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Heading to Leopold From Kisali, The Congo


As we traveled we traded and collected items that were not trade goods for the traveler!! The items were used by the locals themselves.
American Press Travel News–March 19th, Leopoldville The Congo section of my book: “Africa on a Pin & a Prayer.”
We left Kisali on the “boat” a riverboat pushing a huge barge a microcosm of African life being pushed along by a 2000 horsepower diesel engine turning a paddlewheel that splashed at the river and inexorably pushed more than 1000 souls along a river that hasn’t changed since, or before written history one iota. Congolese minister’s concubines took up most of the riverboat rooms and Gene and I got lucky enough with the help of a Belgian business man, to grab one of those rooms and we camped out there. God had mercy, we did not have to sleep on the deck with the water bugs and other slimy critters that came out on deck under cover of darkness. We settled in for a 20-day run to Leopoldville. I spent a lot of time on the barge. I visited the Cayman croc sellers, the fruit and vegetable vendors and looked over the booty and bounty of what many villagers had bagged in the jungle’s hinterlands smoked monkeys, boa constrictor snakes for food or sale to collectors, butterflies kept in between palm leaves, also for the collector. Raw latex from Goodman’s Goodyear rubber plantation on its way to be processed into gloves, tires, rubber boots, condoms. Wildly colorful songbirds and parrots, snakes, monkeys, sloths, bamboo and logs destined for trading in the capitol of the Congo, Leopoldville.
Every minute was an adventure on the riverboat. Villagers whose huts hugged the river banks along the way, braved the boats wake and came out to the barge in pirogues hollowed out wood log dugout canoes, to trade fresh produce, including cut pieces of sugar cane a favorite treat for everyone aboard.
All the things done in the village were being accomplished on the barge as it was pushed at about 5 mph towards Leopoldville was being done there. Clothes washing, cooking child care and even love making on the decks sometimes behind a cloth shade.
Drinking fresh. clean water out of a cut vine!!!


Scott Manning a TN. Professional River and Lake Guide

AmericanPressTravelNews-May 15,-The Clinch River and Norris Lake-Bob & Barb “On the Road Again”  & ” Stopping to Bend a Rod.” When we met up with Scott Manning, my very professional guide on the Clinch River, he explained that as I had mentioned; you fish the conditions, not the fish! He agreed, conditions for striper action in very high water from the constant early May rains, were just not good for anything but big “cats” of the fin and grunt kind. Scott even makes and markets a bottom rattle bobber that keep the baits off the bottom and waving in the currents. They work! We popped a 50-pound flathead catfish and then a much bigger one on the next drop and stop. We were anchored close to one of Scott Manning’s pals and his family and friends. They were catching some fine river cats for the grilling and had recently caught a large striper before the weather turned south. Well, I was able to take and make some images of our morning jaunt- I love it when guys and dolls are pulling on the big ones with or without whiskers! Scotts boat was nice and wide, well powered by a big Yam. and had the very best custom and off the shelf rods and reels. To get in touch with Guide Scott Manning give a call: 865-680-7672

Solar LIGHTSHIP Looks Like A Satellite, But More Usefully Grounded For You and Me!

APTRAVELNEWS-August 25th, Crossville, TN.– New product showcase–


Anywhere there is sunlight, this new LIGHTSHIP bright solar light and  sticks to any smooth surface such as a window, charges up and let’s you have a super bright set of LEDs. The light lasts for 8-hours on a full charge by light. This unit is great for boating, home/emergency and RV/camping to name but a few aps. The light is really two lights in one. Bright white or nightime Red. What is excellent with this unit is you never need to replace batteries. It Floats! With 10 – hours of sun it is fully charged. It is Rugged with a shatterproof case. The has an automatic light sensor that turns light on and off automatically.  This unit is also great for car and travel.

The “LIGHTSHIP” is from the innovative  company; Davis Instruments, located in Hayward, California and you can get a good look at this item and other great items by going: www.davisnet.com– by the way, this super light sells for about 25-bucks–a bargain after having used it to light part of my cottage in the woods.