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Give Your Dog Healthy Treats – Zuke’s – Made In The USA

0531160910American Press Travel News – May 30 – Zuke’s dog products – Wow!!! This company has a great selection of tasty, healthy treats for your pooch. All made in the USA and have no artificial colors or flavors. With such a big selection, your dog will always enjoy a variety of tasty treats!  There are currently four different varieties, with many flavors of each type treat. They include:

Lil’Links – Healthy little sausage links. The flavors (all seasoned with rosemary, turmeric & sage) the sausages include  Duck & Apple, the main ingredient is pure duck. Chicken & apple, the main ingredient is real chicken. Pork & apple, the main ingredient is pure pork and rabbit and apple, the main ingredient is real rabbit.

Genuine Jerky – This is a product of New Zealand – Comes in three flavors: teriyaki beef, original beef and barbeque beef.

Z-Fillet – Healthy grain-free filet’s, seasoned with rosemary, turmeric & sage in three different flavors. They are grilled chicken, grilled beef and grilled venison.

Hip Action has added glucosamine, chondroitin, vitamins & minerals.They come in three flavors: roasted beef and chicken and also peanut butter. These are wheat, corn and soy free. Take a look at: www.zukes.com 0531160912a0531160912

Geriatric Pets Now Have Great Palliative Products To Ease the Pains Associated With Old Age

Terry "the Terror" getting up in the morning just before he has his breakfast and Zuke's Hip Action formula.
Terry “the Terror” getting up in the morning just before he has his breakfast and Zuke’s Hip Action formula.

American Press Travel News – March 9, 2016.-PSL. FL.-written by Team Bob and Barb– Eleven years ago, we found Terry (our mixed breed dog) and for the past eleven years as part of our family, he has treated us so well, in response to our treating him with love and caring, as if he is more our son, then just a family pet. Eleven years later, today; we have gotten older, and Terry, in dog- years, that are accelerated to virtually the same biological age as we are now (close to 70 years) has also aged.  Recently, we’ve noticed Terry beginning to limp and show some discomfort in his hips. We have sought information (besides the Veterinarian’s  advice) from other dog owners with older dogs. We’ve learned about medicinal and dietary supplements that include Glucosamine and Chondroitin,  in a seasoned, whole-foods product that would be happily acceptable to Terry. We recently purchased a product called “Zuke’s Hip Action Treats” contained in a peanut butter formula. The product is made in the United States and, from what we can see, it is assisting in offering Terry some daily hip and joint support, in a naturally delicious dog treat. Additionally the product has added vitamins and minerals. The product has egg shell meal and entire formula has been quite appealing to Terry. We noticed that Terry, after just eating the first half bag of Zuke’s has stopped limping. He also appears to be sleeping without waking up to pain throbs at night, and although 11-years old, bounds out of his dog bed with the kind of enthusiasm that we remember he had as a younger dog- ready and able to take on the day of exercise and playfulness that we have come to love about him. For more information about Zukes: WWW.Zukes.com.