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Happy Independence Day, July 4th,2017 to All America and All Our Fine Readers and Supporters

Staying on the farm this week!









AmericanPressTravelNews- July 3rd, Bob and Barb NOT “On the Road Again” today!

We are at our Goose Holler’s farm/ranch in TN., and with this post want to invite everyone to the idea that we all need to fight for our independence by being good, yet wary Americans concerning all aspects of what too much government can mean for our continuing independence. This is NOT a political statement, it is a warning to never be complacent, as we have seen for the past nearly two years. Now again, not being political, but being an American first, I wish everyone as much peace as possible for our quiet and happiness in our homes, neighborhoods, state and nation. Respect our flag symbol, respect our President, respect our veterans and by all means possible, show your support for our law enforcement folks all over the great U.S.A.




The beginning of making a nation! “Go West young man” was once the mantra, but now today “make America Great Again” is the mantra.

Miss Kitty the horse at Goose Holler’ and Jesse the dog love each other and live in peace, why can’t we?
Our holiday lunch!


Pictures of the Week!

Left to right_ Spider Woman, Spirit Hawk Bob and Awano, our new friends at the Pow Wow.
Helen GA. and ladies following the hatchery truck!

Ah, the “Vette” more guys and gals have crooned over this car than any other car!
Flying motor-cross!

Book Review: “Raptors of Mexico & Central America” (Many found in N.America)

AmericanPressTravelNews-March 18th, PSL, FL. Bob and Barb “Checking Out the Sweet Bird of Paradise” in a book review. The book title is Raptors of Mexico and Central America, and it is published by the Princeton University Press ( Accolades by those that know Raptors are all over the place. One in particular is from Sergio Seipke, Raptours: “Accurate, comprehensive, and authoritative” were his comments. The clan of the “Raptors are among the most challenging birds to identify in the field due to their bewildering variability of plumage, flight silhouettes, and behavior patterns. Raptor of Mexico and Central America, Raptor photographer William S. Clark and renowned bird artist, N. John S. Schmitt, is the first illustrated guide to the regions 69 species of raptors, including vagrants. It features 32 stunning color plates and 213 color photos, and a distribution map for each regularly occurring species. Detailed species accounts describe key identification features, age-related plumages, status and distribution, subspecies, molts, habitats, behaviors, potential confusion species, and more”, according to Andrew DeSio at the Princeton Press. If your a birder, this is your guide!! This 272-page paper book has 32-color plates, 213-color photos, 3-line illustrations, 64-maps, It will be published April 26th, 2017. go: 

I/we have always loved and admired the wild and free raptors that fly over my TN. farm. I am absolutely loving this book! Many of these raptors are also found in N.America, many are not! The book is a treasure house of knowledge!

Goose Holler Farm When We Stop to Smell the Roses After Being on the Road Again

Marsha’s dog Jesse, an Australian Border Collie, matches Miss Kitty in the black and white department!
Totally love Miss Kitty! Gentle and sweet, this is a horse everyone can love! She lives on the paddock, my barn and in my heart!
Farm chores have kept me nicely under two hundred pounds even though I eat like a horse.

AmericanPressTravelNews-Oct 10th, Goose Holler Farm, TN.- Bob and Barb getting some images for holiday cards! Meet Miss Kitty, she and her owner Marsha Mae Markes lives at the farm and we love them both! Now that Terry, my beloved little dog of 11-years is gone, we are spending a bit more time with Miss Kitty. She is helping mitigate the pain of our loss! My neighbors like me they get as much of the 80-pounds of manure Miss Kitty Makes every day!