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Which Political Party Would Bode Well For Outdoorsmen and Women?

Aptravelnews-February 7th,–Maggie Valley, N. Carolina–Bob and Barb “Stopping to Smell the Roses” and the wildlife too! My premise is quite a-political. I believe you can never trust an official that does not hunt or fish to be in charge of our natural and wild places. They just don’t get it! They have an ax to grind that favors the takers of our natural resources, unnaturally and for dollars!¬† So, all Americans are in danger of losing by fiat, their outdoor hunting and fishing rights regardless if they are the only ones that play by GODS rules!

Elk after being  reintroduced back to where they once lived before the forests were mostly denuded by mans needs for lumber and other natural resources!

If you play tennis, golf, ball, that’s great, but if do you shun the delights of the “real” outdoors; the places where macadam and cement is rare and nature offers the gift of the world as it is, and was before mans foot-prints were scarce and natures heavy-hand is, and was heavy laden, you give in to the false facts, that fishing and hunting, wildlife viewing and photography, hiking, kayaking-any simple outdoor pursuit has little value, but for harvest of trees and energy products latrout lodge barb and deernd leasing uses. Just a thought for this February Saturday!

A man and his dog sharing an upland game bird hunt!
A man and his dog sharing an upland game bird hunt!