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Birds Balance the Joy & Comfort of Any Home!

American Press Travel News–June 13th, 2020–Bob and Barb, Goose Holler’ Farm and Ranch, TN. “Stopping to Smell the Roses, and Watch the Birds”–No need for bug killing equipment, sprays and poisons.  Let the birds do it! I purchased a large bag of seed. I always  a feeder full. This has led to constant bird traffic. Bugs 0, Bob N Barb Epstein +++++–very happy, and quite protected by our Avian friends. Bonus: watching the colorful flyers jostle and show their personalities right in front of our windows. My barn has swallows that do very well swallowing, and bring bug-bites to their chicks. Our Bluebirds kamikzi all over our pond, and lower field, on all manner of buggies.

Concept here is balance. If you take the effort to consider symbiosis, and help nature in its auto-quest for balance, you can live a much more fruitful and happy life outside, and of course, inside your home. 

At Kona Kai In Key Largo! We are attending Islamorada Birthday Trip, Via The Blue Chip 2 Sportfishing Adventures

American Press Travel News-May 5th–Key Largo and Islamorada, Florida Keys-“Bob & Barb On the Road Again” and “Stopping to Smell the Roses & Admiring the Hibiscus Flowers.. So our son David had his 50th Birthday and was spending his day on the Charter Craft, Blue Chip 2 with veteran Captain Skip Bradeen, his mate David and my sons friends John ElKoury, Billy Pope and Dave, all part of Coastal Reality of the Florida Keys, Allan Pope owner of Keys Life Magazine, Eric Dyer another of David’s childhood and lifelong friends and Captain Key Largo; my younger son Brian Epstein who runs his backcountry boat out of Key Largo and who knows where the big ones lurk and jerk the lines.
The day was blustery, but on the Blue Chip 2 we caught fish, the heck with the wind and swells. Everyone caught dinner sized yellowtail snapper, and some tuna including bonita and down deep Mutton Snappers. It was a great day and it finished with a special fishing and boating themed and decorated cake, too!

At the end of day yours truly went on Captain Skips Radio Show to talk about the day and my published Keys themed books. We ate yellowtail of the day and at least one beer at the Moose Club. Kona Kai 800-365-STAY—In Key Largo, fish here, eat here and love here!!! By the way: You can buy my signed books at Kona Kai too!

Entrance to Kona Kai Resort and Gallery. Where we stayed during Dave’s birthday sportfishing bash.
Kona Kai Pool and hot tub.
Left to right Birthday Boy Dave, Captain Skip Bradeen, Captain Key Largo, Brian Epstein and David the Blue Chip 2 Mate.

Fly buddy out to say Hi to the birthday boy, Dave.

Fly buddy out to say Hi to the birthday boy, Dave.
We kept enough yellowtail snapper for all of us to have a fresh filet of fish dinner.
Realtor, John ElKoury, a veteran and a great Islamorada resident!!
Kona Kai Paradise in Key Largo~
Skips Radio Show! I’m the guest.



Koko Crater Botanical Garden Oahu, Hawaii

Signage allows casual visitors to understand the what Koko Crater Botanical Gardens is all about. Image: Richard Hines

American Press Travel News-January 20th, Hawaii, USA–Columnist, Richard Hines at Koko Crater Botanical Garden in Oahu, Hawaii–My wife, Pam and I decided to make one more early morning trip before our 6:00 PM flight out of Honolulu. Pam is active with our local Garden Club and one of the Master Gardner’s in our home county in Kentucky. With these credentials, it was obvious flowers were on the agenda, so we opted for the Koko Crater Botanical Garden. It was our third garden tour this past two weeks and while she was busy checking out the names of flowers, I concentrated on photographing some of the local birds.

During the entire trip bird photograph was a high priority and because Koko Crater was not crowded, I was able to photograph as many if not more birds in this garden than any other location we visited. On this morning, I was able to add several birds to our life list plus photograph Zebra Dove, White-rumped Shama, and Red-billed Leiothrix among others.

The 50,000-year-old crater has created perfect growing conditions for barrel cactus and other desert species across the 60-acre garden which is within the 200-acre crater site. We saw an interesting mix of desert plant species from America, Africa, and Pacific locations

White Rumped Sharma. “I enjoy finding birds that live in exotic locals.” image Richard Hines

When you drive in the parking area, you won’t find a visitor station as at other gardens and as we walked through the gate you will find a sign and information brochures near the gate. This the area where you will first notice the grove of Plumeria trees which provided a unique scent as we walked along the trail.
The Koko Crater Botanical Garden is located on the eastern end of Oahu, Hawaii. You will find four major collections which are organized by region (Africa, the Americas, Hawaii, Madagascar). In all there are around 500 trees comprising 200 species that you will see around the 2-mile-long loop trail.

Chautauqua Area, New York – Unique Places To Visit


Produce Auctioneer

www.americanpresstravelnews.com – June 25th – Today is a full day of exploring the area. Joanna Dahlbeck from Chautauqua Tourism introduced me to some of the little known places you can visit in the area. There are many small towns in the Chautauqua area. We started with an Amish Produce and Flower auction in North Clymer. This particular day at the auction had was called the wholesale day. It is open to the public, but the items are on a flat. If you bid, you need to buy the whole flat. Other days are retail and you can bid on one of an item. To find out more the website is: www.chautauquaproduceauction.com. The flowers were so beautiful that it was hard to resist. But we were too far from our TN. home to pack them away.

Beef cattle raised on healthy forage

Not far from the auction was the Green Heron Growers. One of their specialties is growing shiitake mushrooms. Julie Rockcastle met us and explained the process of growing these delicious mushrooms. They also raise chickens, grass fed beef, vegetables and herbs (and much more). All certified organic. Julie and her husband Steve offer farm tours along with workshops and culinary experiences. 

Shitaki Mushrooms are the best

Julie also explained their internship program, giving the opportunity to train farmers to the benefits of organic farming. To find out more, take a look at their website: www.greenherongrowers.com or call (716) 720-3695. For information on their Great Blue Heron Music Festival take a look the this website: www.greatblueheron/wp/

Stedman Corners Cafe

 It was such a beautiful day, so we decided to have lunch at Stedman Corners Cafe in Mayville. They have a lovely outdoor area and we enjoyed one of their over sized sandwiches in the cool breeze. Located at Stedman Corners in Mayville, N.Y.

Stedman Cafe Antique Sign

Stedman Corners Corners Cafe started as a general store in 1898. It was a favorite place to buy “fresh ground coffee”. Today the cafe serves breakfast and lunch and on some nights dinner. Check out their website: www.stedmancafe.com or their Facebook page www.facebook.com/Stedman-Corners-Cafe-291711394269098/ or call (716) 789-5047.

Great Ham Sandwich