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Hotel Roanoke, a VA. Blue Ridge Great Hotel, Great Chef and Excellent Managers and Staff & More

Hotel manager and our waitress greeting us with a delicious entree. Definitely our favorite restaurant in Roanoke!!

AmericanPressTravelNews-June 5th,–Roanoke, VA. Virginia’s Blue Ridge at the Roanoke, Hotel-Bob and Barb “Stopping to Smell the Roses.” Barb and I made our way to the restaurant for dinner. We had been here several years back and remembered the excellent meal and time we had at the Hotel and its amenities, including their excellent restaurant.  We followed the hill-top overlook star to one of our favorite cities; Roanoke in Virginia’s Blue Ridge. So many great things to see and do here, and the people are so obviously outgoing to locals and visitors alike-we like “friendly” as a genuine attitude, we find it here. VISITVBR.COM

Chesapeake sea food melange of shellfish! Beyond great!
At the transportation museum. Headline: Amtrak will begin passenger traffic again through Roanoke after a hiatus of over 45-years…








Our stay at the Black Lantern Inn B&B (540-206-3441) allowed us to easily reach all venues we wished to visit during our stay in Roanoke. Downtown Roanoke was one of our biggest treats. At the market area we had lunch at Nawab enjoying a taste of Indian Cuisine (oh, so for real) and then headed for City Center. How about a pinball museum where you can play as much as you want on a hundred, vintage blasters and banger’s-we loved this and so will you with this “blast from the past.” (stay tuned, more articles and images from Roanoke to come)  visitvbr.com





We were greeted warmly and presented with a chocolate slice of double, double chocolate torte!!!
Pinball machines, you can still find them in out- of- the- way old time roadside restaurants and coffee shops, but they are now outdated by the new cell phone and Android gaming generation! Here at the Pinball Museum you can play these oldies but goodies to your hearts and finger flippers content!
Holy Cow; look at what we found at the Science Museum! We found a politician that whined at us!

Dillsboro, N.C., And a River Runs Through It! Note* First Installment of our 4-day Sojourn

Best Best Western we ever stayed at. Fly fishing out the back door, hot breakfasts, very friendly and helpful staff, and comfortable beds!
At Haywards Barbeque we truly pigged out on great barbecue. Ribs, smoked brisket, and side dishes that only fit a great N.C. barbecue.

American Press Travel News-April 21st, Dillsboro, N.C.-Bob and Barb “On The Road Again.” A small town with character, and a crossroads to so many places, yet Dillsboro and adjoining town of Silva, has plenty for the adventurous, and the laid back rocker folks too!


What a layout of great barbeque; Ribs, smoked brisket, beans, tater salad, Cole slaw, greens, chopped pork, sausage-garlic bread-WOW!
Barb and I loved living just off the Tuskegee river. Quite peaceful eating the Best Western hot breakfast overlooking this great trout river.
Gordon is going fishing! Gordon works at Silva’s fly fishing shop. He’s locked and ready for a mountain stream or for the rivers that run directly through Silva and Dillsboro.



Over at Kostas in town, we chowed on great Greek fish and Barbs favorite Italian dish, Chicken parm with al dente’ spaghetti. Fabulous food for my fabulous lady, and the laid-back, as well.


La Mezzaluna Cafe in Charles Town Best Food Almost Anywhere America

Best mussels ever! This chef owner knows seafood. And for that matter true Sicilian fare as well! What an appetizer!!!Delicious plus!
Calamari to call home about! Special seasonings and just the right amount of butter. Terrific!
Bow tie pasta and shrimp in a custom sauce creation. You just couldn’t stop eating this creation!!!
Veal Marsala was beyond great! Mushrooms, and sauce created to perfection. The meat was tender and not stringy and tough-just freaking delicious (gained 5-pounds at the place)

AmericanPressTravelNews-June 22, Charles Town, W.VA-Bob & Barb “On the Road Again” and “Stopping to Taste Great Foods.” This time we went to lunch from the Carriage Inn on Donn’s recommendation to La Mezzaluna Cafe. WOW! The offerings were all especially great!! We hit the garlic knot rolls (real garlic, not powder) first and we did the “dipsy doo” in the sauces from the mussels, then the bowtie pasta and shrimps sauces and finally the incredible veal marsala. This place was incredible and then all the law enforcement locals came in. Most were salivating before they even saw the well used menus. Only wish they were in my city in TN. probably have to wait on line, though!!!  La Mezzaluna Cafe “bringing delicacies from all the regions of Italy to your table.”  304-728-0700