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Baby Bubbles Portable Air Pump Brings em’ Back Alive

P1020731P1020736 P1020730APtravelnews-July 27th, Goose Holler Farms-Crossville, TN.-Marine Metal Products besides manufacturing a string of great bait tank aerators, now has Baby Bubbles-a clip on the pail half the size of a cigarette pack bubble blower that really works terrific! I recently tried it out on a 5-gallon pail of water with some of my sunfish swimming around breathing easy during a hot summer day. The unit comes with a 24-inch long tubing, airstone set and it runs about 20 hours on up 1 or two AA batteries. It has an adjustable stainless steel clip and a rubber protected switch. This is designed as a backup aquarium pump and can be used in fresh and saltwater. Simplicity is what makes this unit perfect! Its job is to “bring em back and keep them alive.” This Baby Bubbles does just that! Cost is about $4.95 to $6.95 retail and anyone that owns an aquarium or uses minnows or shrimp for bait should always have one in their arsenal of equipment! Ask for it at all retail outlets that sell fishing gear. If you cannot find it call-727-461-5575

Marine Metal Products is located in Clearwater, FL.P1020732