American Press Travel News-Bob and Barb, On The Road Again, but remembering our dads. June 19th, 2022–What does it mean to have a dad, a true dad who gives of his time, not just his money, as a child is raised? Everything!!! A dad, and as an extension his parents, your grandparents mean a lot in the forming of a child to an adult in all stages of those formative years. The word “formative” is the operative word!

A child can grow up bereft of a true dad, but is definitely missing key elements in a healthy, mind forming benefit. We can go to the bible to see how important family is in molding a healthy individual, or not. Speaking directly, I, and research, and real world tells and shows us how damaging it is for individuals and society to have a person missing such an important component, as missing a huge portion of what family values incorporates into a persons makeup. This America has a huge amound of dead-beat dads. Family values are the only things that can turn America around. Only politicos that are real fathers and mothers, not grifters of the world should be duly elected by intelligent people!!

Memorial Day 2021-No Good Excuse for “Happy.”

American Press Travel News–Bob and Barb “On The Road Again”-this time at our TN. Ranch. We made it through Atlanta from Florida, with just minor slow-ups on I-75, and got home to our “Goose Holler” Farm and Ranch last week. With virtually zero help, I (Bob) have to go it alone in late spring cleanup.  If I could get a Nickle-a-leaf, I would be a billionaire. So I rolled up my sleeves, grabbed the rake, the tarp and proceeded to slide mountains of leaves away from our buildings. I rake onto a ground-laid-out tarp, clip a little lock-jaw pliers onto the tarp and drive my golf cart to my designated leaf burial ground. I actually love the leaves as they force me to get a copious amount of exercise each spring, help me drop two notches on my belt and for ce me to eat a balanced, nourishing diet to assist in keeping up my strength and muscle tone. Our pond too, needs some TLC. Since the very unwise release of Otters in a wildlife area not far from our farm, these otters cleaned out the park ponds and streams and then headed south, passing through our pond areas, and I lost my koi, my giant catfish and big bass. Well, the koi kept the weeds down, so now the weeds are up, the bass kept the sunfish population regulated, so now we have a ton of sunnies, and the catfish ate everything along the bottom, keeping the pond clean of dead stuff and detritus. (More later)

One of my many dozens fly fishing classes. This one in Wyoming. My classes are for up to 25 at a time! NOW TAKING RESERVATIONS FOR CLASSES AT OUR POND SINGLE OR GROUPS—CALL 772-812-0933
Dinners at Newman’s will spoil you!

Tesla Really Hit It Out of the Box

American Press Travel News–May 11,—My neighbor took me for a ride in his new Tesla. Must say, I felt like I was in a spaceship of the future. I believe I actually was. There is no reason for gas anymore. Car did 60-mph in less than 4-seconds, it stopped itself at a stop sign, from a restaurant, if it was raining or any other reason you press a button, the car retrieves itself from its parking spot and come directly to the car owner. Sound system was amazing and it only needs to be charged (will change soon to 1000 miles before it needs to be fully recharged in 30-minutes, this car goes 350-miles between charges. Talk about smooth and quiet. Except for best sound system in any vehicle, the car is totally silent. NOTE: MORE TO COME!!!



Living In Natures Park

A great way to exercise your butt and casting arm!!

American Press Travel News-July 15th,-Bob and Barb at Goose Holler’ Farm and Ranch–Well, we are self-quarantined, or sequestered, or hunkered-down. Never in our life, have we ever thought, that we would be in-hiding from something we cannot see with the naked eye! So here we are, waiting for what we think we know, what the future could hold for us, and everyone else in America, and the world, are waiting for. We hope its a real vaccine that is easily available for everyone, quickly! In the mean time, what we all have to do is keep our “cool”, not let our cheese slip off the sandwich! There are several ways to keep the bulb in the socket, for light at the end of the tunnel: Number 1– Stay in touch with your loved ones and friends. Reaching out for sociality now is vital for the human psyche. 2-Stay away from the constant TV news channels that pump info on statistics and fear. 3-Pickup on an existing hobby, or acquire one. Go for ideas, and also do a home improvement project or two. 4-Eat and drink well! And if married, or sharing your hideout with a friend, still find alone-time, too!

If you have a pet, feel blessed! Why? Getting out of yourself, and caring for a pet is a therapy, all on its own. If you don’t have one, get one! Dogs are best, cats are great too! A dog is empathetic, and note; spelled backwards, dog spells G-D! With a dog you have to bend to feed, and pickup after it. Smile, and look into the eyes of an entity that will not judge you, love is always real. A dog is always faithful to the love it is shown! And remember;  Exercise is a key component in staying healthy. Everything is connected from head to toes. Not seeing to the whole body by forgetting to care for any part of it, will effect the whole body!

Just finished clipping thorny brush away from the fence that blocked my view of feeding bass. Got my juices flowing, as I just sat back down to my monster, flip-top, laptop. No it just has a 17-screen, but I feel like I’ve got to feed the monster every few hours-I’m a writer, eh? A few thoughts: Great exercise, a full-set of clothes, after a towel-bath, and here I am again!

I love to do exercise that allows me to look back and see exactly what I accomplished with my sweat-equity. I used to actually go to a health club. I lifted weights, pulled cables with iron attached, and rode a bike to nowhere. Yes, I got sweat equity, but always felt that I was being totally self-serving-just stretching muscles, pumping heart, etc. I guess, before my farm, that’s what I needed to do as a food and travel writer. Got to burn those amazing home-made desserts off somehow! Oh, and while I was out there along the fence-line, the blackberries were black. So, I stuffed my mouth with mostly sweet, vitamin C.

Our Terry as a pup. Gone now, I still mourn his loss!!

The take-away from all of the above is: Keep moving, don’t despair, stay healthy, drink, drink, drink–water, mostly and try and keep more smiles on your face than frowns.