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Blue Bank Resort On Lake Reelfoot

American Press Travel News July 7, Bob and Barb “On The Road Again”-  this time, “nesting” at Blue Bank Resort, at Lake Reelfoot in Horn Beak, TN.

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Alaska’s Greatest Outdoor Legends “Colorful Characters Who Built The Fishing and Hunting Industries”

P1070359AmericanPressTravelNews-August 12th,-Goose Holler’Farm, TN.-When my friend Doug Kelly sent me his new book; Alaska’s Greatest Outdoor Legends, I had already known that he had spent some time in my favorite fishing and wildlife state, but did not know he was working on this neat, informative book. After reading most of it, I realized he had a lot of help from all manner of agencies and guides who wanted to assist Kelly in putting together the facts and the real story of so many of the rightfully called legends of Alaska’s great outdoors! You won’t find this information on any of the fine outdoor channels, however, I am able to tell you that the book is worth the price and the “read.” Digging into the lives of real outdoorsmen and women of Alaska from the 1870’s to modern times would take a ton of research and Kelly did this for you/us! Go for it! It was published by the University of Alaska Press in Fairbanks.P1070360