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Climb Aboard, No More Little Ones Falling Behind on Any Trip When Using the PiggyBack Rider

Piggyback Rider-5241-2
Safe and sound, the young “bar rider” is standing pretty on his dads back area. Supported by dads core strength the weight is so perfectly distributed that dad can do this all day long!
Contact PIGGYBACK RIDER for your own brochure with all details@
Contact PIGGYBACK RIDER for your own brochure with all details@

APtravelnews– December 27th, Port St Lucie, FL – Bob & Barb —we were at the International Gift Exposition in the foothills of the Smoky Mountains and met a dad comfortably walking the aisles with his son. What immediately came to mind was: “No dad, my feet are tired” “OK  where is my son now” the young boy was riding piggy back while standing up just behind his dads back. I chatted with this father and asked him where he purchased this PiggyBack Rider and why? He confirmed what I was already thinking: He said that these days, when out on the trail or going shopping (when he has to) he wants to know where his child is at all times. He takes a ferry, he travels, goes kite flying, fly fishing and enjoys a whole array or outdoor pursuits and wants to share this with his son. When his child gets tired and complains his feet are hurting, voila this PiggyBack Rider allows him to stop the whining and let them both enjoy the journey, short or as long as it might be.

At this writing, I now can think of dozens of reasons why this dad invented it and mom approved! American ingenuity at its best, this item is great for children 2 and half years old, and older kids up to 60-pounds in weight. The PiggyBack Rider is the worlds first and only, standing child carrier, and it functions similar to a standard backpack. The unit has a shoulder-strap mounted sturdy aluminum foot bar. With integrated grab handles and a safety harness for security. The excellent idea works just excellent! In use, the child’s weight is distributed at your body core, allowing a natural upright walking posture, while children love the height advantage, rest and quality time with their mom, dad, or relative.  A great reason for using this carrier is that it’s also a platform for a child to be able to bond and learn about all manner of outdoor pursuits, safely! Dad and mom can show and tell in hobbies such as bird watching, fishing, archery as just a few examples as well as a child have a great advantage in viewing street events like parades and visits to the zoo, etc.

The padded unit with a chest strap,  features four secure hand holds, and a child safety harness that tethers to the carrier as well as also sporting a wide spaced bar for stability. This carrier is designed as a unisex item, so mom or dad can use it. The whole item is only 3-pounds-about the size of a rolled up towel and fits in a custom carry bag.

See my next post showing some Hollywood movie folks enjoying their unit, while their kids are enjoying being up close with mom and dad and loving it!  Take a look at their website: or go ahead and order at: 301-541-3744 also go  and go “ride the bar.” They have new colors and there are Deluxe models and standard models.

Imagine never have to stop and wait while your child dawdles and doesn't keep up on hike or at the zoo!
Imagine never have to stop and wait while your child dawdles and doesn’t keep up on hike or at the zoo!

Update: November 28th-Click-It Hot Use It Cold Too! A Simple, Quite Possibly Life-Saving Product For This Time of Year!

Barb and Dennis man the Click-It booth in Sevierville, TN.
Barb and Dennis man the Click-It booth in Sevierville, TN.

APtravelnews-November 28th, UPDATE* PSL, FL—Barb and I left our TN. farm again after spending several days at International Gift Exposition in Sevierville, TN.  This time for our home in FL. While in TN, we were there assisting with wholesale sales and demonstrations of a really useful, simple and heartwarming (as well as the rest of your body from head to toe) rendition of hand warmers, to back and shoulder size warmers, of Click-It Hot Use it Cold soft, reusable units. When we see something truly worthy of our time and efforts, we like to get involved. We were amazed at the hand warmers that are activated by clicking a little metal concave coin with ridges, and watching and feeling the heat surging within seconds, and so were those who we demonstrated  them to.

Take a look at Click-It Hot Use It Cold at:




APtravelnews-Book Reviews—November 20th, Port St Lucie, FL.—From Correspondent Bob Epstein, Book Reviews—When I received the following two books from the Princeton University Press, Princeton and Oxford, I knew just from the cover on in, they would make fine educational and enjoyable reads!

“The Amazing World of Flyingfish”  by Steve N.G. Howell  was an edifying and exciting read.  Having an extensive knowledge of offshore fishing myself, and always amazed when a school of flyingfish took off spooked by my moving boat, or by predators such as billfish, dolphin fish and raiding tuna, this fine, 45-page book describes in photography and true researched words of knowledge, by someone even more detailed and excited by these marvels of nature, only enhanced my enthusiasm more when before reading this book, the little bit I did know, blended with my new education of just how incredible these small fish are. In all the oceans, seas and waterways of the world, only Exocoetus volitans named by Carolus Linnaeus in 1758, truly fly, well actually glide, and truly zoom over the waves and ocean swells to escape from being eaten.

Early Mediterranean sailors actually thought that “Exocoetus” meaning; “sleeping outside” in Greek, from the belief that these flyingfish left the oceans to sleep on shore at night. The amazing facts about these fish are embodied in this “little big book of knowledge” about them, and the fascination they have been for airplane designers, to cooks in Barbados that serve them up as the specialty of the Island Nation.  There are 90 images, all interesting in their depictions of this, and a few other images of amazing sea creatures.


The book sells for $12.95 Check it out @:  or Google the name: “The Amazing World of Flyingfish.



The second book is about The Bee; A Natural History by Noah Wilson-Rich. “To be or not to be, that is the question”  and when Shakespeare penned that question in centuries past, I know he did not have the honey bee in mind, but today because of the terrific threat to the Bee’s existence all over the world, this eminently important insect, that gives you the very fruits of the vine and tree, (BIBLICAL: “THE LAND OF MILK & HONEY”), the flowers of the field and forest and so much more is in great danger of disappearing altogether.

“Earth is home to 20,000 bee species, ranging from flourescent-colored orchid bees and sweat bees, to flower-nesting squash bees and leaf-cutter bees. This book is the most accessible source of information about bee species, written for non-scientists by some of the world’s leading bee experts and researchers. Beautiful art- work compliments and clarifies the text, which is kept brief enough to cover as much information as possible, while keeping general readers engaged. If you eat food (ha) you need to know about bees. This little critter pollinates fruit, veggies and seed crops that we humans need and rely on to survive. Bees are dying at an alarming rate. Understanding the complex interactions between bees and agriculture, environment, and humans influences how we address food supply questions, agricultural economics, and development in the U.S. and elsewhere in the world!” Just remember too, no bees, no flowers! The book has 224 pages, in hardcover it is 8 x 9, and costs $27.95. Check out Google  with The Bee A Natural History by Noah Wilson-Rich, with contributions from Kelly Allin, Norman Carreck & Andrea Quigley. 


Knives The Worlds First and Most Important Tools of Survival & Pleasure

My "Good Old" new Buck. If your into knives, you never have enough models to use and admire!
My “Good Old” new Buck. If your into knives, you never have enough models to use and admire!

APtravelnews-Knoxville, TN.-September 21st–Without a doubt, the knife and all its iterations (swords, spear heads, sharp blades, both fixed and folding) for a myriad of needs down through the history of man on earth, is probably the most important evolving  innovation in history. Today, knives are used and also collected by millions of people throughout the world (I just sent a collector in Germany, a military Swiss Army Knife style item from the 1930’s) Today, knives are also big business, very big business indeed! Knives are a multi-billion dollar business-all manner of folders and hunting style knives are bought in shops, mail order, on e-bay, Amazon, privately through collectors, etc. Frankly, as an outdoors oriented person who fishes, hunts, plays with throwing knives and hatchets as a hobby, or any other of mine, and others pursuit in the outdoors, or of course, indoor sports such as carving, I wouldn’t leave home without my trusty blade. For today, I’m profiling a few knives that would work for anyone heading out on a hike, to fish, hunt, camp or just have with them for even the mundane opening of a letter, box or cutting a thread or rope. The following three knives are all hunter, (will profile folders at a later date) non-folders:

Buck Knives have always been a standard of excellence and when I first met Buck Senior, he told me that “excellence is always what we strive for to be the best at what we do to make “keeper” knives that become heirlooms.” This Buck Omni Hunter is part of Chuck’s family of sportsmen and womans knives. Specs: 7 ¾ overall with a 3 ¼ 420 HC Stainless Drop Point blade. Handle: Black rubberized thermoplastic with a lanyard hole. Heavy Nylon belt sheath MSRP: $45.95


Kershaw Antelope Hunter ll,  is a fine tool of a knife it comes in hunter orange and black. You can trust the finger grooved co-polymer handle to stay firmly in your hand through the thick and thin of blazing your trail.Specs:  overall length is 8 1/8 with a 3 5/8—8Cr13 MoV Stainless steel blade. Finger grooved Co-polymer handle in orange or black. It comes with a leather belt sheath MSRP: $34.95

Shrade SharpFinger comes in a brown, orange or camo handled stainless steel knife. I personally have an originally made knife for the past 3-decades and think it is the most ergonomic knife in my collection. As its namesake says, it is really like an extension of the index finger allowing precision in cutting open a fish or any cutting job at home or on the trail. A great knife to carry anytime! Specs: 7-inch overall length full tang for strength. The 3 ½ stainless steel blade is Cr 17 MoV High Carbon. A through- the- tang -lanyard hole. MSRP:  $25.95

Shrade always comes through! This neat knife is one I carry often around the farm!
Taylor Made Kershaw, a fine knife that works for anyone needing a reasonable priced non-folder!