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The Carriage Inn Bed & Breakfast – Charles Town, West Virginia – A Beautiful Place

Donn & Marie Davis, owners of the Carriage Inn  B & B were spectacular hosts. On a scale of 1-10-they were an eleven! They treat their guests as true family! We saw it with other guests, not just ourselves.
The young lady business woman loves to stay at this B&B. She feels safe and happy compared to cold motels and hotels. We love the breakfasts that are made to order, hot and tasty-home-made. Marie truly made us the best breakfast of our trip to W.VA. – June 20 – West, VA. Bob and Barb “Stopping to Smell the Roses” and “On the Road Again.” This time at the Carriage Inn, Historically significant bed & breakfast. We felt the history here in the footsteps of Pres. George Washington’s brother home-a truly historic place to visit. The building is on the Federal Register of Historic Places visited by Southern Generals, Lee, Jackson, Stuart, Ashby and Northern Generals Sheridan and Grant. The rooms are large and comfortable as they were two Centuries ago.  Today, with TV and Internet access, modern electricity and toiletry, so expected and important to us and every visitor as well. Note: they have excellent high speed internet. We enjoyed visiting Harpers Ferry and the Antietam Battlefields. Our visit was too short and we will come back with our bikes, so we can enjoy the countryside. Barb did try her luck at the Charles Town Casino (although we ran out from the smoke smell). The nearby Potomac River is full of small mouth bass. I fly fished a portion of it. 48-catch and release bass.

Delicious asparagus stuffed eggs and real home-made muffins. I still miss her perfectly done bacon!
Our comfy room! It had a fireplace, full bath and great internet and tv.
Washington, General Lee, Sherman were a few of the famous historic figures who sat in this room.
These historic Civil War Generals and officers met at the Historic Carriage Inn in 1860’s.

The Innkeepers Donn and Marie Davis  (304) 728-8003 or (800) 867-9830. They were a delight! We enjoyed their wonderful breakfast in their historic dining room. Check out their website: 



Hotel Roanoke, a VA. Blue Ridge Great Hotel, Great Chef and Excellent Managers and Staff & More

Hotel manager and our waitress greeting us with a delicious entree. Definitely our favorite restaurant in Roanoke!!

AmericanPressTravelNews-June 5th,–Roanoke, VA. Virginia’s Blue Ridge at the Roanoke, Hotel-Bob and Barb “Stopping to Smell the Roses.” Barb and I made our way to the restaurant for dinner. We had been here several years back and remembered the excellent meal and time we had at the Hotel and its amenities, including their excellent restaurant.  We followed the hill-top overlook star to one of our favorite cities; Roanoke in Virginia’s Blue Ridge. So many great things to see and do here, and the people are so obviously outgoing to locals and visitors alike-we like “friendly” as a genuine attitude, we find it here. VISITVBR.COM

Chesapeake sea food melange of shellfish! Beyond great!
At the transportation museum. Headline: Amtrak will begin passenger traffic again through Roanoke after a hiatus of over 45-years…








Our stay at the Black Lantern Inn B&B (540-206-3441) allowed us to easily reach all venues we wished to visit during our stay in Roanoke. Downtown Roanoke was one of our biggest treats. At the market area we had lunch at Nawab enjoying a taste of Indian Cuisine (oh, so for real) and then headed for City Center. How about a pinball museum where you can play as much as you want on a hundred, vintage blasters and banger’s-we loved this and so will you with this “blast from the past.” (stay tuned, more articles and images from Roanoke to come)





We were greeted warmly and presented with a chocolate slice of double, double chocolate torte!!!
Pinball machines, you can still find them in out- of- the- way old time roadside restaurants and coffee shops, but they are now outdated by the new cell phone and Android gaming generation! Here at the Pinball Museum you can play these oldies but goodies to your hearts and finger flippers content!
Holy Cow; look at what we found at the Science Museum! We found a politician that whined at us!

Roanoke’s Black Lantern Inn Bed & Breakfast Excellent & Friendly Place to Stay

Chris and Jayne Andrews, new wonderful owners of the Black Lantern Inn
Breakfast was a healthy treat. Coffee tasted like “real” coffee, the true organic breakfast fruit plate was delicious, brioche was special, the apple egg dish was superb (her moms and grandma’s old delicious recipe) all in all a memorable and socially wonder experience talking and getting to know each other.

American Press Travel News–May 31st, Roanoke, VA.-Bob and Barb “On the Road Again” and “Stopping to Smell the Roses.” Barb and I love to stay in really wonderful mom and pop accommodations, and finding such is like picking up that silver dollar in a parking lot. No, not because these type of stop-overs are extremely rare, but finding just the right one may be if you go in “cold.” What we look for is personality, and real friendliness-people that like people. So when we were told by our hostess to the area in the guise of Convention and Visitors Bureau Media Specialist; Taylor Ricotta about this nice couple who recently purchased the Black Lantern Inn, who would enjoy inviting us to spend a couple of nights at their place while we worked on our VA. travel articles, we said “yes.”The Inn has 3-accommodation rooms. We were offered the entire 3rd floor called the “Skyline Room with en suite bathroom, king size bed, sofa, writing desk and a flat screen TV. Call for prices.  Rooms are $125 and up to less that $200 per night which includes breakfast for two. Great impeccable baths, fabulous urban surroundings and chirping birds off the porches, make this a memorable and relaxing interlude for any traveler and visitor to Roanoke, VA. There is a large amount of history to be able to explore in Roanoke. We honed in on railroading. The Museum of Transportation is a worthy visit. Replete with dozens of retired trains and transportation equipment, children of all ages from 4-100 would love this easily accessible museum.  The Black Lantern Inn is tops with us for a B&B. The people: Terrific! The rooms: Excellent! The breakfasts: Perfect! The Inn is located at 1526 Franklin Road SW in Roanoke, VA. 24016 


Picture for the Week!

Trip to Arctic to do under water photography with Olympus Digital and my designed camera housing.


jack Montague Fly Fishing School in Boca Grande!!!!!!
Thailand has the biggest carp in the world. Hint up to 600-pounds. This was a small one!
Wounded Warrior Project trip I made to photograph Vets catching fish in Kodiak Alaska.
Some of my African items collected in the Congo during my two year trip to the very dark continent, that’s still very dark and scary for far too many people and animals alike!
Dinner at Big Cedar Lodge, a Johnny Morris resort….