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Haywood Smokehouse In Dillsboro, N.C.

A smorgasbord of barbecue. Smoked meats ala king! The best!!!
Kajol, our waitress was terrific!
Dessert for dinner? Here it would work!
Carol Booth not only made the desserts, but she is much of the oil that keeps the wheels of this Smokehouse work so well!

American Press Travel News-May 2nd-Dillsboro, N.C. “Bob & Barb On The Road Again” at Haywood Smokehouse. Mm. good Brisket, Saturday night Rib Feast. Heck, we had ribs and brisket, naked pork, fine swine, smoked chicken, Andouille sausage, smoked turkey, beans ,salads and garlic bread. Check out the image, we truly pigged out, but we did not finish the big food layout, had take-home for another day. The deserts were incredible too. Haywood Smokehouse has it down to a science. I viewed their big rotating smoker that employee, friendly and knowledgeable Shamus showed us. The humongous smoker can take a thousand pounds of meat products, and rotate these items through their smoking cycle until the end product is perfect barbecue. The ribs and brisket were quite terrific! Actually, we had a chance to sample every item they offered. All, including the chicken and turkey were spoilers! Their desserts brought out by their baker, Carole Booth, were a treat that would be hard to beat! Carole has been a fixture at the Smokehouse. Brownie and ice cream, true Southern Pecan Pie and a Banana Pudding finished off a spectacular barbecue dinner.  Kajol, a delightful young gal who had recently graduated college, with a personality as good as the offerings, presented our meals professionally, and with a huge smile. Give a call, although there are no reservations usually needed to 828-631-9797, and their other location is in Waynesville, N.C. 828-456-7275.

New Book Now Available You Will Love it-Promise; “Florida Keys Best Restaurants.”

AmericanPressTravelNews–April 28th, Bob and Barb Epstein’s New book: “Florida Keys Best Restaurants” also includes best marinas, dive shop, water boards, gift shops, museums including a great dive museum. 141-pages in color plus cover and back of book of the images & descriptions of the best of the best restaurants from Key Largo to Key West. Historical images of fishing Presidents, early travel in the Keys, railroad, old cars, image of the old toll booth, the Dolphin Research Center in Grassy Keys, Pennecamp Park underwater State Park, Robbies Marina and great, really great seafood restaurant, really worthwhile crafts and giftshops, and so much more, including best and juiciest Key Lime Pies. Book is being sold for 19.95 personalized if you like and that price includes postage anywhere USA. Go: bobandbarb@aptravelnews.com 

A platter that still brings salivation! Crab cake, coconut shrimp, cracked conch, ceviche of lobster and conch, conch fritters and mango sauces as well as other tropical dips.
At Sharkey’s in Key Largo-we had a blast and our taste-buds did too!

Sundays Favorite Images For Many Reasons

My Blue Heaven! Heaven in the pie and the lady-Key Lime Pie to the “MAX”
Tavernier Boat Mart shows a custom boat that can almost fly to the islands!!!

AmericanPressTravelNews-March 5th, Islamorada, FL. “Bob & Barb On the Road Again.”-Sunday images for my viewers and readers. A few of these images are of restaurants and businesses that will be in our bob; “Best Restaurants & Businesses in the Florida Keys.”


Porkys has it all!
The finest Marina in the Keys, Tavernier Creek Marina!
Louie”s Back Yard in Key West! Brian E. our son is “stylin.