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Think Greek Not just for the Great Greek, But Also for Kings Isle

AMERICAN PRESS TRAVEL NEWS-Feb. 11th, Port St Lucie, FL–Kings Isle residents have an incredible great restaurant over Tradition way. Called the Great Greek. Just as the Think Greek is excellent, the Great Greek on the lake at Tradition Square is a fine Mediterranean spot to enjoy true Greek dishes. Located on 10513 SW Meeting St. Port St Lucie 772-303-2104, allows you to dine overlooking the gorgeous Tradition Lake, Al Fresco or indoors. We chose to sit by the lake. We dined on Greek Salads, Four Dip Combo of Tzatiki, Hummus, Tirokafteri,  Melitzanosalata,  (egg plant) and hot Pita Bread. We tried Garlic Shrimp Souvlaki ,and Grilled Steak Souvlaki too! We had Falafel and some lamb as well. The restaurant also offers catering and all manner of party event dishes.

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The Great Greek Mediterranean Grill Authentic All the Way!!!

American Press Travel News–January 9th, Port St Lucie, FL-Barb and Bob “On the Road Again”- This time at The Great Greek Mediterranean Grill. For decades, Barb and I have dined at Greek Restaurants all over the USA and the world, particularly in the Mediterranean side of the world. What we found in our own backyard in St Lucie, County now obviates the need to dine on Greek food anywhere else. The foods and feeling of being at home were a huge joy! Lets face it; we all eat, and need to eat, but really enjoying what we sup on also has another huge component. Get into your Greek, The Great Greek Mediterranean Grill is located at 10513 SW Meeting St. shop 101 Port St Lucie, /fl.  They offer authentic recipes and Legendary ancient recipes, too!

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