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What is An Estuary? In Port Charlotte Waters Near the Bay are Called Estuarian

AmericanPressTravelNews-Feb. 25th-Port Charlotte, FL-Bob and Barb “Stopping to Smell the Roses and the Gulf of Mexico.” The waters of Charlotte Harbor are called an “Estuary.” Quiet waters that provide habitat for unknown number of creatures. So many sea birds, crustaceans, fish, mammals, a million kind of invertebrates, water plants make their home and living in estuaries. The only dangers estuaries in the short-run face is man. When indigenous native Americans were the only human inhabitants, estuaries were relatively safe-havens for most living things, water quality and plants. Estuaries were balanced by these peoples not appreciably changing water-quality, they took what they could eat and use and left these habitats relatively untouched they lived and let live in the lands and waters. In early articles and books written in the 1800’s, the description of the amount of shore-birds, fish, crustaceans reaching to unimaginable numbers and varieties that today with the amount of  human so-called modern encroachment and amending of the channels, shorelines and water depths as in dredging, the wholesale netting and trapping, of crustacean and fish stocks, fuel and oils in the waters, boat propellers gouging out runs through the underwater fabric of the estuary and so many more intrusions and disruptions of the natural flows of these natural places.

Sea trout a favorite fish of millions! They can be found in estuarian waters.
A model Florida Crawfish aka, lobster. They live in a Florida estuary. But, just a bit smaller.
Snook live in estuaries!!! Best fish to eat. They taste great and eat only live things, so they are a healthful fish to enjoy!

Wahoo’s At Whale Harbor Marina “Rocks” With Great Foods and Bar-Friendliness

The Charter Boat Fleet at Whale Harbor! Note the wooden slats upper right. The great bar and grill of Wahoo’s is housed there!

AmericanPresstravelNews-Jan.16th, Bob and Barb “On The Road Again” at Whale Harbor Marina (home of the best fishing fleet in the Keys) and Wahoo’s Bar and Grill. When we visit a restaurant, lounge, bar and grill, cafe, we ask for one thing: are their offerings consistently good, at least good! Well, happily we have found over a period of times that Wahoo’s fare is better than “good” its actually “great!”  WE went for a surf and turf last night, a hot grilled Mahi (dolphin fish) over a melange of fresh fruits including mango, honey dew, cantaloupe, grapes, berries-never had fish this way and it was outstandingly deightful and also we felt we were eating great, but also very healthy (no sugary dressings necessary). When we saw Surf and Turf with Churasco Steak on the menu, we opted for this as our second entree’. The Florida lobster tail was big enough to share and it tasted terrific. I am very fussy about my “tail” it’s got to be firm, tasty and with all the right flavors. The steak was grilled medium with a crisp edge-WOW! So with our cool Key Lime Pina Colada was special with graham cracker edged glass instead of salt or sugar. Then it was time for dessert. Jody the very nice Director of food and drink recommended Key Lime Pie there way! So we dug into a portion of this iconic Keys offering. He was right, excellent pie and authentic. Whale Harbor is located at 83413 Overseas Hwy. Islamorada FL. 33036 (305)-664-9888


No fish or any other sauces or dressings necessary. Fresh is key! This was outstanding for anyone who wants to eat happy and healthy too!
Surf and Turf extraordinary! I don’t ooze great lightly. This was a fabulous meal!
We opt for zero alcohol in our business drinks, we are on the road and do not drink a drop when we know we will be driving a foot or a mile!
Note Wahoo written in syrup!
Yes, it was nightime! My new friends from Delaware at fiberglass photo tiger shark!

AL’s Goldfish Lure Co. Keeps Hooks Out of Headliners and Fingers

Mike Lee displays some of the great hook bonnets that his company sells through large and small outlets all over America. The bonnets fit over treble hooks that tend to catch a whole lot more than fish. Treble hooks catch fingers, lines of other rods, headliners and anything they come in contact with is endangers of being caught and not easily released without damage. Look for them at Bass Pro and other tackle emporiums.

Summer Warmth Also Strong Breeding Time For the Smallest of Critters that Can Really Get You SICK!

AmericanPressTravelNews--June 19th, -Goose Holler’ Farm, TN.–Bob and Barb “On the Road Again”–Well, really didn’t want to have the occasion to write this, however I am back home and starting to feel stronger again. So, whats the story? After eating out on the road again, this time in N. Georgia, we happened upon a likely restaurant that had a car parked out front during normal lunch hours. The operative words here are “a car.” Hint when a place in a very touristy town has “a car” during normal operation times, go else-where and find a place with at least 6 or more out front. Also, I try not to eat things that are covered or mixed with cheese, cheese can hide lots of bad stuff (that’s how French Cuisine got started) but this time I let my guard down and had a Phili-steak. The steak lasted for a few days in my highly compromised taste-buds, along with the rest of my body stasis, as the food poisoning did too! OK! I now have that off my nasty bucket list to tell you about. Eat Kosher, promise, you’ll thank me for it!

There are no images to go along with this! What would you expect?

Footnote: Now back at the farm, eating fresh off- the- vine, cherry tomatoes, my garlic, and home baked bread with Israeli olive oil, feeling like a million already!