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Abuelas Cuban Cafe

Americanpresstravelnews- September 19th, Crossville, TN.-“Bob & Barb on the Road Again”–Crossville has several very good Mexican Restaurants, now it has Abuelas Cuban Café.  No, not all Hispanic food emporiums are the same. There are many variations on rice and beans, pork and beef, spicing and marinating, etc,

What’s different? An island such as Cuba, and the little city within a city; Little Havana in S. Florida, has its own distinctive take from Mexican and Puerto Rican foods. Cubans grow Yucca, of course, as in other Hispanic foods; Plantains and black beans, yet marinated roast pork, seasoned chicken and Cuban Spice Veggies are usually distinctive to Cuban style foods, of course not always.  Havana salad (use of fruits such as mango and papaya) has avocado and a very different take on citrus salad dressing.  Piccadillo bowl has savory stewed beef with raisins and olives (Mexican piccadillo does not usually have raisins) white or yellow rice, yes, but seasoned differently.  All of this is to say, Cuban foods are just different and savory too, in their own right.

We tried the Cuban sandwich, and the roast pork sandwich-they are definitely quite unique in their food genre. In true Cuban style, meats are usually marinated, and this not only softens them, but adds considerable flavor. The Cuban bread is toasted with the ingredients in between the bread, usually pressed solidly on the grill. Various items (pork, ham, salami, pickle and cheese) are melted and hot when brought to the table with a side of sweet plantains (banana’s) delicious!.

Mom Karen Reph (the Abuela- means Grandmother) and her daughters;  Kelsey  Green, and Karly opened the restaurant July 7th 2017. But first, they did a few “pop up” trials where they went into two other off-day restaurants, and showcased their dishes to the public. They had great responses, and so they “jumped the broom” so to say, on to, and into 595 Main Street in Crossville and opened Abuelas Cuban Café.

WOW! The café con leche (Coffee with hot milk) a very Cuban coffee presentation, is superb. Their flan custard dessert was delicious, and the empanadas (little fried pocket sandwiches like those fresh fried pies) were filled with ground, marinated beef with raisins and olives. The empanadas were terrific, and we know; Barb and I lived near some of the best Cuban restaurants in S. Florida, and frequented all of them from time to time several years ago. When you go, try the Yucca Fries with some tangy mojo mayo for dipping.  The Havana Salad, try it for yourself-its got the goods for flavors of the islands.

We really like Cuban coffees, and starting out the day with a strong, sweet Espresso is a real mood, eye opener, and energy wake-up.

Karen Reph, mom and grandmother amongst the 3-co-owners said that: “We brought to Crossville our heritage foods we grew up with, and felt Crossville folks would love them too.”

We explored something new in Crossville, and found ourselves at a Cuban Restaurant, so reminiscent of what we enjoyed in South Florida and the Keys, and we are happy to recommend Abuelas for everyone looking to spice up their lives and palates, for a change of pace.  Abuelas is Located at 595 Main Street, store #102 in Crossville.

By the way Barb and I wrote the book “Best Restaurants in the Florida Keys.”(Available at Amazon) Of the hundreds of restaurants, one of our favorites was a Cuban Restaurant.

Hoskins 1940’s Soda Fountain at Hoskins Drug Store Established in 1930.

AmericanPressTravelNews-May 14th, Clinton, TN.-Bob & Barb “On The Road Again” this time at Norris Lake, Clinton, Rocky Top & Oak Ridge, Tennessee–Floats, ice cream sodas, banana splits, tuna sandwiches, hot dogs and chili-a real soda fountain with great old timey lunches. I opted for a “dog” smothered in chili (oh my) with their home made potato chippers. Barb sprung for a tuna sandwich, and we both had malted’s like those served in “days of awe.”There was a display that included the menu seen here. Can you imagine a menu from the 1940’s soda fountain, ten years after the drug store was established in 1930? 20-cent sandwiches, pimento, ham, tuna,  malts & shakes 25-cents, banana split 35-cents, ice cream dish with nuts 25-cents, and WOW root beer at 35-cents. Todays menu everything times 1000 in comparison, boy has our dollar morphed into so little. Hoskins even in today’s dollars is still a bargain. Visit them and feel the nostalgia at: 111 N. Main St.,Clinton, TN. www.hoskinsdrugstore.com 

Florence, AL. Travel Experiences Part 2 of 5


Felt like we were having lunch with the cast of American Graffiti at the very iconic Trowbridge’s ice cream and samdwich spot on Main St. in Florence, AL.
Everybody loves Trowbridge’s!

APtravelnews-October 25th- Florence, Alabama-Barb and I travel quite a bit all over the place.  You would know this if you’ve been a regular visitor to our APtravelnews.com.  Once in awhile we stumble across a place in time and space that just makes us marvel at all the great things a tourist, or local can experience without going to a big city, or taking a cruise, or visiting anywhere else in the world!

Florence, AL. ( Florence is Firenze in Italy) and the American city of Florence, in many ways is reminiscent of that special city in Italy known for the Renaissance and the “Enlightenment” period that pulled much of Europe out of the Dark Ages! Florence, AL.is known as a place that birthed the Blues, and visiting the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum pulls at the heart strings of anyone who thinks they can whistle a tune about crying over losing their wife, their dog or their boat, that so many Country songs draw on for song content  thematic’s. We visited several venues that featured all manner of music history and up-to-date music digital publishing of the latest songs coming from the souls and lips of would-be and hopeful stars and those that already have made a name for themselves in the music industry as well. We spent some time at FAME Studios2 for a tour of the facility and found out that anyone who wishes can cut a digital mastered song for hourly or daily fees that seemed quite reasonable to us. For more information go:http://www.fame2.com after visiting this studio we headed for the Muscle Shoals Sound Studio at 3614 Jackson Highway. This location is known by anyone interested in Country Music as the small studio that the likes of Cher, Wilson Pickett, Rolling Stones, Paul Simon,Bob Segar, Aretha Franklin and so many others too numerous to mention. This location is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. The location is being renovated at this time thanks to a very generous million dollar gift from a music maker and lover! Their website encourages donations. Check out their website: www.msmusicfoundation.org 

After heading over to Bunyan’s BBQ in Downtown BBQ sandwich. 

The sandwiches come with a sort of mustard cole slaw and I even tried some of it with the ribs and great bean. What a lunch!
The sandwiches come with a sort of mustard cole slaw and I even tried some of it with the ribs and great bean. What a lunch!
A diminutive location with big flavors!
A diminutive location with big flavors!
At one of the spooky church spots you pass by and best to wear a diaper, the whole place is so realistic you may need some bottom-end backup!
At one of the spooky church spots you pass by, you best wear a diaper, the whole place is so realistic, you may need some bottom-end backup! Ha, it’s Halloween time, isn’t it!

Have you ever been spooky scared? Do you enjoy Halloween? Would you like to be frightened out of your shorts and pay 20-bucks for it? Would you make a donation to serious children’s causes (that’s where the 20-bucks go)? Go do it, but my caveat: Its not for the faint of heart. Arx Mortis is probably the greatest haunted attraction anywhere. Well over one hundred volunteers are actors and enjoy scaring the pants off of you. Promise; this is the best spooky spot in America. People drive their families here for over one hundred miles to get scared nearly to death! www.arxmortis.com

And this was just the gift shop!
And this was just the gift shop!
Barb just couldn't wait to get into the act!
Barb just couldn’t wait to get into the act!
Frank Lloyd Wright designed and had built some of the most conic homes in the world. The Rosenbaum home in Florence, AL is but one of them. Fantastic experience to visit this form so well manages function!
Frank Lloyd Wright designed and had built some of the most iconic homes in the world. The Rosenbaum home in Florence, AL. is but one of them. Fantastic experience to visit this home that balances form so well  with function!


.Frank Lloyd Wright designed and had built some of the most iconic homes in the world. The Rosenbaum home in Florence, AL. is but one of them. Fantastic experience to visit this home that balances form so well  with function! The Rosenbaum House will be featured in our next article: “Florence, AL. Adventure 3”


Food Trucks, Trailers and Kiosks Are Becoming Ubiquitous In America

This Chevy bread delivery truck is being transformed into a food truck business.
This Chevy bread delivery truck is being transformed into a food truck business. It is a work in progress, best left to various professionals in the electric and propane areas.
In the process of being turned into a kitchen!
This truck is In the process of being turned into a kitchen and serving vehicle!

P1020750APtravelnews-July 31st, Frederick, Maryland--Food entrepreneurs have come out of the kitchen and onto the road delivering great “eats” at reasonable prices to folks who want a tasty meal fast and on the “cheap” too! Today there are food trucks selling a huge variety of sandwiches, plated gourmet dishes, hot dogs and burgers, tacos, pizza, slurpies, shakes, lemonades and innumerable rice and spaghetti dishes too! There are many reasons for the success and failures of these individualized purveyors of prepared foods. The successful food vendors know their customers tastes and offer items that are easy to eat on the go, are tasty and filling, can be considered mainstream dishes that are not fad prone and prices are reasonable. The failures miss all the above, or a couple of those customer needs and expectations.  As we travel we see all manner of soft ice cream trucks, crepe vans, pizza wagons, meatball and sausage and peppers trailers (seen at all outdoor fairs and expositions) the truck seen in this post will be a gourmet beef brisket, pulled pork and chicken enterprise served on home made sesame and onion buns with a special sauce concoction that could be considered addictive in it flavor and aroma too! The name of this new truck is: Mobile USA Cuisine-basically a true barbecue emporium on wheels and steroids provided by the very excited owner-Josh, our grandson! Look for it parked in prominently fun places all over Maryland!