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Fathers Day, Every Day Should Be Fathers Day

Son David and his daughter Elliana. Always and still a terrific father. 

American Press Travel News-Bob and Barb, On The Road Again, but remembering our dads. June 19th, 2022–What does it mean to have a dad, a true dad who gives of his time, not just his money, as a child is raised? Everything!!! A dad, and as an extension his parents, your grandparents mean a lot in the forming of a child to an adult in all stages of those formative years. The word “formative” is the operative word!

A child can grow up bereft of a true dad, but is definitely missing key elements in a healthy, mind forming benefit. We can go to the bible to see how important family is in molding a healthy individual, or not. Speaking directly, I, and research, and real world tells and shows us how damaging it is for individuals and society to have a person missing such an important component, as missing a huge portion of what family values incorporates into a persons makeup. This America has a huge amound of dead-beat dads. Family values are the only things that can turn America around. Only politicos that are real fathers and mothers, not grifters of the world should be duly elected by intelligent people!!

This Is a Time That Try’s Mens Souls

Amercian Press Travel News—-April 3rd, Goose Holler’ Farm and Ranch–Bob and Barb Have Stopped to Smell the Roses!!!

This is tough to write about so I’ll keep it short. This is truly a time that try’s men’s & Women’s Souls! For those of us who have a wife, husband or live-in mate, things are very tough, but not as tough if anyone is facing this alone.  Barb and I are getting daily calls from our son, and my mom who is, about 100-years old, and totally mobile (so lucky for her and her spirit) but we are also being in touch with Barbs friend who is alone, after losing her terrific husband. People need to feel that they are thought of, especially when the bleak meets the road!! I ask everyone to call, email or skype, wherever possible to folks that need love and contact. We all do!!!!!!Barb and I have a daughter-in-law Doctor of nursing on the front line, my cousin Adam a doctor doing 12-hour shifts in the largest NY hospital, and my son; Director of Emergency Management at the Homestead, FL Air Base.  Please keep them in your prayers and all the first and emergency personel. Fireman and law enforcement are doing double duty too!!! I went to a food store and saw how vulnerable workers, checkers, etc. were. As we checked out our groceries, the young woman looked at me and smiles. I told her how much we appreciated her doing her job so well in times like this. She began to tear-up and said:  “Thank you so much, I needed that right now.”

Love alot, and cry a little!!!  Please remember, Pray for our great president, Vice President and their team, trying to get and keep a handle on this Plague of unprecedented dimensions.


The Carriage Inn Bed & Breakfast – Charles Town, West Virginia – A Beautiful Place

Donn & Marie Davis, owners of the Carriage Inn  B & B were spectacular hosts. On a scale of 1-10-they were an eleven! They treat their guests as true family! We saw it with other guests, not just ourselves.
The young lady business woman loves to stay at this B&B. She feels safe and happy compared to cold motels and hotels. We love the breakfasts that are made to order, hot and tasty-home-made. Marie truly made us the best breakfast of our trip to W.VA. – June 20 – West, VA. Bob and Barb “Stopping to Smell the Roses” and “On the Road Again.” This time at the Carriage Inn, Historically significant bed & breakfast. We felt the history here in the footsteps of Pres. George Washington’s brother home-a truly historic place to visit. The building is on the Federal Register of Historic Places visited by Southern Generals, Lee, Jackson, Stuart, Ashby and Northern Generals Sheridan and Grant. The rooms are large and comfortable as they were two Centuries ago.  Today, with TV and Internet access, modern electricity and toiletry, so expected and important to us and every visitor as well. Note: they have excellent high speed internet. We enjoyed visiting Harpers Ferry and the Antietam Battlefields. Our visit was too short and we will come back with our bikes, so we can enjoy the countryside. Barb did try her luck at the Charles Town Casino (although we ran out from the smoke smell). The nearby Potomac River is full of small mouth bass. I fly fished a portion of it. 48-catch and release bass.

Delicious asparagus stuffed eggs and real home-made muffins. I still miss her perfectly done bacon!
Our comfy room! It had a fireplace, full bath and great internet and tv.
Washington, General Lee, Sherman were a few of the famous historic figures who sat in this room.
These historic Civil War Generals and officers met at the Historic Carriage Inn in 1860’s.

The Innkeepers Donn and Marie Davis  (304) 728-8003 or (800) 867-9830. They were a delight! We enjoyed their wonderful breakfast in their historic dining room. Check out their website: 



Whats new on the Treasure Coast-A Railroad that Doesn’t Stop, But Goes by FAST!

January 26, 2018

Dear BoatUS Member:

Congressman Brian Mast has requested the U.S. Coast Guard conduct a navigation feasibility survey for the St. Lucie and Loxahatchee Railroad Bridges. Congressman Mast is committed to ensuring boating is not disrupted and safety remains a top priority. Your input is vital to helping make sure officials understand how bridge closings affect your boating.

Plans for a passenger rail service in Florida, until recently known as All Aboard Florida and now named Brightline, could change how drawbridge closings happen in your area, potentially making them more frequent. Hourly trains during most of the day will require additional bridge closings on waterways used by many boaters. You have an opportunity share your views on what this means for your boating

You can submit your views with the the following link:

U.S. Coast Guard Navigation Survey for St. Lucie and Loxahatchee Railroad Bridges

The deadline to comment is February 1, 2018 so speak up now and share this information with your boating friends, neighbors, yacht clubs and marinas.

If you have any additional questions, please contact BoatUS Government Affairs at

Thank you for being a BoatUS Member!

David B. Kennedy
BoatUS Government Affairs
703-461-2878 x8363