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Little Italy Restaurant and Pizza

American Press Travel News–February 11th–Bob and Barb “On The Road Again” and dining our way along the Treasure Coast of Florida. Under new management, several changes were made including brightening up a formerly dark place. Today, home made, traditional Italian desserts and specialty offerings are part of a 200-hundred item menu. Home made soups, large portions of accompanying pastas, and a wide variety of salads, and specialty items grace the multi-page menus. We jumped into stuffed pepper soups, and a Fagioli accompanied by great garlic knots (rolls). Then out came a delicious cheese pizza, followed by a terrific eggplant and a chicken Parmigiana. We loved the sauces that were less acidic then what we remembered having at more than one or another Italian restaurant. We like that acoustically, the restaurant was not noisy despite the fact that there were many patrons dining there. We did really finish off our meals with two spectacular made in house desserts: Tiramasu beyond belief in taste and Tur Tofo, an Italian ball of ice creams covered in dark chocolate. Frankly, two of the best desserts I’ve had in a long time. Located off of NW St.Lucie  Blvd. Opening soon is their new deli, too!

Phone 772-878-4040


Linda’s St. Lucie West Cafe-2nd Visit

Linda meets with Barb and we felt and feel she is a fabulous hostess and restauranteur. American Press Travel News-Nov 21st–St Lucie West, FL.—-Barb and Bob “On The Road Again” This time, stopping at Linda’s St Lucie West, Café for lunch. This was our second visit, we usually attempt a 2nd visit to be sure the good, the bad is, or is not consistent? Well, two times we enjoyed fine meals, excellent service and in this restaurant-café, a feeling of coming home for lunch, and a visit with mom or auntie Linda.  WOW! The pies-hot apple, cold Coconut Cream, both left our plates with no crumbs left in the dish. Home made all the way and we as most patrons would know and taste the difference, for sure. We started out with Linda’s sons gourmet Chili. Perfect meat and consistency. The flavor was best in class! A new item; their Cuban sandwich was not dry or flat. It was tasty to the max. Pork, ham, turkey Cuban Bread, pickles, some cheese and WOW!  Potato salad, and Cole Slaw aChili that could win any contest, it won mine!re also made fresh here and you taste it too. Barb ordered a Rueben and I tried a favored special at Linda’s; a marinated chicken breast, with a topping of bacon and swiss cheese bedding on a Brioche bun. Breakfast and lunch here and at her sons place Linda 2 on US-1 is served all day and watch it, Linda’s Cafe’s are habit forming-they are that plainly great dining spots!

Linda’s Saint Lucie West Cafe

We are lovin’ it!!




American Press Travel News-March4th,–St Lucie West, FL.–Bob and Barb “On the Road Again”–Linda’s Saint Lucie West Café–(also Linda’s Too Café near US-1)–  Barb and I love to try new breakfast and lunch spots within easy driving distance to our home here in K.I. Well, Linda’s Café near CVS Drugs is not only in super easy driving distance, its also in walking distance too.

We’ve tried omelets for breakfast and today we went for lunch. We enjoyed everything from the macaroni and potato salads made daily, that complimented the Rueben and Chicken Special Sandwich with fries. Served on a Kaiser Roll, the marinated chicken breast slice had fresh pan bacon, cheese, fresh tomato slice bedded in a fresh lettuce leaf. With a drink and tasty fries, a great lunch for $8.95. The Rueben had tender (not that stingy tough sliced corned beef) slices of corned beef with hot sour kraut, Swiss, & 1000 Island Dressing on fresh rye. We like the friendly wait staff, and that a feeling you were back years ago, where your local diner offers fresh fare and lively banter. Want to be quiet and alone, fine! Want to strike-up a conversation, fine!

Linda makes her own pies and we enjoyed both a coconut, and a chocolate cream pie with real whipped cream. I just ate and I wont be hungry again for several hours (very rare of me). Besides just their two restaurants, they also do catering… Besides, great burgers and pancakes, soups, etc. Linda’s is my new go-to spot for a fresh and delicious meals. I wish they were also opened for dinner, but I’ll take what we can get, especially from Linda and her owner son, Andrew———- 772-785-6009. 

Linda herself! Brought us her homemade crafted pies and there were no crumbs 



New Book Now Available You Will Love it-Promise; “Florida Keys Best Restaurants.”

AmericanPressTravelNews–April 28th, Bob and Barb Epstein’s New book: “Florida Keys Best Restaurants” also includes best marinas, dive shop, water boards, gift shops, museums including a great dive museum. 141-pages in color plus cover and back of book of the images & descriptions of the best of the best restaurants from Key Largo to Key West. Historical images of fishing Presidents, early travel in the Keys, railroad, old cars, image of the old toll booth, the Dolphin Research Center in Grassy Keys, Pennecamp Park underwater State Park, Robbies Marina and great, really great seafood restaurant, really worthwhile crafts and giftshops, and so much more, including best and juiciest Key Lime Pies. Book is being sold for 19.95 personalized if you like and that price includes postage anywhere USA. Go: bobandbarb@aptravelnews.com 

A platter that still brings salivation! Crab cake, coconut shrimp, cracked conch, ceviche of lobster and conch, conch fritters and mango sauces as well as other tropical dips.
At Sharkey’s in Key Largo-we had a blast and our taste-buds did too!