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A Great Way To Save Your Eyeglasses From Loss-The ReadeREST! Check Them Out!


Whether you want the  Swarovski Crystal model for women or ReadeRest black sunglass model for men or women, the strong magnets will do their job holding your glasses safe even when you bend over or go out on a boat with wind in your hair your hat may blow off, but not your glasses.
Whether you want the
Swarovski Crystal model for women or ReadeRest black sun-glass model for men or women, the strong magnets will do their job holding your glasses safe, even when you bend over or, go out on a boat with wind in your hair, or even if your hat may blow off, your glasses will not!

APtravelnews/New Products—December 9th, Bob & Barb in Sevierville, TN.  At the recent Gift Show in Sevierville, TN., we had a chance to look over dozens of interesting items ranging from whiskey flasks emblazoned with eagles or fish, to Click-It Hot Use It Cold, hand-warmers. However, for this post we wanted to focus on an issue and problem one entrepreneur we met has addressed and figured out fully within the principle of K.I.S.S.  What is it? Its a simple, easy to use small holder to assist all of us in not leaving our glasses and walking off without them (see images). Rick Hopper came up with his ReadeREST;  a magnetic holder that does not require you to pop holes in your clothes to affix the holder to your shirt or blouse.  You merely slide the back plate under clothing where you want the glasses to hang from, then place the strong, magnetic, self-centering holder over that plate and voila; your ready to hang your eye-wear glasses from one of its arms, until the glasses sit safely on the holder. With its simple use, there is no more leaving your eye-wear at the market counter, restaurant table, school desk, or wherever you had previously put them down and either did, or did not remember to take them with you when you left.

“Simple is, as simplicity dictates, here’s an answer to not forgetting your eyewear anywhere! This patented item is “proudly made in America” and is perfect for the person that always keeps asking: “where are my glasses.”   Go: or give a call to   1-855-321-7732 Ext. 804

Real Swarovski Diamond cut Crystals hold your glasses!
Real Swarovski Diamond cut Crystals hold your glasses!

Knives The Worlds First and Most Important Tools of Survival & Pleasure

My "Good Old" new Buck. If your into knives, you never have enough models to use and admire!
My “Good Old” new Buck. If your into knives, you never have enough models to use and admire!

APtravelnews-Knoxville, TN.-September 21st–Without a doubt, the knife and all its iterations (swords, spear heads, sharp blades, both fixed and folding) for a myriad of needs down through the history of man on earth, is probably the most important evolving  innovation in history. Today, knives are used and also collected by millions of people throughout the world (I just sent a collector in Germany, a military Swiss Army Knife style item from the 1930’s) Today, knives are also big business, very big business indeed! Knives are a multi-billion dollar business-all manner of folders and hunting style knives are bought in shops, mail order, on e-bay, Amazon, privately through collectors, etc. Frankly, as an outdoors oriented person who fishes, hunts, plays with throwing knives and hatchets as a hobby, or any other of mine, and others pursuit in the outdoors, or of course, indoor sports such as carving, I wouldn’t leave home without my trusty blade. For today, I’m profiling a few knives that would work for anyone heading out on a hike, to fish, hunt, camp or just have with them for even the mundane opening of a letter, box or cutting a thread or rope. The following three knives are all hunter, (will profile folders at a later date) non-folders:

Buck Knives have always been a standard of excellence and when I first met Buck Senior, he told me that “excellence is always what we strive for to be the best at what we do to make “keeper” knives that become heirlooms.” This Buck Omni Hunter is part of Chuck’s family of sportsmen and womans knives. Specs: 7 ¾ overall with a 3 ¼ 420 HC Stainless Drop Point blade. Handle: Black rubberized thermoplastic with a lanyard hole. Heavy Nylon belt sheath MSRP: $45.95


Kershaw Antelope Hunter ll,  is a fine tool of a knife it comes in hunter orange and black. You can trust the finger grooved co-polymer handle to stay firmly in your hand through the thick and thin of blazing your trail.Specs:  overall length is 8 1/8 with a 3 5/8—8Cr13 MoV Stainless steel blade. Finger grooved Co-polymer handle in orange or black. It comes with a leather belt sheath MSRP: $34.95

Shrade SharpFinger comes in a brown, orange or camo handled stainless steel knife. I personally have an originally made knife for the past 3-decades and think it is the most ergonomic knife in my collection. As its namesake says, it is really like an extension of the index finger allowing precision in cutting open a fish or any cutting job at home or on the trail. A great knife to carry anytime! Specs: 7-inch overall length full tang for strength. The 3 ½ stainless steel blade is Cr 17 MoV High Carbon. A through- the- tang -lanyard hole. MSRP:  $25.95

Shrade always comes through! This neat knife is one I carry often around the farm!
Taylor Made Kershaw, a fine knife that works for anyone needing a reasonable priced non-folder!

New Shockles Bungee Cord is Strong Tough and Unique!


APtravelnews-New Products-October 29th,–I finally found a “Bungee Cord on Steroids.” The Davis Instruments company has recently released to its distributors the “Shockle.” Whats a Shockle? A super strong –holds up to 300 pounds, tough U V-resistant nylon covered 10X stronger bungee cord than you’ve ever experienced. The units comes in 12, 18 or 24 inch models. To fully stretch one of these babies. You have to put at least 25-pounds of pull before being able to snap the 316 Stainless Steel snaps. Great for Kayaking, camping, RV’s, sailing and fishing. I tested an 18-inch Shockle to hold my farm ladder on top of my golf cart roof without it sliding around. The bungee is so strong that my ladder didn’t budge on my bumpy ride to the barn. These bungees hold fast ropes, hoses, lumber on the back of the trailer or pickup, anything you want to keep tightly held and controlled. I give a big “thumbs-up” to Davis and their Shockles! Oh, and by the way, if you carry bicycles on your vehicle, these bungees will secure them for you tightly!. P1030007

Check them out for yourself by going: or give a call to: 510-732-9229

New Fishing Lures, Lines and Terminal Tackle For 2015

Lures, line, quick attach fishing floats for 2015.
Lures, line, quick attach fishing floats for 2015.

APtravelnews & AP Product News-January 2nd,–Crossville, TN–Recently we had the opportunity to join in as members of SEOPA’s (Southeastern  Outdoor Press Association) 50th Anniversary Conference at Fontana Lakes Resort in North Carolina. During the conference, media types have a chance to visit with various outdoor products manufacturers and view, test and enjoy items, active outdoor sportsmen and women would use in their hunting, fishing and boating life-all kinds of items, from game and fish seasonings, duck and turkey calls, to tree-stands, guns, fishing rods and even hand warmers for those who ice fish, or stay out in the cool and cold of fall and winter.

A little known fact by anglers gleaned from a visit to the Chattanooga Aquarium, probably one of the very finest in the world is that the Tennessee River has more freshwater species than any other body of water in America. I have lived in TN. for 10-years and I have never fished the river OK!, please don’t ask why! Yes, this is going to change, as I am heading for the river today! Stay tuned.

The following fishing items are all I may be using during my forays to the river: Berkley makes a wide variety of baits both soft and hard baits and the new Flicker Minnow Pro in Slick Purple Bengal in size 7, is one I will try first. It dives to from 14-17 feet in depth and I know if G-D is with me, a perch, bass or hopefully a trout is going to commit to a whack at it!  Sebile Action First, provided a neat looking floater called the Squarebill Sunfish. I am fairly confident a sassy bass will strike this on a first cast to the water lilies in a bend in the river. If they don’t bite on the floater, I’ll try their Lipless Sinker with rattles; who knows? Fortunately, these companies make these lures in different sizes and colors and just like my fly fishing excursions with my fly box full of you name it in color and size, my tackle box gives me the arsenal of possibilities that persnickety  fish might like!

From catfish mono line, to crappie and the rest of the gang, new lines appear to be just that, new! I’ve got Gamma Touch Flourocarbon, Stren, Berkley IronSilk in green, and all in weights that will fill my old reels with fresh ammo presentations in abrasive resistant styles. Something I always thought would be a good idea also fell into my bag; “Frog Hair Adjustable Single use EZ-On float indicators from Gamma. No rubber bands, just quick-attach little threads and ready to fish little Bobber’s in several sizes and coloration styles. If I were you, I’d at least check out all this in the big box stores and mom and pops too!







 Another face to face meeting with "Mr. Brown."
Another face to face meeting with “Mr. Brown.