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Little Italy Restaurant and Pizza

American Press Travel News–February 11th–Bob and Barb “On The Road Again” and dining our way along the Treasure Coast of Florida. Under new management, several changes were made including brightening up a formerly dark place. Today, home made, traditional Italian desserts and specialty offerings are part of a 200-hundred item menu. Home made soups, large portions of accompanying pastas, and a wide variety of salads, and specialty items grace the multi-page menus. We jumped into stuffed pepper soups, and a Fagioli accompanied by great garlic knots (rolls). Then out came a delicious cheese pizza, followed by a terrific eggplant and a chicken Parmigiana. We loved the sauces that were less acidic then what we remembered having at more than one or another Italian restaurant. We like that acoustically, the restaurant was not noisy despite the fact that there were many patrons dining there. We did really finish off our meals with two spectacular made in house desserts: Tiramasu beyond belief in taste and Tur Tofo, an Italian ball of ice creams covered in dark chocolate. Frankly, two of the best desserts I’ve had in a long time. Located off of NW St.Lucie  Blvd. Opening soon is their new deli, too!

Phone 772-878-4040


Deano’s Italian Grill The Authentic Brick Oven Favorites on Main St. Dublin, GA.

Chicken Marsala had the most tasty mushrooms and sauces ever!!
Barb enjoying EVERYTHING!

AmericanPressTravelNews.com-Dublin, GA.-November 7th,-Bob & Barb “On the Road Again and feasting again! We headed out from Page House B & B into town by car (although it was in walking distance) and stopped in front of Deano’s Italian Grill. We are familiar with the great tastes that come out of a wood-fired brick oven, and when I saw the massive grill full of various Italian dishes and pizzas being done to perfection in the black-body heat method (cooks through and through quickly and leaves all dishes moist and not dried out) of radiating cooking temperature, perfect for doing dishes perfectly, I sat down-period!

Pizza Bruni with fresh mozzarella and copicola sausage, basil and red onion.

Robert and Jennifer Shaffer owners and operators, both graduates of the Culinary Institute of America in New York, came from Florida to Dublin in 2010, to do their thing! And boy, do they do their thing. Their wait and cooking staff are really committed to this restaurant,  as besides loving the fare, they respect and like the owners as well, I learned this based on me asking a few of them how they like working at Deano’s. 

Check Deano’s out at: www.deanos-italian.com

So what did we eat, well, we popped a pizza, a chicken marsala dish, Calamari dish to perfection and then desserts to salivate over. So we were talked into a Crème Brule’ that was fab-plus!img_6218

Pizza Bruni, a delight to the eye and the palate!
Pizza Bruni, a delight to the eye and the palate!
Candied walnuts salad with excellent sauce and farm fresh greens! WOW!!
Calamari was touted by our waitress as best in GA. We ate and agreed with her!
An overhead view from their upstairs party room.

Calamari was light floured and flash fried. It came with marinara and cherry pepper sauce. The citrus garden salad was crafted with strawberries, mandarin oranges, grapes candied walnuts and Gorgonzola cheese with balsamic vinaigrette.  The Chicken Marsala was a pan seared chick breast with delicious sauteed mushrooms, in roasted garlic butter and Marsala wine sauce. We finished our meal with Coffee and crème brule.

Chicago Pizza In Stuart, Florida; Close Your Eyes, Take a Bite and You Could Dream Your Back in Chicago!

Barb is digging in to a Chicago sausage pizza!
Barb is digging in to a real Chicago sausage pizza!  
Mama Mia, it was the real thing, the cheese; multi bella, the sausage, perfecto, the sauce, the crisp edged crust, could stop eating this special made for everyone who visits Pusateri's.
Mama Mia, it was the real thing, the cheese; multi bella, the sausage, perfecto, the sauce, the crisp edged crust, could stop eating this special made for everyone who visits Pusateri’s.

APtravelnews-Bob and Barb, 12/10,-Stuart, FL.- At Pusateri’s Chicago PizzaComing to the table right now is a Chicago Beef Sandwich, a pure beef Chicago Vienna Hot Dog done up with pickle, peppers, bright yellow mustard, tomato, sport peppers, fresh chopped onion, the famous “Bright Green Relish” and a dash of Celery Salt. My mouth had a party! We also dug into a real Chicago Pizza.

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