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Harriette’s Restaurant mm-95.7 Voted Best Breakfast in the Upper Florida Keys


AmericanPressTravelNews-December 26th, Key largo-heading for Tavernier, Key– Barb and I stopped at Harriett’s for a bit of breakfast and a lunch favorite as well.  Frankly, I am a Key Lime connoisseur after having eaten in just about every restaurant along and in the many islands in the stream, and Harriett’s is also the home of the world famous Key Lime Muffins! With 25-different and incredible muffins listed in their menu, a stop here could very well be quite addictive! For close to 40-years, we have visited for breakfast and lunch, at least once or more times per week. There were many places we could have switched off to, but at Harriett’s, she and her staff are like family to so many, for so many years, that Harriett’s has become an iconic food spot on the southern side of US 1, Overseas Hywy. at MM 95.7, just outside of the main business section of Key Largo. All manner of breakfast dishes, omelettes your way, pancakes, eggs over the rainbow spectrum of just how you like em, burgers and chicken dishes, coffee that tastes like coffee and always a friendly smile and chit chat the way you’d like ti too!  So after having a Key Lime Muffin and coffee, it was already lunch time, so we brought a half of chicken and the fixings to our table. We tasted it and boxed it and the several cold veggies salads that we tasted as well, for the next day.  Breakfast bagels, French toast, liver and onions, tuna salads, among so many other cold salad dishes, the whole seafood brigade the way you like it, and on and on (I counted about 100-different offerings. To sum up what Harriett’s is all about I have to add its Harriett, when you or anyone meets this wonderful lady, she is “real” and honestly friendly and happy to meet you in her wonderful business and comfort zone in life! Come join her “Muffin Club” The more you purchase the more you get free ones too! Barb and I love Harriett’s place and will always go out of our way to dine here. Give a call to 305-852-8689 open 6 AM to 3 PM Daily. MM 95.7 Bayside.

Bayside Gourmet of Islamorada Completely Lives Up to The Name

Bayside Gourmet is much more than a great restaurant. It offers a Bakery, Deli, Pizzeria (WOW Pizza, just like Brooklyn of old) and the muffins we took home to try were stuffed-delicious with or without coffee or tea.

AmericanPressTravelNews-December 26th, Islamorada, FL. Keys. Today we are profiling “Bayside Gourmet of Islamorada.” Barb and I have been dining our way up and down the Keys in our pursuit of the best restaurants in the Keys. “Our new, updated book titled: “The Best Restaurants in the Florida Keys” is well on its way towards completion, and the publishers editors, for final once over, before printing.

We enjoyed the service, the aromas from the grill and bakery and generally and particularly the dishes we tasted and ate. 

So what were some of the more than 34-daily offerings and specials that are “to live for”: Well, we tried the pizza, so well created and tasty, almost exactly like we remembered as kids living in New York, from the best pizza throwers ever! Moist and absolutely done to perfection! So we also tried one of the 5-gourmet sandwiches-the Tavernier, best cheese and gourmet meat sandwich in the Keys, and we tried Ahi (tuna filet) flown in from Hawaii-spectacular fat content and flavor was amazing. We finished off our sojourn in this gourmet; at down to earth prices, with true Jersey Shore Cheesecake topped with fresh strawberry slices. Sure they have Key Lime and Choco Mousse pie, but come on now, would we pass on “real” Cheesecake? Eat in or take out and even delivery 305-735-4471 82758 Overseas Hywy. MM 82.7 Islamorada, FL. Keys 3036

Full of bakery, deli and some of the greatest tasting muffins, but most of all nice and friendly staff!
Ahi Tuna dish was extremely delicious!!
Ahi Tuna tartar dish was unbelievable. The tuna is flown in from Hawaii a few times per week. I had vowed never to eat anything that’s raw or nearly raw. But, after tasting and enjoying this dish, I’ve changed my mind to in the affirmative, but only if I trust the restaurant as I did Bayside Gourmet. Also on the table was the Tavernier Sandwich. Fresh mozzarella, imported proscuitto, tomato and fresh basil, drizzled with virgin olive oil and warmed on a fresh focaccia bread. Pizza, ah the pizza, best we have had in the Keys!!!!!!!
Local, regional and national favorites too!
Tavernier Key sandwich, couldn’t put it down!
Plenty of comfy counter and tables and chairs. Lots of great sociality at Bayside Gourmet as we witnessed later on when counter filled for lunch!