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Photos of the Week!

Nichole Ellis releases a bonefish with her dad Gary!
Learning about hawks in TN.
Curt Gowdy lft. and Stu Apte at a Redbone dinner!
Barb poses with a Kodiak Bear. It liked her (almost for lunch)
Flash back to VT. Barb and the “boys” David and Brian more than 40-years ago.
Scuba Diving! A fantastic experience! 

New Fascinating Book “The Quotable Darwin” Is Out As Of November 15th, 2017


American Press Travel News-Nov 7th, -PSL, FL–Book Review by Bob Epstein for Princeton University Press’s “The Quotable Darwin.”  When Janet Browne decided to find out about all things, Charles Darwin she imagined that this man would have much to offer thinking men and women in contemporary times. Darwin was and is most remembered for his book: “On The Origin of Species.” 

She collected and edited every written word she could find. In 348-pages his actual quotes on all aspects of life and disciplines- a fascinating look and read into the mind of one the worlds great thinkers. Darwin was a botanist, a geologist and a caring husband and father. As an active correspondent, he once told his cousin that he liked to play billiards because “it drives the horrid species out of my head.” Browne’s book offers and intimate look at Darwin at work, at home, as a public figure, and on his world travels. Feel his humor, frustrations, exultation’s and “the mans special genius. His travels on the ship; the Beagle made history, and changed knowledge on all living things great and small, for all times!

The book offers a chronology of Darwin’s life by Browne’s, THE QUOTABLE DARWIN. It provides an engagingly new perspective on a remarkable man who thought heavily about the natural world. Natural Selection and Evolution became hot topics due to Darwin!

The author is the Aramont Professor of the History of Science at Harvard University. Her books include the acclaimed two-volume biography of Darwin, Charles Darwin: Voyaging and Charles Darwin: The Power of Place (both Princeton published) She lives in Cambridge, Massachusetts.    Again: The Quotable Darwin, Collected and edited by Janet Browne can be found at: ISBN; 9780691 the eBook/ 9781400888672 

Country Inn & Suites By Carlton, Port Charlotte, FL.–Nov. 5th,-Port Charlotte, FL. Host hotel: Country Inn & Suites By Carlton.- Bob and Barb, on assignment. The project: learning about, photographing and writing a national article about a brand new, first ever, large, yet homey-friendly Solar Town. A town sprouted after 7-years of planning, and just two years of witnessing the “first shovel of earth” turned for the project turning fallow acres into a new town powered by the ubiquitous sunshine in S. Florida. (Note* stay tuned for a full article on Babcock Ranch Solar Town in upcoming article this coming week)

The Hotel: Country Inn & Suites by Carlton was perfect! Great people, perfect room and bath, wonderful breakfasts, excellent WiFi, quiet enough to sleep, a pool and hot tub, workout room and easy SAFE parking!  We enjoyed new movie on HBO, and there were several good restaurants within a minute of the Inn. This Country Inn & Suites is located in Port Charlotte, Fl 24244 Corporate Court Port Charlotte, FL. 33954  just off I-75. Phone: 941-235-1035 

Small Mouth Bass As Exciting as Any Freshwater Game Fish

Our Guide Scott Callen with a 6-pound smallie.

AmericanPressTravelNews-July 4th, Goose Holler’ Farm/Ranch-Bob & Barb are Back from our amazing trip to Lake Chautauqua, and Lake Erie area of New York State. We enjoyed our week in the “Empire State” especially due to the fact there was water, water everywhere (try standing on the shore of Lake Erie without wonderment in your being) and I most enjoy giving priority to places that have water features, as my hot passion for fishing has been hot since my grandfather David Schwartz showed me the way of the “fin.”   When Dave Barus set a fishing trip on Lake Erie out of Dunkirk Launch, Dave Barus, also an outdoors writer of some fine repute, from ” Share the Outdoors, and Chautauqua County Visitors Bureau ( with our guide Scott Callen and his new 22-foot bass boat. 

Pulling the boat after a great morning of smallmouth bass action.

I knew my rod would bend, and my joy and excitement level would also rise. It was a blustery day, and we had to continually move back over the waters, where a huge gaggle of smallmouth bass were coming off the beds as we drifted and cast our guides rubber/plastic minnow creations in blues, greens, yellows and whites. The smallies loved em! When a small mouth bass hits its usually more of s slam-bang affair than a sip and move off, as with largemouth bass, most times. These bass jump, pull down and really put up a strong battle. Smallmouth live in colder waters than its cousin the largemouth and I believe they are more active and less lethargic than the warmer water largemouths.  For more information about all things Chautauqua County go: You may also go:


Yours truly with a large smallmouth that pulled the rod tip under more than a few times. All our fish were captured and released from a special rubberized net that does not damage the fish’s scales and slime.
Writer and Fishing and Hunting Consultant, for Promotions of Chautauqua County Visitors Bureau; Dave Barus with a hefty smallmouth bass.