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Snook harvest seasonal closure in Atlantic starts Dec. 15

Captain Joe Massaro from Stuart, FL. shows off a canal caught snook he photo'd and released.
Captain Joe Massaro from Stuart, FL. shows off a canal caught snook he photo’d and released.

APtravelnews-December 9, 2014-FL.-Compiled by Bob T. Epstein–For all you fishing enthusiasts who love Mr. and Mr.s Snook-The Snook harvest seasonal closure in Atlantic starts Dec. 15

The recreational harvest (commercial fishing for snook is always off season) season for snook closes Dec. 15 in Atlantic state and federal waters, including Lake Okeechobee and the Kissimmee River, and will remain closed through Jan. 31, 2015, reopening to harvest Feb. 1. Snook can be caught and released during the closed season. Why are snook an important and excellent, mostly close to shore sport-fish? They taste terrific, are active jumpers, are a premier sport-fish with an attitude and there are few anglers who turn up their noses at this fabulous fish. Earlier in the 20th Century they were fished hard and so plentiful (similar to cod) that they were taken in huge numbers. They almost disappeared from Florida waters. Today they are regulated and have made a big comeback. But, that is due to regulations that have helped this happen.

Gulf state and federal waters, including Monroe County and Everglades National Park, closed Dec. 1 and will reopen to harvest March 1, 2015.

This and other regular season closures are designed to help protect the species during vulnerable times such as cold weather.

For more information on snook, visit and click on “Saltwater Fishing” and “Recreational Regulations.”

Climb Aboard, No More Little Ones Falling Behind on Any Trip When Using the PiggyBack Rider

Piggyback Rider-5241-2
Safe and sound, the young “bar rider” is standing pretty on his dads back area. Supported by dads core strength the weight is so perfectly distributed that dad can do this all day long!
Contact PIGGYBACK RIDER for your own brochure with all details@
Contact PIGGYBACK RIDER for your own brochure with all details@

APtravelnews– December 27th, Port St Lucie, FL – Bob & Barb —we were at the International Gift Exposition in the foothills of the Smoky Mountains and met a dad comfortably walking the aisles with his son. What immediately came to mind was: “No dad, my feet are tired” “OK  where is my son now” the young boy was riding piggy back while standing up just behind his dads back. I chatted with this father and asked him where he purchased this PiggyBack Rider and why? He confirmed what I was already thinking: He said that these days, when out on the trail or going shopping (when he has to) he wants to know where his child is at all times. He takes a ferry, he travels, goes kite flying, fly fishing and enjoys a whole array or outdoor pursuits and wants to share this with his son. When his child gets tired and complains his feet are hurting, voila this PiggyBack Rider allows him to stop the whining and let them both enjoy the journey, short or as long as it might be.

At this writing, I now can think of dozens of reasons why this dad invented it and mom approved! American ingenuity at its best, this item is great for children 2 and half years old, and older kids up to 60-pounds in weight. The PiggyBack Rider is the worlds first and only, standing child carrier, and it functions similar to a standard backpack. The unit has a shoulder-strap mounted sturdy aluminum foot bar. With integrated grab handles and a safety harness for security. The excellent idea works just excellent! In use, the child’s weight is distributed at your body core, allowing a natural upright walking posture, while children love the height advantage, rest and quality time with their mom, dad, or relative.  A great reason for using this carrier is that it’s also a platform for a child to be able to bond and learn about all manner of outdoor pursuits, safely! Dad and mom can show and tell in hobbies such as bird watching, fishing, archery as just a few examples as well as a child have a great advantage in viewing street events like parades and visits to the zoo, etc.

The padded unit with a chest strap,  features four secure hand holds, and a child safety harness that tethers to the carrier as well as also sporting a wide spaced bar for stability. This carrier is designed as a unisex item, so mom or dad can use it. The whole item is only 3-pounds-about the size of a rolled up towel and fits in a custom carry bag.

See my next post showing some Hollywood movie folks enjoying their unit, while their kids are enjoying being up close with mom and dad and loving it!  Take a look at their website: or go ahead and order at: 301-541-3744 also go  and go “ride the bar.” They have new colors and there are Deluxe models and standard models.

Imagine never have to stop and wait while your child dawdles and doesn't keep up on hike or at the zoo!
Imagine never have to stop and wait while your child dawdles and doesn’t keep up on hike or at the zoo!

Update: November 28th-Click-It Hot Use It Cold Too! A Simple, Quite Possibly Life-Saving Product For This Time of Year!

Barb and Dennis man the Click-It booth in Sevierville, TN.
Barb and Dennis man the Click-It booth in Sevierville, TN.

APtravelnews-November 28th, UPDATE* PSL, FL—Barb and I left our TN. farm again after spending several days at International Gift Exposition in Sevierville, TN.  This time for our home in FL. While in TN, we were there assisting with wholesale sales and demonstrations of a really useful, simple and heartwarming (as well as the rest of your body from head to toe) rendition of hand warmers, to back and shoulder size warmers, of Click-It Hot Use it Cold soft, reusable units. When we see something truly worthy of our time and efforts, we like to get involved. We were amazed at the hand warmers that are activated by clicking a little metal concave coin with ridges, and watching and feeling the heat surging within seconds, and so were those who we demonstrated  them to.

Take a look at Click-It Hot Use It Cold at:


Henry, O’ Henry Do we Like Your Rifles and Now Proud Owner of Two Survival Models, Too!

Henry US Survival rifle packs a great, accurate punch, but also packs in a  day pack of only 18-inches deep.

APtravelnews-Crossville, TN. UPDATE, UPDATE November 28th,- Cool in FL.- Bob & Barb at our FL residence.

Henry Rifles  “Made in America or Not Made at All” ( so many excellent calibers and styles)  are my favorite hunting and plinking rifles and recently I acquired their Survivor; 22-cal, semi-auto models. One is a camoflage model and a black “get her done”model too! These survivor models fit in an 18-inch deep back pack and put together in a minute into a 25-inch shooter. They are very accurate and the appeal for me as well is their accuracy. I placed shots right out of the box at 75 feet into a shot glass sized space on a soda can jammed over a metal fence post at the farm. Head to any gun shop and ask about these and all the other guns you can order from Henry. One shop I stopped into for ammo told me they just sold the last two Survival Rifles they had in stock, but were reordering that day. The shop owner told me all Henry Rifles have been popular for his customers.

You can get a beautiful catalog book from Henry by asking for it at: catalog-layout-top


My Henry Survival Rifle makes a great squirrel and rabbit gun. Lightweight and easy to pack in about anything I carry, this is a winner shooter!

Lightweight with two clips  , survival rifle comes in black and camo and shoots straight and fast 1