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Pictures of the Week!!

American Press Travel News–March 12th, Florida Keys–Pictures of the week!!  ALL IMAGES IN “HISTORY OF FISHING IN THE FLORIDA KEYS!”  THIS BOOK IS BY BOB T. EPSTEIN SEE ON-LINE AT AMAZON!

Giant Melogadon jaw, inside of that jaw is a Tiger Shark Jaw!!!
Ted Williams and his guide Stu Apte!!
Zane Grey in the Keys with a permit
President Franklin Delano Roosevelt in the Keys!!

Fishing Burns Calories

American Press Travel News–March 10th,-Bob and Barb “On The Road Again.”  Probably have not thought about this, but fishing does burn calories. If standing on shore and casting for two hours how about 470-calories “gone?” Fly fishing as you walk in a stream, how about 670-calories an hour. In a boat, not moving around much but jigging on the bottom, about 500-calories  Bank fishing, sitting on your butt after a cast of bottom baits. About 360-calories for two hours. 

When your fishing, your moving, thinking, bending, casting, walking to your location and if your hooking up with scaled or unscaled critters, your burning calories. 

Of course hunting and other sports burn more calories, just as brisk walking does too, but it turns out just about anything you do out in the outdoors on a sustained minute by minute basis, burns that fuel you have stored.

So, its Sunday today and I’m heading out behind my home to our bass pond for some fly fishing activity. Or maybe casting with my new/old reel I bought at a yard sale yesterday to try it out. Its not that I don’t have about 90-reels, its just I love to sell duplicate reels and gear on ebay, so I can buy more gear at yard sales-boy do I have a two car garage that just hasn’t seen a car in ages!!

Mutton Snapper, Great Fighter, Great Tablefare!

Son Brian knows where they live! That’s a mutton snapper and baked up for 20-people!
Brian and Diane in the Keys. A fine bottom fishing excursion..

American Press Travel News–Update: 3/5/19–Bob and Barb “On the Road Again.”–My son Brian and wife Diane sent me these images of a very large mutton snapper they caught for dinner-actually it was enough for a party of people to enjoy for a sit-down meal. The mutton snapper is so called as it is shaped somewhat like a leg of mutton. One thing for sure, it doesn’t taste like sheep. It is a very tasty reef and bottom fish. Always remember; fish taste like what they feed on. Snappers feed on shrimp, crab and on other fresh fish.
Fishing in the Keys can offer a wide variety of excellent fish and seafood to chow down on. Besides fish there are stone crabs, Florida lobster, and incredible shrimp to put on the “Barbie.”
The Keys has more than 200 restaurants that offer these delectibles! These large members of the snapper family hang around rocks and reefs. They are ambush predators. Brian is now known as “Captain Key Largo” he is a licensed Captain and guide to the Upper Keys and surrounding Islands. Takes people fishing, viewing birds and wildlife and visits interesting places, beside doing waterway and front bar crawls.  go: Brian Epstein on Facebook, or give him a call at:   (954)-326-7360 

Linda’s Saint Lucie West Cafe

We are lovin’ it!!




American Press Travel News-March4th,–St Lucie West, FL.–Bob and Barb “On the Road Again”–Linda’s Saint Lucie West Café–(also Linda’s Too Café near US-1)–  Barb and I love to try new breakfast and lunch spots within easy driving distance to our home here in K.I. Well, Linda’s Café near CVS Drugs is not only in super easy driving distance, its also in walking distance too.

We’ve tried omelets for breakfast and today we went for lunch. We enjoyed everything from the macaroni and potato salads made daily, that complimented the Rueben and Chicken Special Sandwich with fries. Served on a Kaiser Roll, the marinated chicken breast slice had fresh pan bacon, cheese, fresh tomato slice bedded in a fresh lettuce leaf. With a drink and tasty fries, a great lunch for $8.95. The Rueben had tender (not that stingy tough sliced corned beef) slices of corned beef with hot sour kraut, Swiss, & 1000 Island Dressing on fresh rye. We like the friendly wait staff, and that a feeling you were back years ago, where your local diner offers fresh fare and lively banter. Want to be quiet and alone, fine! Want to strike-up a conversation, fine!

Linda makes her own pies and we enjoyed both a coconut, and a chocolate cream pie with real whipped cream. I just ate and I wont be hungry again for several hours (very rare of me). Besides just their two restaurants, they also do catering… Besides, great burgers and pancakes, soups, etc. Linda’s is my new go-to spot for a fresh and delicious meals. I wish they were also opened for dinner, but I’ll take what we can get, especially from Linda and her owner son, Andrew———- 772-785-6009. 

Linda herself! Brought us her homemade crafted pies and there were no crumbs