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Linden, The Little Town that Could With Help From the Dumonts

Lunch and music at the Commodore Music Café was a treat. Few restaurants offer live music with lunch.

American Press Travel News-June 19, Linden, TN.–Bob and Barb “On The Road Again.” When we arrived in the small town of Linden, Tennessee we almost immediately felt at home. We had been invited to stay at the newly remodeled, and upgraded Commodore Hotel. We met Kathy and later Michael Dumont, and realized they were on a mission. However, they were incredibly friendly and accommodating. Michael took us on a delightful trip through the county, and also showed us his remodeled B&B outside of town, and close to the Tennessee River (we’ll be back) that has more species of fish in its depth than any other American river (according to Mr. Benson of the Chattanooga Aquarium) and I plan to get close and personal with some of them as soon as possible. The Commodore held 22-rooms at the hotel and next door annex, and all done-up first rate, but with very reasonable cost. www.commodorehotellinden.com (931) 589-3224–114 East Main St. Linden TN. 37096

We were invited to fish with the Mayor, Wess Ward, and Perry Counties Sherriff, Nick Weems, who also brought his boat, and fished with us on the Buffalo River for smallmouth and largemouth bass (more on fishing in part-2 of our Linden experience later). Travel writers do travel on their stomachs, and we knew we would be in for a treat with the live music, as we chowed on terrific fare at the corner Music Café in the hotel.

While I fished, Barb went next door on main St., and just after I arrived back at the hotel, we availed ourselves of the opportunity to do “Wave- Painting” at the Buffalo River Co-Op Craft Immersion project. Lots of fun, met great folks doing their crafts “thing” in wood and textiles. We were sent our little paintings to our home after they finally dried. We walked main street and met proprietors of Sparky and Ringos, Dimples Shop & Restaurant, Custom Creations Jewelry and also ate at Tims Video Corner Café our second evening in town. We also met Allyson Hinson Dickey, the new Chamber Director who offered us the Keys to the town (so-to-speak) for us to visit and experience. The Dumont’s invited us to have dinner with them, even though their restaurant was closed that evening. Before I forget; we also visited Mouse tail Landing State Park with Michael Dumont ,and everyone that enjoys camping would love the facilities and hiking ops.

When Michael and Kathy Dumont decided to change their life from Rhode Island to a little town between Nashville and Memphis, TN., they moved to Linden, a town that had seen better days before the Interstate way-laid most of its business and tourist traffic, as new interstates have done so, all over America (remember route 66) they chose the gorgeous rural area between Memphis and Nashville, and purchased land for their home, and acquired several building in the town of Linden. Linden has a backyard of the Buffalo River and the Tennessee River, rife with fabulous landscapes and wildlife.  * Stay tuned for part-2 our visit to Perry County, fishing, The Buffalo River Resort,  and an unusual museum on the Tennessee River.

We were strolling the neat little town of Linden!!
Larger than life, Minnie Pearl statue. A well known figure from Linden. She is in the lobby of the Commodore Hotel.
Barb heading for the hotel. The red car is a 1949 perfect condition, Dodge that belongs to the Dumont’s.






One of the small mouth bass while fishing with the Mayor and Sheriff of Linden and Perry County,
Newspaper article reminiscent of how folks in a small town (Similar to Mayberry RFD) takes time out for just having fun! Article was on the wall of the hotel lobby.
Sheriff of Perry County took a time-out to take me fishing!!
Mayor of Linden also took me fishing!!!
Sheriff and mayor were a “hoot” to fish with and get to know!!
While I went fishing, Barb took a class in art at the Buffalo River Artisans Cooperative, next door to the Commodore Hotel.

Bass Are Smarter Than the Average Weekend Warrior on the Water Really Know

Barb knows how to wrestle with big bass too! This fish was caught in Northern California!!
Barb knows how to wrestle with big bass too! But, today we fish in our pond without hooks to test lures such as Al’s Goldfish (lollipops to our fish) 

AmericanPressTravelNews.com–Goose Holler’ Farm, TN.–Barb and I have ‘stopped to smell the roses’-our roses!  This morning, while relaxing next to our pond in TN., sipping the best coffee in the world, I spotted 3-of the largest Largemouth bass in our acre pond, swimming within 5-feet of the shore, along the wild grass where the frogs, turtles and snakes like to hide. Suddenly, all three stopped. 2-fish spanned out leaving a triangle of fish one closer to the shore the other two about 8-feet out remained motionless. The bass in the middle as if on signal charged the shore with such fury that it launched itself out onto the wet grass directly within 6-feet of where I was sitting at my umbrella shaded picnic table. Fortunately, I had my polarized glasses on. Immediately, a second after the bass spun/slid around, the other two bass waked into the attack on the small sunfish that were chased out into the open. All three bass fed. Now, we have all seen the killer whales, dolphin (mammals) display somewhat of a similar behavior, but I never saw bass do a strategic take-down before. There are many behaviors of many species of fish I’ve observed all over the world having fished everywhere, possible except China. Wished I had my cell so I could have possibly gotten a video, but when incredible things happen, we are almost totally taken by surprise and don’t have set-up time to capture it!

So I can say, perhaps G-D offered me his Fathers Day Gift? I am taking it that way, and sharing it, in any event!

Happy Pop’s Day to all! Bob

Al’s Goldfish Co. Coming on Strong! Dozens of New Products too! Go For the Gold, Its As Great as Ever!

APtravelnews-January 25th, PSL, FL.-Product Reviews-Fishing!  The image below is of the original early 1950’s Al’s Goldfish. The lure is a true game-fish slayer! Barb and I have caught bass anytime we cast one in our backyard slough pond! Several of my outdoor writer friends tell me stories of using Al’s Goldfish in Gold and Silver models years ago for terrific trout action all over the USA. See image below and check out their website www.alsgoldfish.com 

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AL’s GOLDFISH Shows Their Branding Side at ASI Show in Orlando!

Southern Section of the Orange County Convention Center!
Southern Section of the Orange County Convention Center!

APtravelnews-Jan. 11th Bob and Barb “On The Road Again” in Orlando, FL. We stopped in for a few days at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando. We stayed to visit Mike Lee and his wife at the ASI Show. The Lee’s had a booth showcasing opportunities for businesses, to their custom logo’d products. Unique to say the least, imagine fishing lures with your or any picture on it, made into key chains, packaging for clients that wish to give, or award gifts to their clients, etc. Check out Al’s Goldfish fishing items and lures at www.alsgoldfish.com and their Branding website is: Alsgoldfishpromo.com

Our motto in fishing: “Carry the “Gold” in all your tackle packs!”

Booth 830 at the ASI Show working with business buyers!
Booth 830 at the ASI Show working with business buyers!
Award Winning AL's Goldfish Lures swimming their paces at booth 830 at the ASI Branding Show!
Award Winning AL’s Goldfish Lures swimming their paces at booth 830 at the ASI Branding Show!
My favorite lures! Al's Goldfish and their new Living Lures are hooking and holding our backyard neighbors.
My favorite lures! Al’s Goldfish and their new Living Lures are hooking and holding our backyard neighbors.
Barb loves to fish when she has an edge and doesn't have the whole day to hopefully hook a neighbor with shoulders enough for us to spar with! She has become an Al's lover too!
Barb loves to fish when she has an edge and doesn’t have the whole day to hopefully hook a neighbor with shoulders enough for us to spar with! She has become an Al’s lover too!