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The Historic Opera House and the Ellicottville Brewing Company – EBC Located in Fredonia, New York

The Fredonia Opera House built in 1891
The entrance to The Fredonia Opera House

AmericanPressTravelNews.com – July 11th – Fredonia, New York is a small town located in Chautauqua County, New York. Bob & Barb “On The Road Again.”

Unique to Fredonia New York is the Opera House. Located in the downtown section. Built in 1891, it is a year-round performing arts center. Currently, it offers a variety of live performances, presents a cinema series of first run independent and foreign films, and serves as a rental venue for community meetings,  debates, weddings and performances. For more information call: (716) 679-1891. Their website is: www.fredopera.org.

Just down the street is the Ellicottville Brewing Company – EBC. Located at: 34 West Main Street. Fredonia, N.Y.

The Ellicottville Brewing Company has over 20 local and hard to find Craft Brews
The EBC gives you a tasty generous portion of fish n’ chips.
Garlic chicken wings! Barb and I had a finger-licking good time with these well done wings!
More chicken, this time a bit spicy with peanuts, great noodles and a delicious sauce.

Barb and I enjoyed a nice and tasty dinner in this pub. We ordered the garlic chicken wings, lots of them. They were amongst the best we have ever ordered. The wings came with their home-made bleu cheese, carrots and their special house sauce. Very crispy, and not greasy. After looking over the menu for their main course, we decided on their fish n’ chips. The fish was coated in EBC Two Brother”s Pale Ale beet battet and Japanese bread crumbs, then deep fried. The dish came with crispy fries and Coleslaw.  We had Pad Thai noodle and chicken dish. It had light spice with al dente’ noodles. The noodles were covered with broiled chicken strips. It was the special of the night. The locals commented that they have a terrific burger.  They have dining on their patio. Since they are known for having over a selection of 20 local and hard to find craft beers. We sampled a few. That was a treat.

Take a look at their website: www.ebcwest.com or www.ellicottvillebrewing.com. Many evenings they are very busy, so call for reservations. (716) 679-7939.




We Love Ethnic Mom & Pop Restaurants-Today We Tried Mayta’s Peruvian Cuisine

Proud owners and operators of their dream restaurant business, the Velasquez’s posed for a picture for us.

AmericanPressTravelNews-June 5th, Frederick, MD.–Bob & Barb “On the Road Again” & “Stopping to Smell the Roses & Cuisine, this time in Frederick, MD. We met Jorge at the door of his restaurant opened in 2015. Mayta’s Peruvian Cuisine is his and his wife Melissa’s dream come true. Jorge came to the USA from Peru 16-years ago to cook and chef his way to success at a few different restaurants, finally he made the break and with his savings he opened his own restaurant. He came in legally and has created a fine and tasty niche restaurant that locals and visitors alike head to for large portions of dishes that are authentic (no sharing charges, said Jorge) real-world Peruvian specialties. The various ingredients found in the Peruvian hills and glades are used, the spices and flavorings are quite unique to stateside foodies and the dinner and lunch crowd as well. Outdoors there is a fine diminutive outdoor patio and Mayta’s delivers too!  Give a call to 301-732-4441/www.maytacuisine.com  They love to do parties and all manner of catering as well! Located across from Crispy Cream at 5010 Buckeystown Pike. 

Passion Fruit juice, the real thing too!  I hadn’t tasted this delight since I was in Tanganyika. Barb knows that between the banana chips, authentic dips, and that starter passion fruit juice, that  I wasn’t going to be happy until I took this image, before I would be at the “tasting.”
Marinated steak Kabobs, authentic Peruvian sweet potato and mountain giant kernel corn. A delightful mustard based seasoned sauce covered the meat and we devoured this balanced and tasty dish in short order.
Our charming waitress. We spoke Spanish together, Barb asked me to translate for her lunch.
Shrimp in garlic with rice and stewed potato’s–loved it!!

Haywood Smokehouse In Dillsboro, N.C.

A smorgasbord of barbecue. Smoked meats ala king! The best!!!
Kajol, our waitress was terrific!
Dessert for dinner? Here it would work!
Carol Booth not only made the desserts, but she is much of the oil that keeps the wheels of this Smokehouse work so well!

American Press Travel News-May 2nd-Dillsboro, N.C. “Bob & Barb On The Road Again” at Haywood Smokehouse. Mm. good Brisket, Saturday night Rib Feast. Heck, we had ribs and brisket, naked pork, fine swine, smoked chicken, Andouille sausage, smoked turkey, beans ,salads and garlic bread. Check out the image, we truly pigged out, but we did not finish the big food layout, had take-home for another day. The deserts were incredible too. Haywood Smokehouse has it down to a science. I viewed their big rotating smoker that employee, friendly and knowledgeable Shamus showed us. The humongous smoker can take a thousand pounds of meat products, and rotate these items through their smoking cycle until the end product is perfect barbecue. The ribs and brisket were quite terrific! Actually, we had a chance to sample every item they offered. All, including the chicken and turkey were spoilers! Their desserts brought out by their baker, Carole Booth, were a treat that would be hard to beat! Carole has been a fixture at the Smokehouse. Brownie and ice cream, true Southern Pecan Pie and a Banana Pudding finished off a spectacular barbecue dinner.  Kajol, a delightful young gal who had recently graduated college, with a personality as good as the offerings, presented our meals professionally, and with a huge smile. Give a call, although there are no reservations usually needed to 828-631-9797, and their other location is in Waynesville, N.C. 828-456-7275.