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Clark range Hunting Lodge Has Personality!


AmericanPressTravelNews-Sept. 19th, “Bob and Barb On The Road Again”–What would make a modern family leave California, and pioneer backwards towards the east coast of the U.S.?   When the Echternacht family; Jim and Sandy and their son Ian headed to Tennessee, from their home in Santa Barbara, CA. in a circuitous adventure, they had made the decision to purchase Ken Moody’s hunting lodge, and the many hundreds of acres it afforded for client-hunters since the 1950’s.The family wanted to change their life’s paradigm. No more super highways to sit in traffic, no more anti-hunting,  and negative target shooting people to have to deal with, no more incredibly high prices for everything to continue dragging them down.

Son, Ian loves the shooting sports life, handling the dogs, putting hunters on to a wild boar, or the various other game animals on their hunting lodge properties.  I had a chance to shoot with Ian at their range, try out some fine weaponry, and master-blast a few sporting weapons-it was great fun and in an environment where booms and rifle cracks were perfectly acceptable.

The family are happy campers since purchasing the lodge in September, 2016.  “We knew we wanted to leave CA. so we made an RV out of a 1986 shuttle bus. The bus had a fine diesel engine, and no fancy electronics. We traveled all over looking for a place to land outside of CA. We wanted a rural, quiet place to spend our lives that had water, trees and hunting opportunities. So we coined the term: “Go east young man.”  We finally found it here in Clark range.  Just down the road from great service,  and shopping in Crossville, great neighbors, plenty of room, and very happy hunters are our lot now”, said mom Sandy.

When they got into to TN. they stayed at Fall Creek Falls State Park. “We loved the park, the people and the feeling of being in a state that was more laid back than any other we visited, and upon our return to CA. we looked on a land and business sale site, found this lodge here in Clark Range, and studied the idea of buying and settling in the woods and waters of TN. We took quite awhile to decide, and after selling our home in Santa Barbara, and a few trips to, and from Clark Range, here we are”, said Dad, Jim.

Hunters can stay and hunt at the lodge for boar, Fallow Deer, Black Buck and anything non-indigenous to TN.   Whitetail deer, black bear, and other specially licensed animals require a state license. People who wish to have a mount, and the meat hunt here. Several of the long term clients have stated that actually hunting is secondary to being in the wild with family and friends just to hang together-being happy to just be together with those they enjoy  in a relaxed, non-working environment in nature.

The property has diverse terrain with waterfalls cliffs and caves for the adventurer, as well as accessible locations with blinds for the more laid back hunter. First hunts for youngsters with their parents are welcomed. A few groups have come year after year for decades.

There is no plan for clear-cutting; just cleanup as the previous owner wasn’t around for controlling usage of his lands perimeters. Today, Ian is on it all! A great sportsman in his own right, he appreciates, and has the drive to renovate and upgrade the lodge to its original condition, yet upgrade in the style and manner of what a true hunting lodge really feels and looks like. Mom, Sandy, treated us to a great chicken dinner, and we slowly began to lose the trappings and feelings of the life in hustle-mode. Yes, while visiting, we relaxed and understood why folks from all over would come and de-stress at the Clark Range Hunting Lodge. A guide with 16-years experience takes you & your party on guided dog hunts. There are tree stands, and ground blinds also available for hunters of any age, and physical condition is what you’re in for. Parties of 10 or more have exclusive use of the Lodge and Preserve, and smaller parties too are always welcome! We’re going back for some more of that “personality.”

Located at 1640 Campground Road, Clarkrange, TN.  www.clarkrangehuntinglodge.com

 Phone- 931-863-3203

Note* There are several hunting  and sporting lodges in Tennessee, and we plan on visiting a few of these that are in, or are close to Crossville for Fall features.


Speed Concealed Carry Pistol Shirt by VERTX Designed 37.5 Relative Humidity for Best Comfort & Enhanced Action

Smart and comfortable and I can absolutely conceal my weapon-tool!
Smart and comfortable and I can absolutely conceal my weapon-too!

AmericanPressTravelNews-October 7th,-Bob reporting that these New Products for gun owners really work wonderfully for their designed uses.When I picked up this shirt (available in long or short sleeves and other color patterns)  and put it on, I immediately noticed that this was no ordinary piece of wearing apparel. It is a seriously woven piece of specialized, yet totally comfortable shirt with several innovations and uses. Two multi-purpose, reinforced zippered pockets that can be used to conceal your pistol, even the buttons on the shirt are snaps, but with button simulated snaps heads that actually conceal the real purpose of what this shirt is all about.  There are also snaps on the sleeves so you can roll them up and have your forearm free as if you wore a short sleeve model. The technology here is in, and discussed as the 37.5 factor, which is the core body temperature at which you feel most comfortable. The technology uses millions of particles to capture and release moisture vapor-helping you zone in on a personal micro-climate of an ideal relative humidity and core body temperature. 37.5 active particles are naturally derived with zero harsh chemicals to irritate the skin. The product dries up to 5-times faster than similar clothing cutting down on wet cling. The technology is permanent and never washes out or degrades.

Personally, I love this shirt. Not only can I comfortably wear a high quality, comfortable shirt, but I can easily conceal my pistol and only I know where it is and how really fast I could deploy my weapon if ever necessary.  Go vertx.com for more information and to order your great shirt too! Also check out thirtysevenfive.com  for checking out all the science and micro-diagrams of this shirts makeup. 

Totally conceal your weapon in a comfortable long or short sleeve high quality engineered shirt.
Totally conceal your weapon in a comfortable long or short sleeve high quality engineered shirt.