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Little Italy Restaurant and Pizza

American Press Travel News–February 11th–Bob and Barb “On The Road Again” and dining our way along the Treasure Coast of Florida. Under new management, several changes were made including brightening up a formerly dark place. Today, home made, traditional Italian desserts and specialty offerings are part of a 200-hundred item menu. Home made soups, large portions of accompanying pastas, and a wide variety of salads, and specialty items grace the multi-page menus. We jumped into stuffed pepper soups, and a Fagioli accompanied by great garlic knots (rolls). Then out came a delicious cheese pizza, followed by a terrific eggplant and a chicken Parmigiana. We loved the sauces that were less acidic then what we remembered having at more than one or another Italian restaurant. We like that acoustically, the restaurant was not noisy despite the fact that there were many patrons dining there. We did really finish off our meals with two spectacular made in house desserts: Tiramasu beyond belief in taste and Tur Tofo, an Italian ball of ice creams covered in dark chocolate. Frankly, two of the best desserts I’ve had in a long time. Located off of NW St.Lucie  Blvd. Opening soon is their new deli, too!

Phone 772-878-4040


Bayside Gourmet, Islamorada “Rules.”

Host and owner, Jaclyn Boffice took over Bayside Gourmet on October 15, 2018.
Entry view of coffee bar and bakery

American Press Travel News-Nov 30th-Bob and Barb “On the Road Again”–This time in Islamorada, FL Keys, for TG-Day with family-also visiting and tasting the best of Islamorada at Bayside Gourmet.

Several locally created micro-brewed beer options, are Keysie, pleasee!!!

We met Jaclyn and Anthony Boffice owners and our hosts, to get a taste of their offerings, and oh, what a treat we were in for.  We kicked off our meal with Lobster Bisque. The bisque’s flavor and texture on a scale of 1-10 was an easy 10.

She brought out her Signature Meatballs, an appetizer perfect for the cooler weather enjoyment of real, hearty meat. The Margherita pizza was superior to all the veggie pizzas I have had anywhere. We imaged the Tavernier sandwich, made on home- made focaccia bread gently warmed with its topping of fresh mozzarella, imported prosciutto, tomato, fresh basil drizzled with virgin olive oil (we boxed this for a later meal, how much can we eat, after-all ?) Veal Parmesan also boxed after tasting-um-um great< and then the Chicken al la Gourmet (panic and herb encrusted chicken breast pan-fried and topped with sun-dried tomatoes, fresh spinach and aged provolone served over rice pilaf with a balsamic reduction) was tabled. Couldn’t stop the mangia effect. WOW! We finished up with coffee and 
Jersey Shore Cheesecake (whipped – one of their signature dishes).   Barb and I added up our 1-10’s, and there was no dishes rated under 10-plus!  We took all we could not fit in our stomachs for a later, or a tomorrow buffet of tastes. Give a call, and head right over when you can. Open for breakfast, lunch and dinner and they have a bakery of all home-made cakes, pies and bread products-Fer get about it, but not their number-305-664-2002 

Food Trucks, Trailers and Kiosks Are Becoming Ubiquitous In America

This Chevy bread delivery truck is being transformed into a food truck business.
This Chevy bread delivery truck is being transformed into a food truck business. It is a work in progress, best left to various professionals in the electric and propane areas.
In the process of being turned into a kitchen!
This truck is In the process of being turned into a kitchen and serving vehicle!

P1020750APtravelnews-July 31st, Frederick, Maryland--Food entrepreneurs have come out of the kitchen and onto the road delivering great “eats” at reasonable prices to folks who want a tasty meal fast and on the “cheap” too! Today there are food trucks selling a huge variety of sandwiches, plated gourmet dishes, hot dogs and burgers, tacos, pizza, slurpies, shakes, lemonades and innumerable rice and spaghetti dishes too! There are many reasons for the success and failures of these individualized purveyors of prepared foods. The successful food vendors know their customers tastes and offer items that are easy to eat on the go, are tasty and filling, can be considered mainstream dishes that are not fad prone and prices are reasonable. The failures miss all the above, or a couple of those customer needs and expectations.  As we travel we see all manner of soft ice cream trucks, crepe vans, pizza wagons, meatball and sausage and peppers trailers (seen at all outdoor fairs and expositions) the truck seen in this post will be a gourmet beef brisket, pulled pork and chicken enterprise served on home made sesame and onion buns with a special sauce concoction that could be considered addictive in it flavor and aroma too! The name of this new truck is: Mobile USA Cuisine-basically a true barbecue emporium on wheels and steroids provided by the very excited owner-Josh, our grandson! Look for it parked in prominently fun places all over Maryland!