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Chautauqua Institution – The Anthenaeum Hotel – A Beautiful Historic Place in New York State


The Front Desk!

www.americanpresstravelnews.com -June 29th. I had the opportunity to visit the Chautauqua Institution, in Chautauqua, New York prior to the beginning of their summer season.

The Athenaeum Hotel

Touring the beautiful Athenaeum Hotel was a real treat. The hotel was established in 1881. The constant renovations has kept up to the standards to the history and beauty of the past, while having the up-to-date comforts to enjoy on a day to day basis for today. I would have loved to have my wedding in such a historic place. The hotel and Institution are open during the summer months. In the spring and fall months, the Athenaeum Hotel acts as a host to well-organized conferences, beautiful weddings, and special events. A Chautauqua Institution gate pass is not needed during these months. For information call : (716) 357-6250.   

The Institution is home to the entertainment programs offering many events such as concerts, a dance program by the Chautauqua Ballet Company, or a show by a special guest artists and so much that are a range of special courses in music, art, dance, drama and others. There are also scholarship programs offered. Presently the Amphitheater is in the process of a complete renovation and is re-opening within the next couple of weeks. It was at the Chautauqua Institution Amphitheater, where Franklin Delano Roosevelt addressed a crowd of over 12,000 with his historic “I hate war” speech. The Institution has also been visited by a number of notable historical figures including Booker T. Washington, Susan B. Anthony,  Amelia Earhart ,Thurgood Marshall and many more notable people in America’s past and present. To find out more about what is offered and to make reservations, visit their website: www.chq.org.more.

Located on Lake Chautauqua, we also toured the beautiful homes within the Institution area. 


A wonderful Lunch On The Porch


Very relaxing seating Area


The Historic Miller Bell Tower Dedicated in 1911 In The Background.


Lake Erie and Lake Chautauqua – Grape Arbors As Far As You Can See

www.americanpresstravelnews.com News.com – June 27th – Riding around the Lake Erie region of Chautauqua there are vineyards almost everywhere. 

To find out more about the business of grapes in this attractive area we visited The Cornell University Lake Erie Research Extension Laboratory. We learned that there are approximately 30,000 acres in the Lake Erie region of New York and Pennsylvania. 98.5% of these grapes are used for juice, jam and other fresh or fermented products. The Lake Erie Regional Grape Program consists of Extension Educators and research faculty/staff from Cornell University and Penn State University devoted to projects aimed at increasing yields, product quality, diversity and improvement of cultivars, efficiency of production, profitability and adoption of environmentally sound cultural and pest management strategies. To find out more take a look at their website: www.lergp.cce.cornell.edu/.

Our next stop was at the Johnson Estate Winery. This is oldest estate winery in the New York State, established in 1961.

Johnson Estates Wines

The Johnson’s Estate is a Story of Three Generations, beginning in 1877 with an English orphan named Frederick Johnson. In 1908 Johnson purchased this home circa – 1822 with the adjoining farm along the banks of Freelings Creek, in Westfield, N.Y. There is a full history on the website.

Today it is owned by Frederick Johnson Jr. with his wife Jennifer, former president of the Chautauqua – Lake Erie Wine Trail. They completed a renovation of the tasting room in 2011 for the winery’s 50th anniversary celebration. This building has been beautifully renovated complementing the old with the new. They have a full side viewing window with the full size stainless steel tanks.

Wine tastings and pairings are popular at this winery, with a large selection of estate wines and gifts.  They have group tours by

Grape Vineyard

appointment. Also, they have many summer events that a space can be reserved online. Check out their website: www.JohnsonWinery.com or call (716) 326-2191.

Also call: 1-800-374-6569