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The Great Greek Mediterranean Grill Authentic All the Way!!!

American Press Travel News–January 9th, Port St Lucie, FL-Barb and Bob “On the Road Again”- This time at The Great Greek Mediterranean Grill. For decades, Barb and I have dined at Greek Restaurants all over the USA and the world, particularly in the Mediterranean side of the world. What we found in our own backyard in St Lucie, County now obviates the need to dine on Greek food anywhere else. The foods and feeling of being at home were a huge joy! Lets face it; we all eat, and need to eat, but really enjoying what we sup on also has another huge component. Get into your Greek, The Great Greek Mediterranean Grill is located at 10513 SW Meeting St. shop 101 Port St Lucie, /fl. www.thegreatgreek.com  They offer authentic recipes and Legendary ancient recipes, too!

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Scallops-The Seas Comfort Food!!!

American Press Travel News–News Release pass-on-Feb. 20th, Florida—

Oh boy! Scallops, clams, shrimp–Scallops are the finest seafood comfort meal!!!

FWC sets Gulf County 2019 bay scallop season; moves forward with draft scallop seasons for 2020 and beyond in all open areas
At its February meeting in Gainesville, the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) set the 2019-only bay scallop season for Gulf County to be Aug. 16 through Sept. 15.
Other 2019 bay scallop seasons were set earlier this year for all open areas except Gulf County. View season dates, regulations and more at MyFWC.com/Marine by clicking on “Recreational Regulations” and “Bay Scallops” which is under the “Crabs, Shrimp and Shellfish” tab.
The Commission also moved forward with the following proposed changes for 2020 and beyond that will be brought back before the Commission at its May meeting for a final public hearing:
Setting the bay scallop season in state waters from Franklin through northwestern Taylor County and Levy, Citrus and Hernando counties to be July 1 through Sept. 24 each year.
Setting the bay scallop season in state waters for Pasco County to start the third Friday in July and run 10 days each year.
Setting the bay scallop season in state waters for Dixie County and the remaining portion of Taylor County to start June 15 and run through Sept. 10 each year.
This proposal will include a reduced bag limit from the start of the season through June 30; with the regular bag limit beginning July 1.
Setting the bay scallop season for Gulf County to be July 1 through Sept. 24 for 2020 and beyond unless modified by Executive Order.
Allow the direct transit of legally harvested bay scallops across areas that are closed to harvest.
FWC will further discuss the draft proposal for Dixie and parts of Taylor County at a public input gathering workshop in Steinhatchee Tuesday, March 5. 

We Love Ethnic Mom & Pop Restaurants-Today We Tried Mayta’s Peruvian Cuisine

Proud owners and operators of their dream restaurant business, the Velasquez’s posed for a picture for us.

AmericanPressTravelNews-June 5th, Frederick, MD.–Bob & Barb “On the Road Again” & “Stopping to Smell the Roses & Cuisine, this time in Frederick, MD. We met Jorge at the door of his restaurant opened in 2015. Mayta’s Peruvian Cuisine is his and his wife Melissa’s dream come true. Jorge came to the USA from Peru 16-years ago to cook and chef his way to success at a few different restaurants, finally he made the break and with his savings he opened his own restaurant. He came in legally and has created a fine and tasty niche restaurant that locals and visitors alike head to for large portions of dishes that are authentic (no sharing charges, said Jorge) real-world Peruvian specialties. The various ingredients found in the Peruvian hills and glades are used, the spices and flavorings are quite unique to stateside foodies and the dinner and lunch crowd as well. Outdoors there is a fine diminutive outdoor patio and Mayta’s delivers too!  Give a call to 301-732-4441/www.maytacuisine.com  They love to do parties and all manner of catering as well! Located across from Crispy Cream at 5010 Buckeystown Pike. 

Passion Fruit juice, the real thing too!  I hadn’t tasted this delight since I was in Tanganyika. Barb knows that between the banana chips, authentic dips, and that starter passion fruit juice, that  I wasn’t going to be happy until I took this image, before I would be at the “tasting.”
Marinated steak Kabobs, authentic Peruvian sweet potato and mountain giant kernel corn. A delightful mustard based seasoned sauce covered the meat and we devoured this balanced and tasty dish in short order.
Our charming waitress. We spoke Spanish together, Barb asked me to translate for her lunch.
Shrimp in garlic with rice and stewed potato’s–loved it!!

New Book Now Available You Will Love it-Promise; “Florida Keys Best Restaurants.”

AmericanPressTravelNews–April 28th, Bob and Barb Epstein’s New book: “Florida Keys Best Restaurants” also includes best marinas, dive shop, water boards, gift shops, museums including a great dive museum. 141-pages in color plus cover and back of book of the images & descriptions of the best of the best restaurants from Key Largo to Key West. Historical images of fishing Presidents, early travel in the Keys, railroad, old cars, image of the old toll booth, the Dolphin Research Center in Grassy Keys, Pennecamp Park underwater State Park, Robbies Marina and great, really great seafood restaurant, really worthwhile crafts and giftshops, and so much more, including best and juiciest Key Lime Pies. Book is being sold for 19.95 personalized if you like and that price includes postage anywhere USA. Go: bobandbarb@aptravelnews.com 

A platter that still brings salivation! Crab cake, coconut shrimp, cracked conch, ceviche of lobster and conch, conch fritters and mango sauces as well as other tropical dips.
At Sharkey’s in Key Largo-we had a blast and our taste-buds did too!