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Keys Real Estate and Rental Group Trying to Assist After Irma

Los Cayos=(Those Bones) as the Spanish called the Keys Hundreds of years ago! 1st-Islamorada, FL. Keys–Recently the whole world viewed and anguished over a natural weather and earth set of disasters-namely hurricanes and earthquakes. One hard hit area-the Florida Keys took it on the chin with winds and surges, before Irma headed for the rest of FL., Keys residents received nearly as hard a hit, as the area ever had. Yes, there have been worse storms and far more deaths, as in the 1935 Labor Day disaster that even blew a train off the tracks that linked mainland Florida with all the habitable islands in the Keys chain-over 500 people died in that one. Irma pummeled Puerto Rico, then Harvey slammed a left and right punch, and nearly finished this country of 3.5-million off, which probably will never recover fully.

Taking into consideration there is a need for housing, as so many homes and apartments were damaged and are uninhabitable, at least one group in the small town of Islamorada and surrounding Keys; Coastal Vacation Rentals of The Florida Keys is trying to match locals,  residents and would-be visitors with clean, livable rentals as a bridge, or permanently  for their needs and quiet peace and enjoyment of their lives. David at Coastal Vacation Rentals is doing just that!   I asked David (yes, he’s my son) if he has has weekly, monthly and yearly rentals from traditional island homes and apartments, to some of those local swank homes available as vacation abodes for the highly discriminating vacationers, both Bayside or Oceanside, and inland as well?  Dave told me that “if we don’t have what locals and visitors are in need of, we will find it for them”  David has called Keys home of 40-years. After leaving for military service, he is now transitioning back to the Keys full time, and is working with Coastal Vacation Rentals of the FL Keys. One of his major specialties in the Military was Logistics. Generals and Colonels relied on David and his crews to “gettin er done.” And he never let them down. He is bringing his strengths in Logistics to doing this too, as far as getting it done, for whoever works with him and his team in the keys, as well.

In the military, he knows how to make it happen in disaster, or during quiet times too!. So finding the rental of house, boat and offering full concierge services is a cake-walk for him. Sure I am his father, and who better knows what his son is capable of? I’m sure after Irma’s visit and the fact that he was brought up in the Florida Keys, he knows the ins and outs of the Upper Keys, and has a tremendous support group of others, also brought up in the fabulous Florida Keys, just a keystroke away from helping him, making it happen.  While Hurricane Irma has taken out some of the resorts, David spent time before and after the latest natural disaster both for Keys Emergency Management needs and tourism housing there. It would be is a great opportunity for anyone working with David to hit a homerun in finding whatever their needs are in The keys this year. Be assured the Keys will be more desirable this winter then ever.  Less people, more fish and  perfect, personalized service. NOTE: CURRENTLY DAVID IS DIRECTOR OF EMERGENCY MANAGEMENT FOR THE UNITED STATE AIR FORCE!



Crab claws and gals in the Florida Keys!

Comments On 9/11 On 9/11

American PressTravel News-9/11- A day in Infamy!–I was in Polk County FL. on 9/11 in a motorhome we used to escape the hurricane season and the heavy summer humidity. River Ranch, FL has great pools and I bass fished all over the large property on the Kissimmee River. That morning I had a muffin with cream cheese, got my fly rod and was about to head out fishing. As I opened the door to leave I heard the sound that TV news puts out heralding a Special Report. I closed the door, sat down and thought I was viewing an Arnold Schwarzenegger movie ad for his new movie about terrorists that were going to blow-up buildings, and he was going to try and stop them.  But, as the commentator showed great agitation and excitement, I realized what I saw crashing into the Twin Towers was REAL!  I realized almost immediately that the world never be the same again. Unfortunately, I was correct!


Hurricane Irma; Nature’s Way of Sweeping the Floor, But also Uniting Peoples Suddenly Thrust Into Survival Mode

Once bucolic, now gone with the wind!

American Press Travel News–9/8/2017-Wolf Howl Farms, TN.–Barb and I for many years head from Florida to TN for spring through the fall, and return to FL. for winter. As former Lead Photographer for FEMA, I have learned first hand, that the fight or flight ingrained in our survival tool set genetically, should be kicking in right now. You can’t fight nature’s wrath, she will win everytime. So now is the time to get away from what should be very clear to everyone in harm’s way that Irma is one big, bad tough storm. What I saw was so many spawned tornadoes that killed many dozens of people in each of the hurricane disaster I was tasked to cover for the Pres. and the Congressional Record. I covered all facets in many directions and learned run from a fight you just cannot win! So GET OUT of the way NOW!