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Cuisine of India At Nawab, Roanoke, Virginia A Lunch Buffet Extraordinaire

AmericanPressTravelNews-June 25th, Roanoke, VA.–Bob and Barb “On the Road Again” and “Stopping to Smell the Roses.” As we walked along Campbell Street past the street vendors and towards the building on Campbell St. tht housed the Pinball Museum, fresh and saltwater live fish display and much much more, we passed the Nawab Restaurant. Well, Barb is not a fan of spicy stuff, I am if its incredibly good and the aromas emanating from the opened door as diners entered, lifted my olfactory factory production facility to new heights. I couldn’t resist, and promised Barb there are non -spicy items in their buffet. We met the owner, and he invited us to taste his family’s recipes. Zowwie!!! The cherry bread, garlic flat breads, and unreal other bakery table pieces were all, on their own, a fine meal with the various oils and mezzes laid out on the table. With the likes of Lamb, mushroom coconut curry, Punjabi Chicken Tikka, Konkoni Prawn curry, all kinds of incredible dips and sauces (go online to see them all at nawabrestaurant.com) The tastes of curry, spices with tumeric, and baby onions, garlic and rosemary-the veggies, that alone would make a great meal, and all things by way of a taste of India were so savory!! Nawab is located at 118-A Campbell Ave., SE Roanoke, VA phone: 540345-5150 email: info@nawabrestaurant.com

Hoskins 1940’s Soda Fountain at Hoskins Drug Store Established in 1930.

AmericanPressTravelNews-May 14th, Clinton, TN.-Bob & Barb “On The Road Again” this time at Norris Lake, Clinton, Rocky Top & Oak Ridge, Tennessee–Floats, ice cream sodas, banana splits, tuna sandwiches, hot dogs and chili-a real soda fountain with great old timey lunches. I opted for a “dog” smothered in chili (oh my) with their home made potato chippers. Barb sprung for a tuna sandwich, and we both had malted’s like those served in “days of awe.”There was a display that included the menu seen here. Can you imagine a menu from the 1940’s soda fountain, ten years after the drug store was established in 1930? 20-cent sandwiches, pimento, ham, tuna,  malts & shakes 25-cents, banana split 35-cents, ice cream dish with nuts 25-cents, and WOW root beer at 35-cents. Todays menu everything times 1000 in comparison, boy has our dollar morphed into so little. Hoskins even in today’s dollars is still a bargain. Visit them and feel the nostalgia at: 111 N. Main St.,Clinton, TN. www.hoskinsdrugstore.com 

Port Charlotte and Punta Gorda Florida-Jewels in a S. Western, Florida Sunset


On the roof of the Wyvern Hotel, Tapas and great beverages with a view of the Harbor Bridge and earlier sunset moments!
Barb on the roof bistro at the Wyvern Hotel. The views were spectacular, people were friendly, drinks and Tapas (little dishes of foods) were very enjoyable!
Wyvern’s Pil Pil spiced shrimp served on the roof Tapas Bar.
A Tapas of olives, humus, veggies, celery, maters, carrots, tapenos.















APressTravelNews-Feb 25th,-Bob and “Barb On The Road Again” & “Stopping to Smell the Roses” in Port Charlotte, at the Wyvern Hotel. Barb and I love great dishes, great ice cream, great views, friendly, hospitable folks and the feeling that your always on vacation. No kidding, Port Charlotte and Punta Gorda are such places. We came into town to work on our assigned article from New Pioneer Magazine. The article is about the Worden Farms Agri-Business and 3-Suns Bison Ranch, as the side-bar. While in Punta Gorda we visited with our friends Janis and her husband and Jack Montague. We tried to get some daylight between our short time we had in the area, so we could also visit the great Van Hubbard. Just couldn’t do it!  We were scheduled to visit the solar powered new town of  Babcock Ranch. We did and were mightily impressed. A gorgeous planned community that will have everything any fine town or village has, but with one giant unique feature: Totally sun-powered electricity! Not open to public yet, there is a school, lake-front restaurant, homes lakes, boardwalks, bike paths, sports store, gift shop, ice cream shop, etc. Grand opening will be next November we were told. There will be a show and tell on the ranch March 12th.

Oh, love that hot fudge on Pistachio Ice Cream with a cherry on top!
The Worden’s! PH.D’s in Agriculture, they are helping provide healthy, delicious veggies and herbs, sunflowers and a whole lot more in Punta Gorda.
Great Bison meat available at 3-Suns!

 The best ice cream we ever had was just across the parking lot from the Wyvern. Walk around the waterfront marina and enjoy at this great mom and pop ice cream shop, the Harbor Walk Scoops& Bites!