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Big Cane; Florence On Her Way East Coast and Beyond

No real time. Get er done!!






American Press Travel News-September 10th, Bob and Barb “On the Road Again” and Stopping to Smell the Roses” putting out a caution:

If you live anywhere on the coast, or anywhere Florence; the already CAT 3 hurricane may visit. Get ready now, just in case! Get your stuff together. Get your extra water in, food for you and pets. Keep cash in your pocket. Get your battery lights, put away very important papers. Check your generator now to see that it is working, and has fuel for an extended period of use. DO NOT BURN GENERATOR WHERE FUMES CAN INTRUDE INTO YOUR HOME! Forget candles, use batteries in lanterns and flashlights. Plan on where your vehicle will be stored. Shutters are good, but won’t protect from rising water. Make your plans now! Don’t wait-do it!!!

New Fascinating Book “The Quotable Darwin” Is Out As Of November 15th, 2017


American Press Travel News-Nov 7th, -PSL, FL–Book Review by Bob Epstein for Princeton University Press’s “The Quotable Darwin.”  When Janet Browne decided to find out about all things, Charles Darwin she imagined that this man would have much to offer thinking men and women in contemporary times. Darwin was and is most remembered for his book: “On The Origin of Species.” 

She collected and edited every written word she could find. In 348-pages his actual quotes on all aspects of life and disciplines- a fascinating look and read into the mind of one the worlds great thinkers. Darwin was a botanist, a geologist and a caring husband and father. As an active correspondent, he once told his cousin that he liked to play billiards because “it drives the horrid species out of my head.” Browne’s book offers and intimate look at Darwin at work, at home, as a public figure, and on his world travels. Feel his humor, frustrations, exultation’s and “the mans special genius. His travels on the ship; the Beagle made history, and changed knowledge on all living things great and small, for all times!

The book offers a chronology of Darwin’s life by Browne’s, THE QUOTABLE DARWIN. It provides an engagingly new perspective on a remarkable man who thought heavily about the natural world. Natural Selection and Evolution became hot topics due to Darwin!

The author is the Aramont Professor of the History of Science at Harvard University. Her books include the acclaimed two-volume biography of Darwin, Charles Darwin: Voyaging and Charles Darwin: The Power of Place (both Princeton published) She lives in Cambridge, Massachusetts.    Again: The Quotable Darwin, Collected and edited by Janet Browne can be found at: ISBN; 9780691 the eBook/ 9781400888672 

Comments On 9/11 On 9/11

American PressTravel News-9/11- A day in Infamy!–I was in Polk County FL. on 9/11 in a motorhome we used to escape the hurricane season and the heavy summer humidity. River Ranch, FL has great pools and I bass fished all over the large property on the Kissimmee River. That morning I had a muffin with cream cheese, got my fly rod and was about to head out fishing. As I opened the door to leave I heard the sound that TV news puts out heralding a Special Report. I closed the door, sat down and thought I was viewing an Arnold Schwarzenegger movie ad for his new movie about terrorists that were going to blow-up buildings, and he was going to try and stop them.  But, as the commentator showed great agitation and excitement, I realized what I saw crashing into the Twin Towers was REAL!  I realized almost immediately that the world never be the same again. Unfortunately, I was correct!