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Seminole Casino Hotel in Immokalee, Florida

We won! We won! just a bit of gambling to say to ourselves that we did take a chance with a few quarters. And, it bought back a local luncheon for us in Immokalee!

American Press Travel News–March 11th,- Seminole Casino and Hotel, Immokalee, FL.-Bob and Barb “On the Road Again” – Barb and I like a great sing-along and between the Coasters and the Platters, we had one, actually hundreds of attenders did too!  

Multiple Showtime on a large screen, a bed anyone can be comfortable in, updated to ultra modern fixtures and am AC that didn’t wake the dead!
The Platters show had many dancing in the isles! Oldies but immensely nostalgic goodies on full display!
Ah,, the pool! It was warm enough for us to enjoy! Clean and clear with a head and shoulder waterfall!!!!
No time for use in an overnight for us! Too busy dancing to the Platters. But, this exercise room was all there just before a swim!

We were in the lands of the Seminole Tribe of Florida: They are the “Unconquered Warriors, having never given in, or up to the American Government. They never entered to signing a treaty-the only tribe in America who did not! This is the tribe that paved the way for Native American gaming in in the country more than 25-years agoToday the Seminole Casinos, hotels and other enterprises employ 7,000 employees, and purchase more than $130.3 million in goods and services. Their new hotel in Immokalee, FL, where we stayed this past Saturday night was as modern and comfortable as any we have ever stayed in. The bed, bathroom and room amenities right down to the delightfully double bed lights, were first rate. We loved this hotel! We didn’t have a chance to dine, as the wait for restaurant on this Saturday night during prime winter time and the fact that the Coasters and the Platters were also on the menu, had this place “jumping.” For info: go: 1800-218-0007

The shower was the warm rain, the size was campable, the water handle was easy enough and safe enough for even a monkey to use without a hitch!

The casino is easily accessible from anywhere in Florida!!


David With the Nuns-Walls of His Hotel and Room Are Covered with Pretty Nun Images

Dave taking selfies in Holland!

American Press Travel News-March 9th, Breda, Holland-Correspondent- David Epstein–The next stop on my business trip was Breda, about an hour half toward the west in the Netherlands.  I’m staying at the Hotel Nassua Breda on Niewustratt Street. This street is one of the oldest streets in Breda dating back to 1350. The hotel sits at 21 Niewstratt, which was first owned by Bruheze family and sold to Lambrecht, lord of Waelwijc in 1539, which is how it got its original name, Huis Waelwijk. 

Through the years the house was owned by private owners until 1805, it was then purchased by the Parrish of Holy Anthony and converted to an orphanage.  In 1849 the Order of Franciscan Sisters settled in, and renamed the house Het Liefdegesticht “Asylum of love”.  In 1903 they bought the next door soap factory, and created a neo-Gothic chapel. They further kept expanding through 1950, which gave the huge complex the final shape.  This created a huge Labyrinth behind several combined homes that is now Hotel Nassua Breda, opened in 2016. 

Taking a stroll in the farmlands!

 The Hotel is ultra-modern like any high-end hotel, however it fields tons of old character, every corner is a new experience, There are Nun pictures on every wall. They also offered a great breakfast, overlooking one of the old chapels that is now a delightful meeting space for the Hotel.  I checked in without a working TV, which turned out perfect, as it forced me to get out and visit this old historic town at night. Different from the big city of Amsterdam, it is quiet and by 6 PM  everything is closed with the exception of some Restaurants, so families can be together. 

Roll up the streets by 6 pm. Dutch spend maximum time at home with family!

 I was able to take a day, and a few free nights to tour the area which has 60 plus restaurants within a 5 minute walk in this city center. Driving around the local towns, all take you back when life was a little simpler. Some of the farms which lack fences mostly as the homes and land are divided by canals still have useable windmills.  Locals take great pride in 100’s of years of family owned property that is passed down through generations. You won’t see school buses, but paths and shared roads for school aged, and adults to ride bikes miles to get to work or school. Parents used push bikes were everywhere taking young children along for the ride.  

So many interesting views in Holland. Dave and one of his selfies!

 Walking around the city, history is everywhere, cathedrals, old forts, homes with great architecture and all were close walks from my hotel.  The city, as in most in Europe are all full of walking paths, and all thought out, to bring local towns people together.  

Businesses advertise in a big way in Holland!


David in the Netherlands

Yes, felt like and was treated like a King! 

AmericanPressTravelNews   3/4/18–Correspondent, David, my son is in the Netherlands-Guess he’s there to go ice fishing! He’s an adventurer-chip off his old dad! Today he wrote the following piece about his stay at Hotel Van ORANJE in Noordwijk aan Zee Netherlands. Well dad, this was a great find while, just 15 minutes from the hustle and bustle of Amsterdam. Going to the beach in minus 2- degrees would seem not to be such a good idea in the U.S., but when you can take advantage of great, 5 -star hotel with 6 incredible restaurants, why not.

Traveling alone, I still felt like a star at this place. I was even given a personalized note telling me to enjoy my Dutch Royal Stay, and it was certainly that for 140 Euros.  I enjoyed the facilities indoor pools, saunas, steam rooms, and a gym setup for an athlete.  I certainly enjoyed a great dinner at the Restaurant Dutch. After my hot shower, I just asked for 4-course dinner, and sat back. Ah, the food was delivered and explained in great detail by the chefs protege. While biting down on an assortment of “great eats” I watched as table- side meals were being prepared for couples in suits and dresses, out for dates, and usual Saturday Dutch dinner revel in their special night out. I was just off the plane and thought the place was casual dress. Turned out to be no problema! Once my sumptuous dinner was complete, I strolled around and looked at the beautiful Rembrandt art, statues, and other gorgeously decorated restaurants on site. You can go horseback riding, windsurfing, hiking and just about any sport including golfing here.

A dessert that I will never forget!

After talking with some of the staff, and of course, while the summer is warmer, it just didn’t matter how cold it was- you still enjoy this beautiful Hotel! Dad, I swear me and all guests around me are truly treated like kings and Queens. I learned that Europe (or at least this incredible slice of heaven in the Netherlands) had it all over too many watered down, and bleached out other resort hotels I’ve visited in the U.S. and around the world in my travels. And my room;it was fantastically comfortable!! Address is: Koningin Wilhelmina Blvd 20 2202 GV Noordwijk, Netherlands tel. 3171 367 6869


One of 4-courses was a chicken dish. The sauce, ah, the sauce!
A slice of sea bass to write home about. I guess I just did!
Everything was so clean and beautiful! Felt like I was in “old Europe.”

Images for Weekend

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AmericanPressTravelNews-March 2nd, -Bob’s articles in Spring Edition of New Pioneer! Magazines can be bought on-line and at major big box food and hardware stores across America. Note* Walmart, Publics, Loews, carry this magazine as well as Sams Club too!