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Pictures of the Week

American Press travel News–11/17/17—-FL.-Bob & Barb “On the Road Again” and “Stopping to Smell the Roses.” Dining and fishing around our great country!

Jose Wejebe was a wonderful guy and angler. He is gone now in a plane crash and the young man in his teens is also gone now. He succumbed to CF.

Edwards Waterhouse Inn – Fredonia, New York Full of Antiques, But Modern Living too!

This egg dish was baked and was the best egg dish we had on our trip to New York!
To us, a porch means more than just sitting outside. Its a social area where you can visit on the street with passersby’s
Welcoming all who wished to rest their weary bones-The Edward Waterhouse Inn.
Detail of our stairway to our vintage decor suite room!
The way it used to be. Big homes, bigger families, big charm and now today, a fine Inn!
The Peterson’s in relax mode! But not for long when you own and operate an spectacularly run Inn!
A delightful sitting room, comfy and beautifully appointed!
Detail of a unique bronze statue on the bottom bannister pole!
Enjoying me coffee, thank you!
Fresh sweet fruit always a welcome starter to a fine breakfast!
Three little stacks of the most delightful European style , light and delicious pancakes. They were really something great! – July 3rd, Bob & Barb writing from home at our Goose Holler Farm/Ranch–This home was built in 1853 by Francis Smith Edwards. The property passes through several hands before it was sold to John A. Waterhouse in 1885. He transformed the home from a square Italian villa, into the current Queen Anne style by 1888. John Waterhouse’s wife took on a mortgage and opened the home as a Sanitarium, offering cures for those suffering from alcoholism, tobacco or drug addiction. They sold the home in 1898 to the Steam’s family. The Steams sold the home to the Fredonia Teachers College for student housing. It changed hands again until Jeff Peterson, and Maggie Bryan Peterson purchased the home approximately 14 years ago. They restored the home to it’s original beautiful condition turning it into an Inn. Jeffrey Peterson co-owner with Maggie Bryun Peterson said that “We didn’t so much take possession of the house, in a way, it took possession of us.” The house is really built-14-inches of solid brick, a turret room, porches all the way around most of the first floor, delightful sitting rooms and a library room, very large dining area and the rooms were commodious and  well appointed in a modern touch that blended with the antiques and early furniture. The breakfast meals were amazing! 

First of all, I/we love real coffee that tastes and smells like it. The Inn had it covered! All the morning dishes were tasty and exceptionally well conceived and prepared. Jeff Peterson is a perfectionist and it showed in everything he did. Turning down the beds, creating the meals with Maggie-we were mightily impressed. Nothing was taken for granted. We were in the town of Fredonia and the streets were laced with great stores and several restaurants. Our walk was punctuated by meeting a few of the locals who were all friendly and wanting to tell us tourists all about their lovely town, just up the road from Lake Erie! Go:   This terrific B&B is located at 71 Central Ave. Fredonia, N.Y. 14063 Give a call to (716) 672-6751 or (716) 485-3388








The White Carrot Restaurant in Mayville, New York Par Excellance

AmericanPressTravelNews-June 29th, Team Bob and Barb back home at Goose Holler’ Farm after “Stopping to Smell the Roses” in Upstate New York-While there we enjoyed the wonderfully upscale “The  White Carrot”, fine dining restaurant.

Chef/Owner Brian Kienld has got it “going on.” Paring various wines to each of 3 or 7-courses of true French cuisine, will make for a great evening taking your honey out for any special occasion. Barb and I had a great time here. Out back, there are tables on their covered patio deck, or eat inside with AC. The pond and water geyser fountain was beautiful. Veggies & herbs growing organically in the chefs special garden, friendly and attentive wait staff, soaring ceilings and a bar to call home about, too! Now here were the delicious  food offerings: We tried a Korean BBQ Pork Belly. Sour Cream & onion potatoes, red onion Agrodolce. It was paired with Katherine Goldschmidt Cabernet, California 2014. The Garden Plate was a celebration of great veggies and the salad was paired with Fontana Candida Pinot Grigio, Italy 2015. We eventually finished off our meals with Strawberry Panna Cotta. Strawberry biscuits. The Mazza Ice Wine, a Lake Erie, wine product 2013 was extraordinary. All in all, Barb and I experienced a true, Haute cuisine extravaganza!  Check out The White Carrot at 716-269-6000 4717 Chautauqua-Stedman Rd. Mayville, NY 14757 

Barb loved this place!
The back area of the restaurant.
Sous VidLoin of Lamb. Lentil Puree. Arikara Beans. Pickled Onion. Paired with Mazza Chautauqua, Cellars Shiraz, Lake Erie, 2014.
Salmon Crudo. Lemon Curd. Orange. Oregano. This dish was paired with Mazza Sparkling Chardonnay, , Lake Erie, 2014. This one of the 7 courses offered at the White Carrot.
Poached Foie Gras. Puffed Grains. Umami Broth paired with Rivarose Sparkling Rose, France.
Mushroom Farro. Stuffed with 4-year old Gouda & Summer Truffles. San Lorenzo Chianti, an Italian wine 2015 was paired with this dish.