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Sharing Pictures of the Week Before Christmas

Barb and Terry “Little Bear” we called him at first than he became for 11 years, Terry, a beloved member of our family!
Stu Apte with hands on Curt Gowdy, a favorite fly fishing buddy of mine! He’s false casting in water we have not dreamed of!
Ted Williams, I had the pleasure of knowing and fishing with him in the Keys. He’s probably sighting tarpon and king salmon in heaven!
Ted Williams once asked me after looking at one of my books, “why not do a History of Keys fishing?” After he was physically gone from us, I took the advice!
Our hideaway in TN. our pond and critters that we rejoice over every day!!
Five of my 14-books. Yes, will image the others asap!

AmericanPress TravelNews-December 20th, 2017 Ask me about these pictures if you like!!

Pictures of the Week

Caught in the act of walking on water! Dogs, wonderful dogs!
Dog and owner near look-a-likes!
My Terry in better days! Relaxes on one of our stone picnic tables just up from the pond!
When we called our Terry “Little Bear.” We loved him for near 12-years and now he rests!!!
What is the world without a Black Lab?
Our motor home guard gator! This 8-footer lived under our motor coach when we lived in Polk County at our RV lots at River Ranch. No he never bothered us or Terry, we fed him bill collectors!

American Press Travel News–Monday Nov. 13th, Bob’s images:

Photos of the Week!

Nichole Ellis releases a bonefish with her dad Gary!
Learning about hawks in TN.
Curt Gowdy lft. and Stu Apte at a Redbone dinner!
Barb poses with a Kodiak Bear. It liked her (almost for lunch)
Flash back to VT. Barb and the “boys” David and Brian more than 40-years ago.
Scuba Diving! A fantastic experience!