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Chautauqua Area of New York – So Many Artisan Entrepreneurs Are Bred Here – June 29th. The Reverie Creamery is owned by partners Riko Chandra and Jim Howard in Mayville, New York.  Reverie produces its own seasonal cheeses and also carries a variety of cheeses and goodies from around the world with a focus on small, American, artisanal companies.  Reverie is dedicated to using local ingredients and collaborating with a range of local artisans.  Their artisan products reflect a meaningful relationship to the land and Western New agricultural heritage. Because Reverie Creamery selections of cheese varies seasonally,  there always new things to try. They started as a cheese store selling a selection of Artisan cheeses, but soon began making their own fresh cheese. They are dedicated to using local agricultural products that they continue to market.

Besides their cheeses, their store is full of local food products and handmade items such as carving boards, ceramics, and many other beautiful locally made gifts.They also have cheese & wine pairings, harvest dinners, and many other events. We tasted some of the cheeses that were made on site. Delicous!!! For more information go  716-789-5757


Riko believes that “Every piece of fine cheese that you savor has a story to tell”
The upper Crust Bakery Fredonia


After the cheese tastings, we were ready for lunch. Just a short drive later we arrived at the Upper Crust Bakery and Soup Co. on Main Street in Fredonia, New York.

Their sandwiches look so big, so I ordered a half of homemade tuna with a bowl potato soup. Of course when I looked in the desert case, just had to have one of their delights. Hard to make a decision. They had cinnamon buns, pecan buns, blueberry and raspberry clouds and much more. With my raspberry cloud enjoyed a fresh cup of espresso.

Everything looked so good, it was hard to pick

For more information call: (716) 672-2253 or their website is:

The next time that we return, we would like to visit the Lily Dale Assembly. We did take a drive overall, to the site and took a walked around. The summer season opens June 30th. The the website has information and the event schedule:

There are so many places that we missed. Check out:






Arts and Crafts Are Part of the Foundation of Our Nation!

He made me a broom! Love it!
A major display of local Kentucky pottery!

AmericanPressTravelNews-March 15th, –Kentucky–Bob and Barb “Stopping To Smell the Roses” (that are frozen right now!

Benches made at Berea College wood crafts dept.


Broom making at Berea College by first year student learning a new, unusual craft!
Bethany Butters, Potter! Makes delightful variations of all manner of pottery
So many hand made brooms for so many sweeper needs!

Food Glorious Food, Be it Seafood or Land Food That’s What We “Run” On!

AmericanPressTravelNews-February 9th, Bob & Barb On the Road Again in the Keys and also Virginia Beach. Its been heartening to know that many new entrepreneurs are going into the fish farming business. The demand for several fish species as well as “bottom crawlers” such as crab, Conch, lobster, shrimp is overwhelming today! Imagine, cobia farms, pompano farms, snapper, etc. Yes, these are setting up and a few ongoing already! See Florida Trend Magazine October 2016!!!!!!!