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The Florida Keys, Please! For Real Fishermen, a Trip To America’s Caribbean Islands Is a Must!

Jennifer picked a winner of a dish too! Shrimp rice and Louisiana sausage. Looks so good I can eat again with someone else's stomach!
Eating fresh seafood’s in the Keys is dangerous! Why? After swooning to tastes that you just don’t find in a frozen thawed seafood place and fried to make it somewhat palatable, the fresh dishes in many Keys restaurants, rule!!! Its hard to go back to the garbage you had gotten used to on the mainland! 9th, Key Largo, FL.-Correspondent Brian E.on a “tear” to find his snapper dinner! When I go fishing, I look for fish that I can broil or saute fresh and sweet au natural! When my parents come down from further north in Florida, to visit, I make sure they can get a snook filet or a fine snapper baked up for them! I was raised in the Keys, and now I find myself going back to where I had the best time of anyone’s life; the Keys! 

For snapper or any predator, live or fresh shrimp, pilchards and the best, baby mullet are best baits! My success in catching, not just fishing is in direct correlation to being able to match the hatch, so to speak! Jigs, and other artificial’s such as spoons in active bait fish colors like lures from Al’s Goldfish, work great too, and often I just cannot get the baits I want, so I do rely on these artificial’s that really mimic the real thing, so I don’t go home empty handed for dinner! So much fishy waters, so many species to target, so many sunsets to relax in. Diane and I can’t wait to once again spend full-time in the Keys again!


A VIP Keys fishing buddy!
Even President Bush remembers using Al’s Goldfish Lures. He was a fan of Gaddabout Gaddis and watched the Flying Fisherman TV programs as so many dyed- in -the- wool anglers did too!


Earth Animal – A Natural Holistic Alternative To Pet Care

A wide array of great items for your pet dog!
A wide array of great items for your pet dog!

American Press Travel News – June 2 – We found this these products at the Global Pet Expo. Formulated by Veterinarian, Bob Goldstein. “Earth Animal” has a full line of Natural, Holistic Pet Care and animal health products for dogs and cats.

Presently Bob and I are located in Tennessee and the fleas and ticks are out in full force. Earth Animal has a full line of products for flea and tick prevention. Rather than having your dog or cat consume poison every month, they have a flea and tick powder as well as herbal drops that you can add to your pets food on a daily basis. They contain a special blend of herbs and minerals that helps defend against fleas and ticks from the inside out.  Additionally, they have an herbal spray that not only can you use on yourself, but of course on your pets, too!

They have a terrific line of treats for your pooch. Three different types of chicken cutlets. “Agility” includes glucosamine HCL, to sooth for healthy digestion. Soothe includes: probiotics. “Energy” includes: taurine,  L-Carnitine and vitamin E. All made with all natural chicken cutlets. They also have sweet potato slices for dental support.Includes: Brown Algae and oyster shell. For a real treat, they have No-Hide chicken and salmon chews. Made from humanely raised chicken and wild caught salmon.  “Earth Animal” offers many additional products.  Take a look at: www.EarthAnimal.com20160602_14082020160602_140808




Coffee From the JumpinGoat Coffee Roasters

P1060035American Press Travel News-May 29th, Nacoochee Village, Helen, GA.-Bob and Barb “On the Road Again.”

65 to 70-countries in the world grow coffee, and coffee grows best between the Tropic of Cancer and the Tropic of Capricorn. So what does that mean for us caffeine addicts? Well, as scientists have discovered more than 800 different aromatic compounds in coffee there’s no wonder addicts like us drinkers (150-million Americans alone)  really pay attention to an early morning, aromatic and tasty wakeup-call from “siren” coffee!

Oil is the first most traded commodity and coffee is 2nd. For over a thousand years coffee has been consumed, world-wide! Drinking a single cup of coffee provides 300 phytochemicals, which act as anti-oxidants and stay in the body for up to a month. Coffee beans are actually berries and it takes about 40 beans to make one Espresso cup. Dark coffee has less caffeine than from a light roast set of beans. Legends have it that goats actually discovered coffee berries (beans). Seems a herder noticed his goats jumping and running around happily and the herder noticed they had been eating coffee berries. More on coffee nest week, got to go get me a cup so I can jump around some more before I sit down in front of the computer again! 

Crawfish Dinner at the Pour House in Crossville, TN. was Excellent

Crawfish by the bowl-full to claw through, corn, Andounille sausage, potatoes, we didn’t order it, but our new friends shared the goodness!
We had a terrific crawfish dinner as good as if we were in LA.
We had a terrific crawfish dinner as good as if we were in LA.  

Americanpresstravelnews-May 28th, Goose Holler’ Farm, TN.– B n B ‘s (your aptravelnews writer/photographers)  Wedding Anniversary- OK! So what to do when you reach that day when your wedding anniversary rolls around? Well, you go out to a friendly, great food restaurant, eat and chat with fellow diners and have at least one beer!  That’s what we did yesterday, we went to the Pour House. Barb had cod, I had a shrimp Pour Boy sandwich and our friends the Limoges had the same. Sitting near us on benches for chairs (to encourage that neighborly atmosphere of congeniality and talk) we met several couples, some from TN. a some from Louisiana and some from Gatlinburg all coming to Crossville to enjoy the all-you-can-eat crawfish boil. We tasted everyone else meals, we talked, ate and drank in a very friendly, happy atmosphere! It was our first time at the Pour House with very reasonable prices, and we are going back as much for the food as for the relaxed friendly atmosphere! Ask us about this great spot!