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Blue Bank Resort On Lake Reelfoot

American Press Travel News July 7, Bob and Barb “On The Road Again”-  this time, “nesting” at Blue Bank Resort, at Lake Reelfoot in Horn Beak, TN.

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Tony Romano-Wood Carver Extraordinary

American Press Travel News-Florida-Feb. 25th,-Bob and Barb “On The Road Again“-When I met Tony Romano, I had no idea until I saw a large showcase filled with some of his over 600-various carvings, in genre’s that include birds, fish and other wild creatures, of how creative and talented he is.

He is a fine soft-spoken fellow who moved from Orient, NY, to Florida in 2010. His previous life revolved around a quality taxidermy business for 6-years, and then spent twenty years in the wine and liquor business before retiring to warm, and comfy Florida.

Residing in Port St Lucie, FL, his favorite relax time where we met, is a hot tub where we both jiggle our back, arms and legs against the powerful jets of a fabulous and large hot tub system. “Carving takes my mind off of mine, and the worlds issues, I totally immerse myself into creating something out of 3X6 inch rectangular block of wood, creating a pretty, lifelike Cardinal bird, that once I paint it, people can enjoy the look of a nearly real bird. My sense of satisfaction is beyond words. My favorite piece (all of them really are) is my Redhead Duck. I won a ribbon my first time I entered into a jury’d carvers contest” said Tony Romano. 

Sharing Pictures of the Week Before Christmas

Barb and Terry “Little Bear” we called him at first than he became for 11 years, Terry, a beloved member of our family!
Stu Apte with hands on Curt Gowdy, a favorite fly fishing buddy of mine! He’s false casting in water we have not dreamed of!
Ted Williams, I had the pleasure of knowing and fishing with him in the Keys. He’s probably sighting tarpon and king salmon in heaven!
Ted Williams once asked me after looking at one of my books, “why not do a History of Keys fishing?” After he was physically gone from us, I took the advice!
Our hideaway in TN. our pond and critters that we rejoice over every day!!
Five of my 14-books. Yes, will image the others asap!

AmericanPress TravelNews-December 20th, 2017 Ask me about these pictures if you like!!

The Great Tree Inn – Mayville, N.Y. – A feeling that you have come home

www.americanpresstravelnews.com – June 24th. When we arrived at The Great Tree Inn, we were welcomed by Innkeepers Mark and Shelia. This Inn is a 1850’s farmhouse and barn on 10 acres, in a beautiful country setting. Very private, yet just a couple of minutes to the town of Mayville. After we settled in to our room, we toured the other rooms and found that they are all furnished attractively and have private bathrooms. If you like farm animals, this is your B&B. From horses to pigs, ducks and chickens {their fresh eggs fed us our omelettes) and all manner of critters in between, this is a real down to earth spot for you.

After settling in, we decided to explore Mayville. It is situated at the northwest end of Chautauqua Lake and is the closest town to the Chautauqua Institution. The steamboat, Chautauqua Bell was parked on the lake which still operates out of Mayville and runs between Point Chautauqua, the Chautauqua Institution and the vessel’s home port in Mayville.

Mark and Sheila have a large selection of magazines, anytime coffee pot with home made goodies (great cookies) and a very comfortable living room to relax any time of the day. We enjoyed sitting outside in the cool evening chatting with touring couples who biked all over the area.

In the morning, we both were able to enjoy Mark’s creative, very tasty breakfasts that gave us a great headstart for the day ahead. The portions are extra-large, and all left overs are recycled by his many animals. Since Bob was leaving at 6:00 in the morning to go fishing, Mark insisted that he could not leave the Inn without one of his terrific breakfasts.  For more information the web site: www.greattreeinn.com or call: (716) 753-7989 or (1800) 421-0082